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Medieval II: Total War

The Scottish Conquest

By: Silverness

1081- The Battle of York

The Village of York… it is one of the villages located in the province with the same name. It is also the borderline between Scotland and England. At this very village, a confrontation between the two kingdoms might unfold as Prince Edward Canmore of Scotland has encamped his army of 500 soldiers that had arrived from Edinburgh a year ago. However, at the same time, Prince William Rufus of England had gathered a small army that was heading towards the same village, except they were still on their way to the village. Meanwhile, at Inverness Province, Edmund Canmore of Scotland is also beginning to plan out his strategy to take down the walls of the town by building up siege equipment.

Edward Canmore, Prince of Scotland/Commander of the South Army- age 25

The ground felt a bit soft as Edward Canmore walked his way towards his main tent. All around him were small tents that had been created for the sole purpose of housing the five hundred men that were his army. This tent was bigger than the rest, since it was where Edward was to meet the captains of his army. He picked up the flap that was open and looked inside. He saw five men, Captain O'Reilly, Lord Thomas & three others, wearing their armor, the other was wearing regular peasant clothes, probably the leader that the peasants chose as they commander.

"Evening laddies", Edward said to the five as he walked into the tent.

O'Reilly saw him and said, "Evening to you too my Prince" as he put his hand on his scabbard.

Lord Thomas turned his head around and smiled, "Ah Prince Edward, we can finally get on to business about preparing for battle.

Edward nodded and said to the rest, "Would the rest of your mind telling me your names?"

The other three in the tent, who were staring at him quickly, replied.

"Sir Albert Fitzgerald of Glasgow", the man with a pointed helmet & round shield said.

"Lord John Fries of Aberdeen", the other man in armor said.

"James Wallace", the peasant replied as he held up a long spear.

Edward acknowledged the new men standing in his presence and said, "Alright, so what we got are a company of highland archers, three companies of town militia, a company of spearmen, some cavalry and my own personal bodyguards right?" asking Captain O'Reilly who had been placed of finding out what units they had under their command.

"Yes, that's right", O'Reilly replied back.

"Alright then since we got down how many soldiers and units we got, I want O'Reilly to take command of the company of archers, Lord Thomas can take command of the spearmen he brought from Stirling Castle, Lord Fries will take command of a company of town militia, Wallace you're in command of the last company of town militia & Sir Fitzgerald, you're taking command of the cavalry while I lead my own bodyguards got it?"

"Alright my Prince", O'Reilly said glad that he was commanding the archers since he proved to be a great bowman.

"Right…so Edward when do we organize the men to prepare for battle", an eager Thomas said ready for battle.

"Yea, I'm also ready"! Lord Fries announced as he pulled out his sword and swung it around till it hit one of the wooden polls that was holding the tent. "Um…woops", he said taking his sword out from the wood and put it back in its scabbard.

"We will be preparing for battle now, the men should be rested up as our horses, prepare to meet at the Southern entrance of town with your companies, I'll be waiting", Edward told them, "We will send in O'Reilly's company of archers to distract them while Sir Fitzgerald flanks them from the Eastern entrance as the main force, which is Lord Fries, Wallace & me send troops to counterattack the resistance that'll try to attack O'Reilly".

O'Reilly began clapping and chuckling, "That's a nice plan you got there Edward, I like it"!

Thomas also managed a smile, "He's right, but I'm worried that once Albert begins attacking, won't the spearmen cripple the cavalry's horses?"

Albert put his hand on Thomas saying, "Hey don't worry about it, I'll make sure that the whole entire company isn't completely wiped out". Thomas looked at him and sighed. "Alright I guess", Thomas merely said.

"That plan sounds great, I'll do what you say Edward", Lord Fries said standing tall.

Wallace nodded, showing that he agreed to the plan and Edward then said, "Alright then, everyone dismissed, I'll see you on the field of battle" as Edward left the tent to put on his own, get his sword, his horse & anything else he needed for the battle.

Edmund Canmore of Scotland, Commander of the North Army- age 23

Edmund Canmore got off his horse and looked at the castle that now loomed over him. It was huge along with its walls as he and his army had finally reached the outskirts of Inverness. "It took a year, but we finally made it to Inverness", Edmund thought sighing in relieve. Nearby his two Captains, Dean and James rode their horses towards him.

"Sir Edmund, all the men are accounted", James told Edmund that all the men had made it safely to Inverness.

Edmund nodded and smiled. "Thank god & Christendom that we have made it so far, now… about those walls…"

Dean looked at Edmund saying, "Don't worry 'bout that sire, I have instructed some men to prepare to cut down some wood from the trees nearby to make some siege equipment for us to climb the walls".

Edmund clapped his hands at this and said, "Bravo Dean, thank you for doing that, now I can set up the tent where we'll begin organizing our battle plans for taking down Inverness.

Both captains followed him where many other men where pitching up their ragged tents. Edmund found a great spot which he could also observe the walls of Inverness on a small little hill and told his captains to help him put the tent up. They grabbed the wooden polls they needed and then while they did that, James put the fabric on the tent, which was dark blue, & white, the colors of Scotland. The three of them then walked to the front of the tent to look at their work.

"Looks great", Edmund said to the two.

"Yup, it does look good", Dean said.

"Yea…now can we get on with it, they probably already know we're here", James said nervously wondering if Inverness knew that there was an army outside.

Edmund shrugged. "Well if they do, then we should prepare quickly, James I need you to gather up information on how many companies we have of each unit now, and Dean I need you to oversee the siege equipment gets done on time".

Both captains nodded and saluted before running to do their assigned jobs.

Edmund watched them leave and then turned to look at Inverness. "Just a few more steps before the battle begins…"

Captain Wick of York, Garrison Commander of York- age 36

Back at York, the village was on high alert now. A man was busy yelling orders for everyone that could wield a weapon to form up at the town square. "Form up now, this is an emergency!" the man said as he quickly ran towards the center of town along with a few others that were grabbing whatever they could use to defend themselves. Once he arrived, he found nearly 250 men wielding spears, pitchforks, bows with arrows and swords. He then went into the middle of all of them and spoke.

"Hello everyone, my name is Captain Wick, the garrison commander of York and we got a serious problem", the man said who was Captain Wick.

"The Scottish has arrived, and I got word that Prince Edward is leading them here at this very moment, so we must defend our homes and families and not let them take this city over our dead bodies!" Wick yelled out.

The men cheered up loudly as Wick gave the speech. "Yea! WOO! FOR OUR FAMILIES! YORK!"

Wick made a tiny smile before saying, "Alright then, I want archers to prepare yourselves and the rest of us will stay in the town center till they reach us, unless we see the opportunity to attack them, now let's do it!"

Everyone quickly began to follow Wick's orders and soon everyone was ready to face off the Scottish as Wick stood along with the Spearmen. They all saw the Scottish army prepare their own men at the outskirts of town. Wick could clearly make out a figure riding a horse with a crown on the top of his helmet.

"That must be Prince Edward", Captain Wick thought as he waited for the Scottish to begin their trek towards the village.

Edward Canmore, Prince of Scotland/Commander of the South Army- age 25

Edward Canmore sat on his horse as he looked at the small village of York. He could clearly see the people trying to get prepared to face them off as he saw them form up, ready to defend themselves. Edward looked around him and saw that all his companies and units were ready. He could see O'Reilly taking out his sword and winked at Edward, wearing the same armor he saw him wear during their last hunt they took. He saw Thomas over with his Spearmen as he wore some dark grayish armor with the dark blue & white insignia of Scotland on it. Besides the spearmen, the town militia along with the cavalry stood nearby. Lord Fries, Sir Fitzgerald and Wallace stood at their commanding positions, ready to lead their companies. Edward turned his horse, which had a white colored coat and mane and made it trot over to where Sir Fitzgerald's company was.

"Sir Fitzgerald, I'm here to tell you where you will begin your attack", Edward told him

Albert grunted in his armor and said, "Alright, where do we begin then"?

Edward took out his sword pointing towards the Eastern entrance of the town. "That's where you'll flank the enemy while we take out their troops from the Northern entrance; just make sure you bring back some men…"

Albert chuckled a bit saying, "Don't you worry Prince Edward, I'll make sure that most of this company comes back alive…well almost…"

Edward sighed and said, "Just do what you're told". Albert simply nodded and Edward decided it was time to face off the people of York.

Edward rode in front of his army, many eyes on him now as he prepared to say something.

"Evening Laddies, fellow men of Scotland! I, Prince Edward Canmore, son of Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland shall lead you men into battle to take over this village for the glory of Scotland! So now we take up our swords, spears, bows and arrows as we get ready to bring the fight to them! SO? Who's with me laddies?" Edward spoke clearly and loudly so everyone else could hear.

Everyone in the Scottish army rang in a cheer and yelled out loudly, "FOR SCOTLAND!"

Edward then took out his sword and reined his horse back to where his bodyguards where. "Begin the attack Sir Fitzgerald, O'Reilly, bring up your archers into firing position to fire upon the archers.

Captain O'Reilly, Leader of the Archers (Battle of York)-age 29

Captain O'Reilly held his sword high in the air while Edward told him to bring his archers forward. He had a total of 80 archers in his company and he was to use them at all costs against the enemy. "Forward march", O'Reilly yelled up as he began to move and point his sword forward towards the enemy. They marched past the main line as they walked up to the entrance as a bit of nervousness entered his body. "Shit…any of those arrows they shoot at us could hit me…" O'Reilly thought as he continued walking. He soon saw that the other archers were coming a bit closer too. "Hold!" O'Reilly yelled out and the whole company stopped. "Spread out, and prepare to aim and fire now!" O'Reilly said quickly. The archers spread out and took out their bows, putting an arrow to fire and aimed.

"FIRE!" O'Reilly yelled out as 80 arrows flew into the air, heading straight towards the other archers. He could hear cries and screams as some of the arrows hit their mark, making some of the archers on the enemy side drop to the ground not moving at all anymore. The enemy archers kept moving, however some stopped to check out the wounded. The others stopped and aimed their own bows at them.

"Crap, get ready for a barrage, and then fire back"! O'Reilly said.

The arrow barraged came at them hard, hitting 6 people killing five of them. The one lucky survivor clutched his leg on the ground as he had the arrow shot straight into the bone of his leg. "AGHHHHH!" the man yelled as another archer began to try and take the arrow out of his leg. The rest of the Scottish archers aimed and fired back, killing a few more archers. This time, however, got the attention of the town militia as they began to move straight towards them.

"Oh dammit…" O'Reilly announced as the archers saw the town militia as well. "Hold your ground men, just keep firing", O'Reilly told them as the town militia got closer by the second.

O'Reilly turned around and looked towards Edward who should have noticed by now that the town militia was coming straight at them. He saw Edward look in his direction and suddenly a horn was blown. Edward and the infantry soon ran towards them to finally engage in the battle and defend the archers.

Sir Albert Fitzgerald of Glasgow, Leader of the Cavalry-age 31

Sir Albert Fitzgerald had reined his horse forward, leading his company of horses towards the Eastern side of the village. He had turned around for a moment to see O'Reilly's archers begin their arrow barrage. "Come on laddies, pick up the pace we need to get into position", Fitzgerald said.

"Alright sir", a Scottish knight said.

They continued through the small farm patch and saw the eastern road that lead into the village. "There it is the eastern road, now let's form up here and wait for the signal", Fitzgerald told them. They then formed up with Fitzgerald and the Scottish knight up front as they watch the rebels from the eastern road. It seemed as that the town militia was now charging towards the archers, since they were running towards the archer's direction. "Now, we await the signal…" Fitzgerald simply said as they kept waiting, all of the itching to fight.

Suddenly, they heard a loud horn being blown from where Edward's position was. "That's the signal, come on laddies CHARGE!" Fitzgerald yelled out as he charged down the road with the others following.

"YARGHH! For SCOTLAND!" the Scottish knight yelled out, riding right beside Fitzgerald. They soon all charged down the road and saw the faces of some peasant & town militia men as they gasped at what they saw. They had been tricked and attacked in the flank as Fitzgerald slashed his sword at a nearby peasant. The peasant went down in a bloody mess, dropping his pitchfork in the process. Fitzgerald proceeded to slash at another peasant who had managed to block his attack, but broke his pitchfork in the process. The peasant ended up running away. Fitzgerald decided to look towards where the main force was, now fighting their way towards the town square a little a time while Lord Thomas, Fries & Wallace fought their way out of the mess that left many unmoving bodies littering the village.

Lord Thomas of Stirling Castle, Leader of the Spearmen- age 30

Lord Thomas slashed and hacked his way through a town militia man as he looked all around him. He was in the middle of a carnage that had all four of the infantry companies. He turned to see Wallace using a sword he picked up and swung it around to cut a guy in the leg. He then saw Lord Fries use his shield to hit a peasant in the face and then slash him down to the ground, killing the man. Thomas had also noticed O'Reilly, who had now had blood all over his armor as he was kind of fighting off a few stragglers that managed to get by the main lines.

"Damn this battle is actually in our favor, if we continue like this we might des- oh crap!" Thomas said before he ducked and stabbed a spearman in the gut and then took his sword out of the now dead corpse of the spearman. "Whew…that was close…" Thomas gasped as he ran towards another spearman. The spearman jabbed at him with his spear, but Thomas jumped away and slashed at his undefended side. The spearman clutched his side and dropped his spear, dropping the ground, groaning on the ground now. Thomas sighed at the sight and ran forward as they seemed to be gaining ground. Every now and then he would accidently step over a body of a person that was once alive, Scottish or English rebel.

"Now… where is Edward?" Thomas asked himself that question and soon found the answer as he saw him and four of his bodyguards charge into some peasants, hacking and slashing at them. Thomas ran forward a bit more before noticing Fitzgerald's company; they seemed to have lost a lot of men from their company. Fitzgerald was fighting alongside another knight as they seemed to be killing most of the peasants and spearmen they faced. Suddenly, Thomas noticed a spearman was running towards Fitzgerald, a spear in his hand. "Shit, I need to save him!" Thomas quickly told himself as he looked around the ground. He saw a spear and put his sword in his scabbard and picked up the spear. He then was about to throw it when suddenly he was attacked by a man in greyish armor.

"Ah, I see I found one of the commanders of the Scottish army, no matter I guess I'll deal with your Prince after I deal with you", the man in armor replied.

Thomas guessed this was Captain Wick, the garrison commander. "Now…prepare to d- wait what the hell?" As a figure jumped onto his back. Wallace had jumped onto his back and yelled to Thomas, "I'll distract him, go save Fitzgerald… NOW!"

Thomas nodded and quickly dashed his way towards where the spearman and Fitzgerald were, he had hoped he reach the two in time…

James Wallace, a Leader of the Town Militia –age 34

James Wallace knew he had to do something. He decided that the only way was to jump on the back of the armored man. Once he did, he held on as long as he could while he yelled towards Thomas.

"I'll distract him, go save Fitzgerald…NOW!" Wallace managed to say since he was still hanging onto the guy's back.

The man began to yell out loud, "Get off me you buffoon!"

James simply held on harder as he kept watching Thomas get closer and closer to the spearman and Fitzgerald.
Suddenly, he felt a sharp, but cold object on the side of him. He turned and gasped as he was stabbed in the side by a spearman who took out his spear.

James quickly lost his grip and fell down, watching as blood poured out from his wound.

"Ugh…" was all he managed to say as he turned around to see Thomas getting closer and closer, almost at range of the spearman.

He then felt another cold sting and saw a sword, inside where his leg was. He felt the pain and screamed a bit as more blood kept coming out. The man in armor laughed as he took out his sword and said, "This is what you get for attacking me…" and soon plunged his sword into Wallace's chest. Wallace sighed and in his last moment he turned to see Thomas throw his spear in the air and suddenly it made its target, hitting the spearman in the chest before he killed Fitzgerald. Good bye… and then his world went black and cold…

Edward Canmore, Prince of Scotland/Commander of the South Army- age 25

Edward Canmore slashed his latest enemy as he looked around. He saw many bodies littered on the floor, more dead rebels than Scottish men as the number of the rebels had decreased to only a handful. He saw Thomas save Fitzgerald from death and Fitzgerald retreating after losing most of his company. Thomas then went back to join the fray while O'Reilly continued to send arrow barrages on the remaining rebel soldiers. Edward scanned the area for Captain Wick, finally noticing him fighting off Lord Fries and two other spearmen.

"They seem to be doing fine", Edward told himself as he watched around seeing the last few remaining spearmen fight in the middle while some of Edward's bodyguards took them out from behind. Captain Wick seemed to stand for one second before falling; a spear coming out of his body after one of the two spearmen had stabbed him straight through. Lord Fries patted the spearman and laughed a bit before they joined the others into finishing off the last 11 spearmen that seemed to be defending pretty hard.

Edward watched as the last eleven where butchered to death as they fought bravely to keep themselves up, only to be cut down by the spearman and bodyguards that they were currently facing against. Everyone suddenly stopped fighting and looking around, Thomas came out of from the center and went over to Edward saying, "My prince…we did it…"

Edward nodded and said, "Yes Thomas… we did it" before he suddenly yelled out, "HUZZAH! FOR THE GLORY OF SCOTLAND!" This made everyone that was still standing cheer and throw their weapons in the air as they had captured York and taken it for the Kingdom of Scotland.

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