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Scene opens to the desert, where Duncan was looking at the device, wondering about what he was able to become a Digimon. Courtney was still unconcious, and the rest of the groups were searching for signs of peaceful life. However, all Duncan could think about was about the battle with Drillmogimon, and the fact that he was unable to protect the girl that he loves. "Courtney, why couldn't I protect you. Why did you have to get hurt?" he asked underneath his breath. He was ridden with guilt at the fact that his girlfriend was hurt. He thought that it was his fault because he wasn't able to protect her from their attacker. "I managed to stop that overgrown hairball, but I couldn't protect the one person who I would give up anything and everything for. Damn it!" he thought.

Outside, the others managed to find plenty of friendly Digimon, who explained that everything and everyone here is made of computer data. They were a little scared at first, but they did find out about a group of digimon that could help from a friend that they made. The digimon looked like a small, yellow dinosaur. (Name:Agumon. Type:Dinosaur. Base:Data. Level:Rookie. Attacks:Pepper Breath, Claw Attack.) "They are the Royal Knights of the Digital World, and they are some of the most powerful Digimon ever. Their leaded is Omnimon. He's the most powerful of them all." said Agumon. Our heroes thought about this, and they figured that noble knights would most likely help them. Little did they know, that behind them, a large, dragon-like figure appeared.

We return to the location of Duncan and the unconcious Courtney, where the Royal Knights appear behing the very sad, and very angry punk. Magnamon made the mistake of poking the sholder of the guy, because the punk threw the Royal Knight down into the ground. "Okay. I admit it. Bad idea." the humanoid Digimon groaned, in pain. "Gee, ya think?" Gallantmon sarcastically asked. Duncan got up, and took a fighting stance. "Okay! Who are you?" he asked. Omnimon stepped up and said "We are the Royal Knights, peace keepers of the Digital World. I am their leader, Omnimon. The guy you just slammed down to the ground is my second in command, Magnamon." "Thank you for telling him, sir." said the fallen Royal Knight. "And this is one of my greatest warriors, Galletmon." he said, motionning towards to the knight in red and white. "The pleasure is mine." Gallantmon said. (A/N sorry for the spelling error) "We have been asked to take you to the Crystal Castle. It is beond the Great Forest." said the Royal Knight Leader. Suddenly, they heard someone screaming so loud, Courtney woke up. Duncan explained what had happen, and they decided to try and find the others.

Back with the others, a giant, serpent-like dragon Digimon was attacking. (Name:Airdramon, Type:Dragon, Base:Virus, Level:Champion, Attack:Dragon Laser) Airdramon was about to swoop down, and attack, when suddenly, their two friends, and the three Royal Knights appeared. Duncan actually stopped the attack, with his bare hands. The others were shocked, especially Ami and Yumi. "How did that punk stop him like that! He shouldn't be that strong!" the pop stars thought, obviously jelous. "Woah." said the others. Airdramon finally spoke, saying "Puny humans. You shall feel my wrath. DRAGON LASER!" He fired bright, red beams, from his eyes, at Duncan, who managed to dodge, easily. "Hold still, you pathetic human." said the digital dragon. He tried to hit the punk with his tail, only to have it grabbed by the said 'pathetic' human. Duncan then threw the dragon Digimon, right into a building that said 'Broken Glass and Pointy Objects Factory'. (A/N One word. OUCH!) The Digimon was wrapped in pain. He had sharp, pointy objects and broken glass covering most of his body his body. The sharp, dangerous items pierced four layers of the Digimon's skin, and caused extreme pain. The dragon screamed in agony, saying "I will not be defeated. Especially by some worthless human!" He then roared, and began to spin around, causing the sharp object to fly at the others. Fortunetly, for them, they didn't get hit. Except, for Cody, who got his underwear caught by a flying spear. The others saw him, hanging by said underwear, on a wall. "You think that by now, I would be use to stuff like this." Cody said to no one in particular. Sadie tried to get him down, only to get her foot caught between a couple pieces of fallen wall. She looked down, and said "Uh-oh. I'm stuck. HELP!"

Meanwhile, outside the town, an evil, fallen angel Digimon was standing, waiting for his moment. (Name:Devimon, Type:Fallen Angel, Base:Virus, Level:Champion, Attacks:Touch of Evil, Evil Wing, Laser Wing, Hell's Contract, Dungeon Curse) "Soon, I shall find and destroy the humans should my survent, Airdramon, fail. Only then, will MY master be pleased. Then I, Devimon, shall be second in command instead of that miserable monkey." he said with envy. (A/N Guess who the monkey is.) He summoned what looked like a black sphere, and from the sphere, he saw the image of Airdramon getting his digital tail getting halded to him by Duncan. He saw this, and was displeased. He then used dark data he had, and created what looked like a gear. "Perhaps a Black Gear could strengthen him." said the evil Digimon. The gear then rose into the air, and shot off into the city. Soon, Devimon began to laugh like the vile monster he is.

Back in town, everyone watched as Duncan threw Airdramon into a nearby wall. The dragon slammed into it, and nearly broke it. Soon, the black gear appeared, and the Royal Knights had looks of worry on their faces, as the gear slammed into the dragon Digimon. The gear sunk into the beast, spinning quickly. The beast roared in anger, and soon, he grew to twice his original size. "RAWR! Now, I'm more powerful then EVER BEFORE!" roared Airdramon. Soon, Duncan got an idea. (A/N Oh, boy. This can't be good.) The took out his D-Tector, and looked at the screen. " If the spirit inside this thing can help, then it better do it soon, otherwise, everyone here's gonna be food for this overgrown gecko." he thought. "Wish for the spirit's power all you want, boy. It's never gonna help you again. DRAGON LASER!" said the giant Airdramon, launching his attack. Soon, a powerful ring of fire surrounded Duncan, protecting him from the attack. Soon, a familiar voice said "It is time" from the D-tector. A ring of data surrounded the punks hands, and he slammed it on top of the device. "EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" he said, as the ring of fire became a towering inferno. Inside, Duncan began to transform into Agunimon. One change later, "Agunimon!", the flames died down, and the great warrior of fire appeared. "What! Impossible! YOU'RE the Warrior of Flames?" asked the befuddled Digimon.

The others watched as Duncan was standing there, now, as Agunimon. "Is that REALLY Duncan? MY Duncan? He looks so hansome in that form. I can't believe that's the Duncan I know and love!" Courtny thought. She was totally focused on the Legendary Warrior. Ami and Yumi were also focused on the punk turned Digimon. "Can you believe it, Yumi?" Ami asked her friend. "I know. He's changed into that form, again. Looks like this fight's gotten interesting." answered Yumi. Soon, Agunimon ran to the dragon at full force. However, the vile monster simple swung his tail, and knocked the Legendary Warrior into a wall. However, Agunimon wasn't gonna go down that easily. Getting up, his fists then surrounded themselves with flames. "Eat this, lizard lips! PYRO PUNCH!" With the forward thrusts of his fists, he launched two fire balls at the evil Digimon. Once they hit, they exploded, and Airdramon screammed in pain.

Sly was thinking "This is getting out of hand. I've got to help." Soon, gripping his cane, he charged at the digital dragon, and swung at it. The force was so great, Airdramon was actually hurt. Everyone gasped at what had happen. "How is he that strong?" they thought. Little did they know, that a piece of building was falling. It's target was... Carmelita. Sly, after turning around, noticed it. "Carmelita, watch out!" he called. Carmelita looked up, and saw the chunk of building falling to her. Soon, everyone else looked, and, while Sly was running towards his beloved inspector, they then saw a stream of light. Inside the light, was a blue D-Tector, and a spirit. It was white, with blue stripes, and looked like a wolf-based armor. The spirit entered the D-Tector, and the device entered the master theif's hands. "What in the world?" Ami asked, noticing that Sly's speed increased ten fold. "What the hell? Him, too!" Yumi cursed, as she and the others had managed to get away from Carmelita. A few seconds later, Carmelita was grabbed by Sly, and the two were out of the way of the building piece. "Are you okay?" asked the thief. Carmelita just nodded, as Sly turned around. Soon, a familiar oice was heard, saying "It is time." Dropping his cane, a ring of data formed on his oppened hand, and he slammed it onto the D-Tector. "EXECUTE!" he said, as he moved the ring. "SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" the master thief called, as he was engulfed in a bright light. In the light, he bacame a human-like warrior, wearing the armor, and a matching scarf. He had short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He also posessed two laser swords, currently deactivated. "Lobomon!" he called, with the transformation completed.(Name: Lobomon, Type: Warrior, Base: Data, Level: Champion, Attacks: Lobo Kendo, Lupine Laser.)

Soon, the light died down, as everyone saw him. Everyone was now shocked. Especially Carmelita, who now had hearts in her eyes. To her, the Legendary Warrior of Light was her knight in shining armor. Airdramon and Agunimon were also seeing the new addition to the fight. "Who are you?" Airdramon asked in a demanding tone. "Airdramon, you dare ask who I am, when YOU are the one attacking innoccent people with the aid of darkness. I am the shining light of justice. I am the beacon of good for this world. I am Lobomon, the Legendary Warrior of Light, and your end!" said the warrior, introducing himself. For the others, things have just gotten interesting.

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