(Attention everyone, I have a new story. This is the prologe, and this story is based on X-prodigy's 'Ancient Warriors', and on Season 4 of Digimon. Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. All characters are owned by their respective owners.)

The scene opens to the beautiful city of Dimmsdale, where two kids, one boy and one girl, both ten years old, were enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the park. The boy had buck teeth, blue eyes, brown hair wears a pink shirt, a pink hat, blue pants, and black shoes. His name was Timmy Turner. The girl was Asian, with long raven hair, wearing a violet blouse, white skirt, and white shoes. She was Trixie Tang, Timmy's girlfriend. (A/N Yes, I'm a fan of the pairing. I just think that they go together.) "Wow, Timmy. This is the perfect day to just relax." Trixie said. Timmy just nodded and said "Yeah. But, for some reason, I have a feeling that something strange is gonna happen." said Timmy. Trixie just frowned, and asked "Why's that?" "I just know that something's gonna happen. It usually does around the time we get some peace." Timmy said with a sigh.

The scene changes to the city of Tokyo, where Ami Onaku, and her friend, Yumi Yumashiro, was relaxing after getting away from their picky, cheap-scape manager, Kaz. "Talk about an easy getaway. Right, Ami?" asked Yumi. "Yeah. Now, we can just relax." answered her pink haired friend.

Scene changes to beautiful Paris, France, where the infamous Cooper Gang was at it, again. Sly Cooper, the team leader, came from a long line of master theives, who specialized in stealing from other thieves. His pal, Murray, was the muscle, driver, and burden of the team. Bentley, on the other hand, was the brains. The Guru, the teams mystic, speaks a language that not many other can understand. The teams RC specialist, Penelope, was also Bentley's girlfriend. The Panda King, the teams explosives expert, and Dimitri, the teams frog man, were once enemies, but became allies. They were being chased by Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. "Freeze, Cooper Gang! I've got you now!" she said, holding her shock pistol. "Haven't you learned, yet, Inspector Fox." said Bentley. "You'll never catch us." Penelope spoke. The Guru spoke, and Carmelita didn't understand what he just said. Then Murrey said, "He said that our hearts are pure, and that you will never imprison us." "Look, it's my job to capture theives. If I were to let you guys go, then I wouldn't be doing my job." said the inspector.

Scene changes to Mesoka, where the TDI crew was just hanging out. Suddenly, a large, data, like portal appears in the sky, sucking them up. "WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" all the girls, and Owen, asked. "WE MUST BE GETTING PULLED INTO ANOTHER UNIVERSE!!!" said Harold. "NORMALLY, I WOULD INSULT YOU, BUT I HAPPEN TO KNOW THAT YOU'RE RIGHT!" said Duncan. They were all pulled into the portal, screaming.

Scene changes to Timmy and Trixie getting sucked into a portal, like the one in Mesoka. "Timmy, I'm scared!" screamed Trixie. Timmy grabbed he hands, and said "Don't worry. I'll be with you, always. I promise." Trixie smiled, as the two entered the portal.

Scene changes to another portal, this time in Tokyo. All the two girls did was scream "WE'RE BEING PULLED INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION!!!" over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

Scene changes back to Paris, where another portal appears, sucking in both the Cooper Gang, and Inspector Fox. "Did you guys do this?" asked the inspector. "I'll have you know that we knew absolutelly nothing about whatever this is." said Sly. "Indeed. This is not what I would call a plan." said the Panda King. "Yo, inspector. I'll have you know that this is not groovy." Dimitri said, trying to sound cool. (A/N And failing) "The Murrey does not like floating into a strange portal." Murrey said, referring to himself. "Oh, man. Maybe we're being abducted by aliens." said an excited Bentley. "I know. It's every persons dream to see a real life alien. Maybe they're friendly, and posess technology thousands of years ahead of ours." said Penelope. Carmelita just looked at Sly, who said "Yeah, I know that they can be a little wierd." All but the Guru was being sucked into the sky.

The scene changes to those who were sucked into a portal, out cold, and in a large desert. The minute that they woke up, they began to look around, noticing each other, the location they were in, and the fact that they were stranded in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Sly asked hinself "Where the hell are we?"

(Okay, that's the first part of my story. Eventually, I'll get to the first spirit. Read and review, and no flames. PS, X prodigy, I love Ancient Warriors, and would like you to update it.)