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Hinata always knew she would marry a man chosen by her father, she always knew she had no choice in the matter, she always knew she would dread it for the rest of her life. It started when she was young, so innocent, and so available.

Her father had come to her that morning, her mother beside him. They both seemed to slip in and out of a room like a ghost, without a sound. Hinata's parents rarely checked up on her, they were very distant, everyone in the family was.

She lay on her bed with wide glass eyes, she spent most of her time just thinking about things, being 11 there was a lot to think about. She almost jumped out of her skin when she caught sight of the couple, they only appeared personally to her when she had done something wrong, which was rare but she was always punished to the fullest extent.

"Hinata, I think it's time that we speak formally of your future." her father said with the straightest face Hinata had known for years.

Hinata did not respond in words, she was shy already but when it came to her father she was a complete mouse, her mother was just as well. Hinata simply nodded and smiled.

"Being 11, you are almost a woman, I think it's time you start looking into suitors for marriage. It would be much easier for me to simply choose your husband, but I could not possibly be caught up in drama of the 'arranged marriage' variety, so I am allowing you to pick out a man for yourself-do not make me regret this decision Hinata." He said in a simple low tone, and kept the same wave the entire time. He then looked to his wife for her usual final word, which was only for support, not like she had a choice whether to agree or disagree.

"I trust you will make the right decision Hinata, all is well, your father will choose an exceptional husband for you if you cannot for yourself." She said in a smooth tone, her parents were so alike but at the same time complete opposites. Her father was outgoing and her mother was shy, just as well they were both creepy.

Hiashi gave his wife a nod of approval, then the both exited the room. Both their robes were so long and covered their feet, Hinata wondered if they ever even walked, maybe they just floated from place to place like spirits.

With that it was over, they had left. She finally relaxed her shoulders but her heart stayed at a speedy rate, her mind was now ridden with even more thoughts than before. Her parents had a way of twisting up her mind and things were never the same.


Hinata now was 17 and she had her entire life to pick a man, her father did not give her until her 18th birthday. She was not concerned with marriage at that time, she had just left the ninja academy and was quite proud of herself.

She was on her way back to the Hyuuga flat, everything that day seemed to be perfect, nice and peaceful. She had even found the perfect man, the best part was that she didn't have to worry or think about their future, she could take it as slow as she wanted. He was perfect for her, he was perfect for every woman and he had been the object of her affection for years. Naruto. They had only been dating for a few weeks but it already seemed like a match made in heaven.

She stood at the gate of the Hyuuga flat, waiting for her father's men to open them, they were big and overwhelming. The towered over her and everything else less important, that was her philosophy. Her father only cared about 5 things: himself, Hinabi, money, tradition, and the hyuuga flat.

The wide gates opened and she stepped into the world that was half the time her hell. Walking in the house, Hinabi and her father were no where to be found, probably training. Her mother had passed when she turned 13 which often left her alone. With the house to herself she did what any other teenage girl would do, any sensible one. She cleaned, did laundry, yoga, homework, caught up with old friends, masturbated and fell asleep in the garden. Today she had planned to do a little personal celebrating. Naruto would be coming soon, if only he could figure out how to get past the second round of her father's guards in the atrium. He'd managed to get passed them a few times recently but of course he has off days.

In the mean time Hinata ran into her personal bath to prepare, it was always one of the most exciting parts of the night, making the dash to make herself attractive. She never actually made it to getting completely dressed but to Naruto there was nothing more sexy than walking on a woman when she thinks she's at her worst. Hinata didn't like the concept but she had gotten used to it.

Before Hinata had even gotten into her personal bath, Naruto poofed in making record time. "Naruto, half the fun of you getting here is sneaking past the guards, you don't get really sweaty if you're just gonna poof in." Hinata complained hoping she didn't sound too aggressive.

"Hinata we need to talk." He said with a serious tone, it made her terribly nervous. She hated it when people wanted to speak in private, it always left her in disappointment.

"Is it bad?" Hinata asked almost shaking with nervousness.

"Not quite." Naruto responded, his tone was so unbalanced, Hinata had trouble knowing what he was thinking.

"But it's not good is it?" Hinata said with a sigh, sitting in the white hemic which was hanging across the corner of her room.

"Well there was...a mission kinda...not quite a mission because it was voluntary and I didn't really know what was going to happen..." He rambled, stalling for time it seemed.

"Naruto, just say what you need to say." Hinata said sounding extremely understanding which was her normal tone, on the inside it was the exact opposite.

"I'm going to Suna." He said quickly, turning away from what he knew Hinata's face looked like. A mix between constatation and surprise.

"Why?" Hinata managed to squeeze one word from her dry lips.

"Because, there are things to be done in Suna and they need me there, more than you need me here." Naruto said, touching Hinata's face and feeling the blood cooling shiver that erupted from her pours.

"How long." Hinata whispered.

"I don't know, it could be weeks. Months....up to 5 years it could take." his voice was dry and bland and it was easy to see he was bottling up his feelings. "I don't know what's going to happen but I know that this can't happen. Being together, it's only hurting us both if we can't even see each other. I don't want you to feel restricted, like you can't ever be with anyone, because of me."

"How could you do this to me? You can't just end it like that." Hinata's desperation could be easily sensed, she fought so hard to keep the tears in her eyes but she couldn't hold them any longer and they ran down her face in light pools.

"Hinata I'm sorry, please don't be sad. Maybe it'll only be for a few weeks and we can be together again." Naruto's voice began to crack.

"I'm not sad, just disappointed. How long do we have together?" Hinata managed to get out before he drew her into a short kiss.

"Hehe about 13 minutes." Naruto chuckled, a bit of sick comic relief. "13 minutes is more than enough time if you want to..."

"Naruto, you know virginity is sacred in my family." Hinata said stressed.

"How could I forget." he replied under his breath.

"I don't even life can go on as it did without you." Hinata sighed and sat on her bed. "I have to go to Suna, it's the only way." she began rambling.

"No Hinata, it's hell over there." Naruto lashed showing full canines that seemed to grow bigger with ever angry movement.

"Naruto, I'm not the same little girl you knew when we were kids. I'm stronger now and I can defend myself, and if not, won't you defend me?" She replied defiantly.

"Hinata you know I will." Naruto admitted even though he didn't like the thought of his sweet little Hinata in that hell of sand. "But your father isn't going to let you go, you know that very well."

"Then I'll figure out a way! Why does it seem like you're trying to get rid of me!" Hinata shouted, tears back into full flow.

"I'm not, I just don't want you to hurt, I hate it when you cry but it's better you cry now then later." Naruto returned with the same attitude.

"You're not helping, either you want me there or not!" she retorted.

"Hinata if it were my choice I would have you with me all the time." Naruto said almost in a whisper kissing Hinata deeply.

"Then don't push me away." Hinata whispered back lower than Naruto between kisses.

"Hinata I have 5 minutes to be at the gates of Konoha before I get my ass kicked." He said separating from her, giving his hands one last run down her long torso then bringing them up to lightly brush her swollen lip before giving it one last kiss. Then he disappeared into a puff of smoke, leaving Hinata more empty than she'd ever felt in her entire life.