Medieval II: Total War

The Scottish Conquest

1080- Edinburg, Scotland

Europe...... It is home to many people and empires fighting for power to control trade, territory or armies, but it is a time of great destruction. It is 1080 and England was just conquered by William the I or the Conqueor and Scotland was affected by this change. The Scottish Empire was now hungry for trade, territory and ect., but first they must try to control what is going on in Edinburg. As King Malcolm of Scotland was busy studying maps and cities nearby to attack, the people of Scotland were tired of living in one city and wanted to move to another city or settlement.

Malcolm of Scotland, King of Scotland- age 48

As the city of Edinburg was populated as 4800 people plus with the soliders around the territory makes 5,788 people in total. King Malcolm realized that there were 3 cities they could conquer. The city of Dublin, Ireland, which would be a trip by boat, Inverness, Scotland, was a city controled by Rebels and York, England, one of the major cities for an attack on England. "Hm... what to do", said Malcolm looking at the maps. Just as he was studying the map, Prince Edward of Scotland came in saying, "Father, the armies are ready". Malcolm looked up at his son who was 24 of age and said, " Tell your brother Edmund that he will attack Inverness and take an army of 800 men and you will go to York and take an army of about 500 ok". Edward bowed down saying, "Yes Father" and left. Malcolm thought about his other three sons, one which was Edmund of Scotland age 22, Alexander of Scotland age 10 and David of Scotland age 8 who were also trying to learn about tatics and strategy, but Edmund was ready to take control of so many soliders. Malcolm closed the war map and left it on the table and grabbed a book from the shelf marked, "Scotland's Notes". Malcolm then grabbed his quill and wrote down what happened in the city. "Lets see, the tax is now 1168+ in total, we got 8000 florins, but we needed some troops for the attacks so that leaves us 5800 and I hope my sons do well". As Malcolm wrote down a lot of important things and stuff that would be revealed later, he closed the book and sat down thinking of the outcomes.

Edmund of Scotland, Commander of the North Army- Age 22

As one of the sons of Malcolm was busy grabbing his things, his sword, amror and knapsack, he was also the commander for the Inverness Attack. His name is Edmund Canmore of Scotland and was young Knight of the age 22. "Ok, done and that should be the last of the stuff I need", Edmund said. As he was about to walk out the door, his brother Edward, who was the Prince of Scotland came in saying, "Sorry, brother didn't see ya, but were are you going"? Edmund said, "Edward, I'm going to meet my army at the edge of Edinburg". Edward then said, "Well then, put your bloody army on"! Edmund glared at Edward and put on his helmet, but had trouble with the body and legs. "A little help"? he asked his older brother. Edward picked him up and put the body and legs on for him. "Thanks, and good luck to you", said Edmund walking out the door. Edward also said good luck and stood there waiting for Edmund to get out before he got out. Edmund then walked down the stair to the courtyard and saw the many guards, people and buildings around Edinburg. A solider walked up to him saying, "Hello, I'm Captain Dean and I'll be your advisor for the battle or your second in command". Edmund said, "Hello there Dean, but can you lead me to my army please"? Dean nodded and started walking down the streets of Edinburg. Edmund followed him seeing many people who where saying, "That's one of the King's sons" and "He might attack a city". Edmund felt proud of being a commander and a leading a army for the first time. As they reached the gate, Dean said ,"Well General, I'm happy to follow you into battle so lets go". Edmund nodded and the gates opened up and Edmund would now leave his hometown for the first time in his life.

Alexander and David of Scotland, Sons of King Malcolm- Age 10 and 8

Somewhere in Edinburg was the School for Young Knights and that was the school attended by Alexander and David Canmore, the sons of King Malcolm who were learning the arts of being a General and a gentleman. Alexander was 10 and David was 8, but there were learning the same thing a Scottish Knight should know. "Well David, its fun to learn to be a Knight and our brothers are going to help capture cities", said Alexander cheerfully. David replied, "Yeah, but soon we will be fighting for Scotland as well". Alexander nodded as he was right and they both entered the class that said, "Strategy Room". In the Strategy room, they would learn to move armies, regiments and soliders in battle, but also learn a little of fighting with a sword. Their teacher, Professor Nodingham said, "Welcome students, today I will teach you to use a sword and then you will fight against each other". The classroom was filled with uproar. David and Alexander joined in the cheer. "Ok, first up, James Kenning of Scotland and Cal Deford of Ireland, please come up", said Professor Nodingham. Cal and James got up from their seats and grabbed a wooden sword. "Ready, and Go"! James and Cal both started the duel, but James got the upper hand. Cal was trying to master the arts of Ireland swordsman and soon James fell to his feet still fighting. In the end, Cal got the victory and James was also awarded as well. "Good Job, both of you, next is David and Alexander Canmore of Scotland". David and Alexander got up getting excited. James said, "This will determine the best of the Canmore Family". Alexander and David grabbed a wooden sword and started the duel. it was evenly matched. "You will never win", said David blocking his brother's attacks. Alexander replied, "I'm older so I should be the better swordsman than you". The duel went on for an hour and then Alexander lost his footing and dived making David the chance to strike him down. David then hit Alexander with the wooden sword and David won the duel. "Well, I'm impress", said James. "Oi, that was brillant", said Cal. The other children agreed. Alexander stood up saying," Good Job David, you really proved yourself". David felt pride and then walked back to the desk with his brother knowing he was a better swordsman than his older brother Alexander.

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