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Morning Moon

Chapter 1

I laid on the ground, devastated that the love of my life left me. But he was more than the love of my life, I wanted him to be the love of my existence, I thought he wanted the same thing too. But I knew the other shoe should have dropped a long time ago. I knew he was too perfect for me, and it was only a matter of time before he realized it.

"He left me." The only words that I knew to speak, they were the only ones that my head could comprehend. Those three little words became my mantra, and though the meaning of the words disturbed me, they were eerily comforting at the same time. Stopping only brought the tears back, speaking them, the pain was numb. If only I could keep saying these words, maybe I'd stay numb. "He left me."

It didn't even matter that the ground was wet and cold. Two things about the weather I hated, but that didn't seem to matter as I drifted off to sleep. I don't know how long I was out for, but when I woke up, and took note of my surroundings, there were a few things that I noticed at the same time. First, what I could make of the sky through the treetops of the forest, it was dark. The sky wasn't too dark, just darker than when me and Edward entered the forest earlier. Twilight, thinking of the word reminded me of Edward saying that twilight was the safest time for his kind to be out.

I could also hear that there were voices calling my name, though they were far away from where I actually was. Charlie must have started a search party for me, I knew he'd be worried since normally I would have been home and had dinner prepared for him by now. Seeing my car in the driveway, with note as to where I've been, he would've panicked. In that respect, he was like my mother, Renee, though he'd never admit it.

But what frightened me the most were the vampires that were staring at me. The eyes were a vibrant red, so I knew that they were human drinkers. I could make out six pairs of eyes, staring back at me, and yet I wasn't afraid. I was too numb to care. There wasn't much to live for since he left me. It was odd, at least in my head, that I found it humorous that my impromptu mantra had found its way back to my lips. Even with the looming danger.

I moaned as a repositioned myself so that I was laying flat on my back instead of being curled into a ball. "So kill me and get it over with." I said. I was somewhat shocked that my voice was weak and defiant at the same time. Was that really me speaking?

"Ahh, so you know who we are?" the one with the long black hair said. He was also the closest to me, but the other vampires flanked him in a fan like stance. I raised myself slightly off of the ground so that I could take a closer look at the vampires that stood before me. He was magnificent in a long black robe that graced the forest floor. His skin was translucent white, not the skin of my Edward. Oops, he wasn't my Edward. But nonetheless, he was very chalky or papery. If he was human, and I had to touch him, I'd be too scared of breaking him.

He looked somewhat familiar and when I looked at the two that were immediately behind him. I started to put things together. One had the same jet black hair as the one before me and the other was a contrast of the other two, with snow white hair at his shoulders. I thought of my time in the Cullen house and realized that these were the trio of vampires that stood with Carlisle in the painting that hung in his office. "The Volterra?"

"Haha, brilliant," the one in the lead said. "Though we are actually called the Volturi. I see the Cullens' haven't kept much from you, my dear Bella." He raised his eyebrow as he said my name, and Iwas unclear as to how he even knew my name. But before I could ask any questions, the vampire continued. "Please excuse my rudeness, but my name is Aro. Alongside me are my brothers Marcus and Caius." He was kind enough to point out that the white haired one was Caius, which left Marcus to be the other black-haired one. "Also, you will notice Demetri, Jane and her brother Alec." They were easy to distinguish since Alec and Jane looked like twins. They both looked like angelic children, but their blood-red eyes gave away to such thoughts that revealed that they were truly monsters. Demetri looked as though he was as big as Emmett, even though I couldn't make out his build truly since they were all wearing identical robes to Aro.

I looked to each of them as Aro introduced them to me, and for whatever reason, I matched Aro's politeness with a curt smile and nod in their direction. Jane was the only one that seemed truly frustrated with me for some reason. Aro looked back at her and nodded. She relaxed, but only slightly. When he turned to look back at me, I focused on him as well.

I realized that I was still on the ground and I was starting to feel the dampness of the forest seeping into my clothes. "Is it okay if I get up?"

Aro chuckled, "Of course my dear. Here let me help you." He stepped forward and gave me his hand. I hesitantly held up mine as he looked so fragile. With ease as if I was the fragile one, he lifted me so that I was on my own two feet. I tried to release my hand, but Aro held close as his eyes bore into mine. When he finally let go all he could say was, "Interesting."

I dusted off my clothes and tried to follow what the three brothers were saying, but it was impossible. They were speaking too fast and too low for me to even have a clue what they were saying. I almost thought they were speaking a different language. How rude.

There was a light fog that was layering itself on the forest floor. As it was rolling, I saw that it was concentrating in my direction, and my direction only. The rest of the ground was fog free. I looked around and saw Alec looking straight at me. Jane was looking back and forth between me and her brother. They were both wearing the same look of frustration and anger that only Jane bore earlier.

Aro, Caius, and Marcus broke out of their conversation and looked at me astonished. "You see my dear brothers, she is amazing. I think she would be the perfect addition to our guard. Look how she stands despite our little Jane and formidable Alec." Aro gleamed as if I was his discovery, while Caius and Marcus flipped the idea in their heads.

"Shall this be put to a vote?" Aro continued.

"You make an interesting point, Aro. She will do lovely with the guard. My vote is yes." Caius added.

"Whatever you say Aro." Marcus looked bored with everything that was transpiring.

"No." Jane growled. Aro raised his hand, and without looking, beckoned for Jane to step forward. Though she knew she was in trouble, without hesitation, Jane went to Aro in obedience. Almost as quickly as she was beside him, he slashed her arm off, and threw it on the ground. I screamed in terror, but my legs were too stiff to move anywhere.

"I am quite sorry for that display Bella. I do not tolerate insolence, and Jane should know better than to participate in a vote that does not belong to her." I suspected that he was really directing his words to Jane rather than myself. Jane bent over to pick up her arm, and winced as her body received the arm and began what looked like a painful healing process. Though it was reattached in a matter of seconds, Jane nursed her arm close to her chest.

"At this time you have two options. Since the Cullens' have decided to break the ultimate rule and tell you about our species you may do one of the following. You will either be killed because of the threat that you pose for your knowledge of vampires. Or you may become one of us and live for eternity."

It was easy for me to decide because without Edward by my side, why would I want to live forever? When I saw the vampires surrounding me only a few moments ago, I knew what they really were, and I invited death. Only now death was giving me a cruel twist.

I started to open my mouth to give my answer to the vampires that were now ready to cling to my every word, but Aro spoke up first.

"Choose wisel y and quickly my dear. Just know that choosing by choosing death, the fate of the Cullen's will be that of the same. By becoming one of us, we will spare them and this small town with their lives."

I took a deep breath, "Will I get to see Charlie once before I go with you?" Jane scowled at me, while Aro explained how that wouldn't be possible.

"You see, young Edward left a note in your house saying that you were in the woods with him, however, since we can't have anyone blaming and looking for him or any of the Cullen's, we took the note and ransacked your house. It's currently a crime scene for an abduction and robbery. You can't ever return."

I closed my eyes and tried to make a mental picture of my father. I was going to miss him, and oddly Forks. But no matter how much I wanted to be a vampire before, I was now making the choice to save those that I loved.

I felt my arm being grabbed gently, and opened my eyes. Demetri had lifted me and strewn me on his back and told me to hold on. I looked at Aro with fear. "Your scream alerted the locals that were searching for you. They are coming this way, and pretty fast. Faster than most humans, strange. Move!"

The vampires did as they were told and ran with such speed that was faster than Edward. At least I felt that way to me. I kept my eyes closed when suddenly I felt my side crash into something hard. "Ow, I knew one of these days I'd get hit by a tree while on the back of a vampire." I said as I instinctively lifted my hand to check for a bump on my head. I opened my eyes and saw that the vampires were looking at me strangely. "Oh did I say that out loud?"

My eyes focused to the inside of a car. I faintly heard the humming of the engine and saw that we were speeding down the road. That wasn't me being hit by a tree, it was me being thrown into the backseat of a car. I sat upright and strapped myself in. We were in a limo, that much I could tell, and not only were the windows tinted, but there were curtains over the windows.

I kept looking nervously at my newest companions out the sides of my eyes. I couldn't keep my eyes from looking at Jane's distorted mouth. It was like the angelic look she once had was permanently now in a scowl, and I had no idea why she hated me so much. Besides Jane and Aro; Marcus, Caius, and Alec joined us in the stretched backseat. I wanted to take so much off of my mind, but resolve in getting some answers. I turned my attention back to Aro.

"Excuse me Aro. I was wondering how you knew my name?"

"This Victoria, came to visit us." My ears perked up at the mention of her name. Why on earth would she go to the Volturi? "She wanted to bring the Cullens' to trial for killing her mate over a human. Presumably you. When I touched her, I could see every thought she ever had. There was such rage against you and Edward mostly, but all of the Cullens' collectively. The last prevalent thought she had was in regards to what her actions would be if we declined her appeal of a trial. If we had said no, well let's just say the torture itself would have made you wish that you had died at the hands of James." Aro laughed as he thought of this, and I was sick to my stomach. I felt the crescent scar on my hand, thinking of that night in Phoenix. I had skipped out on my guard with Alice and Jasper hoping to rescue my mom from James. Only to find out that it was a trick, and in the process of trying to kill me, James succeeded in biting me, but Edward sucked the poison out of my system.

"She would have then gone after Carlisle and his family. Now don't get me wrong, I was prepared to dote out a punishment of death to the Cullens' for breaking the absolute rule of exposure to humans. However, Carlisle was, is a dear friend of mine, and there was no way I was going to let him die at the expense of a stupid vampire and her vengeance killing spree. He deserves better than that."

"So what happened to Victoria?"


"Oh." I said in shock. For some reason it came to me by surprise at how callous he was about killing another vampire. I laid my head against the headrest and closed my eyes. I wanted to hold on to a few of my favorite memories while I could. I thought I was doing good by keeping my breathing even and calm, when I felt Demetri pulling on my arm again. Had I dozed off again, I wasn't sure. Frustrated that I wasn't moving fast enough, he pulled me out of the car so fast, that I thought my arm was going to come out of its socket. I looked over at Jane, and hoped that wasn't true. I wasn't re-attachable, at least not yet, anyway.

Demetri carried me as he followed the other five vampires to a plane that was sitting just outside of a hanger. From the looks of it, we were taking a private plane to Italy. I hadn't paid attention to the exhaustion that my body was stressed from feeling. The clock on the interior of the plane told me that it was now 7:30 p.m., and I realized that the life that I once knew as Edward's girlfriend only ended a few hours ago; not the months that it felt like. In Demetri's arms, my body felt so heavy and all I wanted to do was drift to sleep.

"Not yet my darling Bella." I heard Aro say. With my eyes closed, his voice seemed as delicate as his skin.

I vaguely heard Aro tell Demetri to order the pilot to get us in the air. Not before long, I felt the plane lifting into the air, and I was leaving my old life behind.

"Ahhh, Bella, Bella, Bella. You will be wonderful." The last words I heard, before the pain began.