4 months later

"I don't see why I have to carry everything, this is your 'adventure'." Sasuke groaned as he lugged three heavy boxes up a stone stair well leading to what could be the next big thing for Hinata, in her head that is.

"Sasuke, you've been complaining the whole way here. If I had known you groan and moan the entire time, I would have had Sakura baby sit you while I did this." Hinata spoke in a light tone as she walked ahead of the distressed Uchiha. She had to admit, she was a bit annoyed by Sasuke's complaining.

"I don't need no baby sitter." Sasuke griped in reply, having half a mind to drop the boxes where he stood and leave Hinata with them. After all, it was her idea to bring him half way across the Earth for her 'personal fulfillment'. "I remember when the men called the shots and the women sat in the corner making dinner."

"Sasuke, we're just a few feet away from the door, you can stop crying now." Hinata sighed, finally agreeing that it probably was a big deal for Sasuke, after all he hadn't planned on moving around so much. He expected that their lives together would be slower, Hinata had other things in mind.

"All I know is that this place better be pretty fancy if we're spending 9,487,200,000 yen on it, I'd rather sleep on the sidewalk." although Hinata had given in, Sasuke refused to let her go so easily without making her ears bleed as a result of his immaturity.

"Sasuke, it's worth it. The house itself is a piece of history. If you're so concerned about money why don't you sell one of your vacation homes, it's not like you don't have 8." It's true, the house belonged to Katsuhara Nobunura, one of the four great leaders that founded Konoha. How Hinata managed to get the house he grew up in, that's another story.

The two approached the door, Sasuke holding the three boxes-only imagining having to carry in the 40 more left below the deck. They were double doors, big, grey and dusty. The door handle itself had to be worth billions, it looked to be pure gold. Katsuhara Nobunura built everything in the house on his own, even the door handles."I'm so excited, just standing here!" Hinata giggled, she couldn't resist bumping her hands together while wearing the fattest grin. Sasuke however was not impressed by the door handle, well not as impressed. Hinata bit her lip while giving off dispersed squeals, grabbed the door handle and flung the door open.

Instantly the grin melted right off her face. Sasuke just gave a hearty hackle with a bright expression, turning to Hinata who was obviously disappointed. Inside, was what could only be described as a train wreck. Since there was a complete silence, Sasuke felt as though he should address the thoughts of the main group. "It's a piece of shit."

"No it is not..." Hinata began, trying her very hardest not to turn around and just say she never tried. "It's...it's amazing. Look how much is left behind for us to discover." she spoke with a slight tremble in her voice as she walked into the room, exploring it with her eyes.

"Yeah, we now know what Katsuhara Nobunura had for lunch before he died." Sasuke said sarcastically.

"We'll make this work, we have to." Hinata spoke in a disappointed but hopeful tone. This was it, her big turn in life. "We can fix it up, try to make it look like it did before. It'll be fun." Holy shit. It is a piece of shit. Wait til I see that bitch that sold me this dump, I'm going to rip the extensions right out of her head. I'll have to wait for that since I'm stuck here for the next 8 months, I never should have signed that 8 month lease. Better keep Sasuke from finding out."

"I think...it's perfect."


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Tribes and Principles

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