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A few people wanted this. A few didn't. It's not essential to the plot, but it's fun :D

Read on if you'd like, but you so don't have to.

Oh, hey, by the way: It's not in Annabeth's or Percy's POV. :P Have fun!

A couple entered and talked to the hostess, who showed them to a table. The girl had blonde, curly hair and piercing gray eyes. The boy had black hair and suntanned skin. The girl grinned and waved at me as she sat down. I smiled and waved back, then turned around to the table I was arranging.

So much had changed in two months. I never thought I would see Annabeth again until Percy showed up one day with my old best friend. I smiled to myself. They were in their pajamas that day, and they looked like a couple. A couple who had fun and didn't care what people thought of them.

Then Annabeth started spending less time with Percy, and more time with Luke. I would never admit this to Percy, but I noticed the shift in Annabeth's priorities. I don't think I saw her for two weeks.

And when I did finally see her again, it was a picture. On the news. Telling me something that I didn't want to hear: that Percy was right, and Luke had been abusing Annabeth. I'd denied it for the longest time. I didn't want Luke, my Luke, to be that kind of monster. But I didn't have a say in it. One little fling at a summer camp 6 years ago was all I got. I hadn't seen Luke since our last day of camp, and he'd started dating Annabeth.

I finished setting up the table and stood up, admiring my work. I heard a laugh from behind me and turned around to see the boy and girl who'd just entered. Annabeth was laughing at something Percy was saying, but Percy obviously wasn't trying to be funny. Annabeth apologized and tried to stop laughing, but she couldn't. Percy smiled.

"Hey, you two," I said as I approached their table.

"Thalia!" Percy said, exasperated. "Thank the gods you're here."

I smiled at my friend's habit of using Greek mythology terms. I'd gotten him started with that.

"Why are we thanking the gods again?" I asked, looking at Annabeth, who'd covered her laughing mouth with her hands.

"You can get her to shut up!" Percy replied, also looking at our blonde friend.

"I'm sorry, Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth said, removing her hands from her mouth. "But it was just the way you said that!"

"Said what?" I asked.

"Oh, he just completely tripped over his words," Annabeth replied, shrugging. Percy smiled.

"Just forget it," he said.

I said goodbye to my friends and started to walk into the kitchen. I stopped and looked over my shoulder. Percy and Annabeth had started having an intense conversation.

I thought about the news story on Annabeth, Percy, and Luke. It had aired a week and a half ago. From what I could see, it wasn't affecting Annabeth at all. But I knew better. She was my best friend. I knew that when she wasn't in public, she let the news story get to her. I felt bad, but Annabeth was strong and would get over it.

Because she had Percy.

I turned all the way around and leaned on a post to watch my friends. They were both laughing now, and Percy's cell phone rang. He fished it out of his pocket and answered it. After a few seconds, his eyes widened and he smiled. Annabeth raised an eyebrow and he mouthed the word 'Grover.' Annabeth's mouth dropped open. Percy noticed me looking at them and waved me over.

I got to their table right as Percy was handing Annabeth the phone.

"Grover?" she said into it. "How've you been!?"

They talked for a few minutes before Annabeth handed the phone to me. I caught up with Grover then gave Percy's phone back to him. Grover and Percy talked for at least another twenty minutes. Annabeth and Percy's appetizer came, and I sat down and started up a conversation with Annabeth. We kept that going until a girl, age 19 or 20, walked up to our table. She stood quietly until someone noticed her. Annabeth and I stopped talking. Percy looked up.

Percy told Grover to hang on and covered the receiver with his hand.

"Um, yes?" he said to the girl. She had dark-brown-almost-black hair and brown eyes.

"Sorry to interrupt," she said sweetly, "But are you Percy and Annabeth from that news show?"

I saw Annabeth roll her eyes and look away. Percy pursed his lips.

"Yeah, that's us," he said impatiently.

The girl smiled. "I'm Silena. I've lived here in New York my whole life, and I never would've imagined that I would see that story on the news."

"No offense, Silena," Annabeth began. "But why are you telling us this?"

"I was wondering if, by chance, you two lived here when you were 15?" Silena asked.

"I was," Percy replied. "But Annabeth lived in San Francisco."

Silena smiled wider. "I knew I was right," she said to herself.

"Excuse me?" Annabeth said, suspicious.

"I don't think you remember me," Silena replied. "But we all went to the same summer camp."

Percy's eyes widened. Annabeth's suspicious look melted away and she smiled.

"Wow," I said. "I think she's right."

"Small world, huh?" Percy said. We all agreed.

So we spent the next half hour catching up with Grover and Silena.

And life went on.


Told you it wasn't necessary to the plot. :D But I realized I'd forgotten to even mention Grover from Percy's POV, and I felt he needed some love. As did Thalia. And Silena was just an afterthought.

Like it? Mind telling me if you did?