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Bulma's POV

I know that you watch me even when you thought I wasn't looking. As I walk pass you every time, I'd notice your every move from the corner of my eyes. From the way you walk, to the way you eat, and especially the way your muscles flex with every movement that you make.

When you demand that I fix your god damned little play toy contraption, I'd personally make sure that I would not be as compliant as you thought I would be. I just love to see that feral look on your face whenever I defy your every whim and command. How much it excites me to see you on the verge of explosion. It makes me smirk devilishly while thinking of the things that you could do to me when you do finally explode, be it sadistic, or.. animalistic and I know you wouldn't kill me, because I know, that you know, that I know that if you kill me, your life will be hell. Goku will never let you go and you will never hear the end of it. Until he kills you.

I know for a fact that whenever I sashay down that hall, down or up that stair case, pass you in the kitchen when you are feasting, or when I am kneeling down beneath the control room of your play thing to amend it, you had battled within yourself if you should grab me by force and pin me down on the ground, and finally take me with everything that you have got.

Believe me when I say I had wished you had done exactly that.

Call me a masochist. Sometimes a woman knows no boundaries when it comes to the things she has yet to taste. And it is you that I have yet to taste. You are the forbidden fruit that hangs from the tree of life. If only I could make you touch me at the parts where it will make me scream your name and whimper helplessly in mindless ecstasy. I admit that I had thought about you in the most sinful of ways that any woman could never imagine.

But how do I make you comply with the lustful actions that you and I both know would take place, should take place, sooner or later?

So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, plotting on how to bring the proud Saiyan Prince down to my feet. I grin evilly as I thought of the things that I had planned out and was ever ready to set it into action.

Yamcha will be here soon. I had called him up and suddenly forgave him for what he has done recently. It was a part of my plan. I know for a fact that we are together slightly longer than I'd like to, for I am now completely smitten with a more substantial being. Yamcha had been unfaithful to me ever since he was brought back to life. 'Live life like there's no tomorrow', he said when I had found about the other woman. I remember every word. How it had hurt me enough to almost take my own life. I was stupid and naive thinking that he would've appreciated the fact that I and the others had put our lives in jeopardy on Namek to bring him and the rest back to life.

As I walk down the stairs that leads to the living hall, I can hear the clanks and clinks of utensils coming from the kitchen. 'He must be eating'.

The navy blue halter dress which I bought will really entice the man in the kitchen. Hanging loosely above my knees, the hem sways with every step that I take. The back is bare from the neck down to my waist just above my crack, completely showing off the silkiness of my smooth skin. It serves its purpose correctly when I wear it, for I look like an irresistible sex siren. I had deliberately let my long turquoise hair flow down to my waist so that it shines and glimmers when I walk pass him. My dress hugs my body like a second layer as the silk-like material clings to my every curve.

Complete with my new three and a half inches navy blue stilettos with silver studs at the front, I sway my hips sensually as I walk. Scampering into the kitchen like a shameless little vixen, I moved to the cupboards to get a mug. Stretching my hands to open the shelf above I can hear the clanks cease as he place the utensils down onto the table. Reaching for my mug I bring it down and place it on the counter slowly. Pretending to contemplate what I want to drink, I place a finger onto my lips and thought for awhile. Whereas my eyes are looking to the side, knowing full well that he is glaring into my back. For what reasons, I wouldn't really know.

Decided on a hot cup of tea, I walk to the cabinets on the other side to get the tea leaves and sugar. Upon reaching them, I bend down with my torso a good ninety degrees and with my butt in the air, facing directly at him. I am sure that the hem of my dress has slid up to a good length above my thighs. Hearing him choke slightly on his mouthful of food, I turn around slowly and smirk devilishly at him.

I was right; he was staring at my every move. Turning back to complete my task at hand, standing upright, I assemble the concoction in my hands and stir at my cup while turning around to face his way. Leaning onto the counter and bringing the cup to my mouth, I sip onto it slowly. Feeling the hot liquid flowing down my throat, I close my eyes and let out a soft, audible moan. At least I know I make good tea.

Reopening my eyes, I realise I was being stared back. Bringing my head up, I cock it to the side and look at him quizzically.

"Yes, Vegeta?" I asked as I took another sip.

He continued to stare at me as if I had suddenly sprouted another head. Not feeling my heart beating, I wonder what is going through his mind at this moment. But all thoughts were thrown out of the window when he suddenly gets up with such strength, causing the chair to topple over with a loud crash. The plates fell onto the floor along with the food, which was now a humongous mess. With that, he just strolled out of the room like nothing has happened.

Unable to form any words, my mouth was left hanging at his sudden outburst. 'What the-!'. How dare he do what he just did!

I couldn't let him get away with that little display of his. I slammed the cup on the counter and stormed after him out of the kitchen in hopes to give him a piece of my mind. When I reach the living hall, all I see is darkness. 'How the evening sun has set so quickly.' Stop musing, Bulma!

He only has one damn chance to explain himself. Who does he think he is, always causing a mess and making a living hell out of people's lives with that impertinence conduct of his? Damn him! Many people have told me to throw him out the first chance I get, but noooo, I didn't listen. Yet, I bear with his insufferable hide time after time after time after time even when I know that he's not wanted anywhere on this planet he calls a mud ball.

Alright, so what if I do lust at his overly magnificent physique? This is so beyond me right now. When he's not being an asshole to every living being on the planet or when he's minding his own damn business in his stupid toy or when he was eating, he's extremely attractive. But whenever he acts as if a pole with spikes is constantly stuck in his anus, he can really get on my nerves.

"Vegeta, stop right there!"

I yell as I clench hard on my fists while gritting on my teeth. I was angry. No, I was raging mad! Feeling myself breathing really hard, I tried to calm myself as I search for the anal-retentive man. Adjusting my sight to the darkness around me, I still couldn't find him anywhere. I felt for the light switch behind me, only to stumble upon a straying hassock that magically appeared out of nowhere with the back of my knees.

Falling hard on my ass, I gave out a yelp. Groaning loudly while throbbing in pain, I rub my sore butt cheek. Hearing a chuckle from the corner of the room, I instantly look toward that direction. I know very well who that laughter is coming from. With a scowl plastered on my face, I got up and glared at the shadowed figure in the corner. 'How dare he laugh at my most embarrassing moment!'

Realising what I had just said, my face blushed a crimson red. He did catch me at an embarrassing moment. Quickly covering it up with a facade of my own, I glared at him. His eyes were gleaming with amusement as it sparkles in the dark under the moon light that shone into the room.

"You are a walking joke, woman," he spat while smirking at my face. I could see the shine on his teeth as his smirk went wider. Widening my eyes at the statement, my mind strayed from the reason why I stormed after him, and from the plan. Shaking my head slowly, I just couldn't bring myself to understand this alien, this asshole, this- this..

"Fuck you, Vegeta!"

Turning around, I hit on the light switch and instantly the chandelier lit the room up brightly. I am not going down without a fight for he has gone too far this time. 'I will give him a hell of a lifetime!' I took a deep breath and turned around, ready to spill whatever venom I could summon but only to find that he was already gone. Freaking out a little bit, I looked around the room. He's really gone.

Closing my mouth and sagging my shoulders in exasperation, I let out a sigh. 'What am I gonna do with him?'