On the other side of the world

The space capsule shot through the atmosphere, sending slight tremors to the earth as it descended upon the barest land of our planet – the desert. The latch opens and Vegeta strode down the ram and in all his princely glory, he sneers at the world he once resided in. The wind blew at his direction, prickling at his eyes with sand and dust and he squints at the contact. He turns on his heel and walks around to the underside of the capsule, decapsulates the ship and keeps it securely under his armour. Once that was done, he took off into the air and flew towards West City and back to Capsule Corporation.

He took a slow flight back to the only place he was familiar with and back to the people he's not so acquainted with. Loathe as much as he is, he had nowhere else to go but back to the annoying despicable woman. Since he had ascended to the Legendary and has fulfilled his birthright, much to his chagrin, he wasn't feeling delighted at all. The whole trip back to earth has not been a joyful one for the newly ascended prince for most of the time, he dwelled on the reactions he would give and receive when he finally meets the woman.

Finally reaching the compounds of Capsule Corp, he flew straight into the kitchen in hopes to find leftovers in the fridge. He didn't want to go through the hassle of making food as he find leftovers in plastic wraps are much easier to make. He was hungry and he hadn't had a decent meal since he went onto that spaceship, and let's not forget to mention no one was there to cook for him a least decent meal, but a meal nonetheless. With his luck nowadays, there were leftovers in the fridge, and his favourite too – roast pork with salted eggs and rice. He heated them up and gobbled it down as if he hadn't eaten in ten days, and with a Saiyan's level of starvation, he'd just die. And because it was his favourite dish, he didn't leave a single bead of rice left on the plate, including the bones but minus the egg shells.

He silently places the mountain of dishes into the sink and padded upstairs quietly, hoping that no one was awake to catch his sudden appearance. Of course, no one knew he was finally back, maybe except Kakarot and that was exactly how he wants to keep it. He passes the woman's room and frown at the closed door. The lights inside were off so he guessed she must be asleep. Part of him wanted to go in and show her that he has finally achieved what he had set out to do his whole life so that she can be proud of him but a part of him just wanted to leave it as it is and gloat in her face when the time arrives.

He reaches the door to his room and stood still. He found it weird because a soft light illuminates from under the door and shines on his feet. He turns to the side and looks at the woman's closed door and wonders if she was even in her room in the first place. He scowled at the thought of the woman lying on his bed, sniffing his pillows, sprawled on his mattress, under his blanket, wet and naked and moaning...

He shakes the thoughts out of his head and widened his eyes in shock. Clearly he doesn't want to associate with the female this way again, or does he?

Without another thought, he turns the knob and took his first step into the room where he had not ventured for quite some time. There was a small light which stands on a tiny table at the corner of the room and gave the four walls a serene and cosy atmosphere. Strangely to him, he felt drawn to it with the sudden welcome of warmth which the room portrays. Then he took in his surroundings and notices a rocking chair, drowsily rocking back and forth. In it sat the woman, comfortably tucked in with a quilt.

He notices her hand was stretched out from underneath the thick material and ran his eyes to her fingers. His eyes widen at the sight of a tiny human form as its fingers grabs on tight to Bulma's slender fingers. He padded towards the crib and held onto the side railing, staring into it. It is a...

A baby?!

He scowled and the first thing that entered his mind was that someone has touched Bulma, his woman, and had impregnated her and the outcome is sleeping peacefully, devoid of any knowledge of the outside world, in his domain. He was angry, his fury shot through the roof as he restrains himself from any outburst he might have. Energy begins to crackle and swirls around his body without him realising it.

Somehow Bulma felt the energy rise of an all too familiar ki and jerk awake from her slumber. The first thing which entered her mind was Trunks and she immediately darted her eyes towards the crib and between the figure standing dangerously next to it. She gasped aloud and jumped to her feet as she tried to ward off the intruder who seems to have a twisted interest in harming her son.

"Get away from him!!!"

She gripped onto the stranger's hand to push him away and immediately he powered down, afraid she might get hurt. But, Bulma didn't feel it at all for all that was on her mind is the safety of her baby. Vegeta took a staggering step backwards and looks at Bulma in shock and she continues to pummel him on his chest. 'Kill' was written in her eyes as she couldn't even focus on the face which she supposedly knew so well. He grabs onto her wrist, gives her a slight jerk and called her name.


Her eyes were watery, her mouth was agape. She seemed out of breath when she regains her focus and looks at the man in front of her. Then her eyes widened in realisation at the person who she had just pitifully attacked. Relief and dread wash over her senses as she finally breaks down and leans into his chest, which he gladly put his hands around her and wrap her trembling shoulders securely. He took a whiff at the scent of her hair and closes his eyes, the familiar feeling of their once closeness overwhelms his entire being and he sighed.

Then she roughly pushed him away.

"What are you doing here, Vegeta?!" she whispered harshly.

"What, are you implying that I shouldn't be here?? I have things to kill, remember?" he sneered at her depreciation.

"Keep it down!" she turns to look at Trunks and breathes out a relief when he was still asleep and turns back to Vegeta. "You know what I am implying. Why did you come back? I thought you didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore?!"

"Woman, don't flatter yourself. I came back only to fight the androids and also to find that someone has redecorated 'my room'."

"It isn't your room anymore, Vegeta, the moment you set foot on that god damned space capsule!"

"Of course," he sneered.

There was a long awkward pause between the two as they glare into each other's eyes. Millions of words swarm in their heads as they tried to find the right words to say. Bulma sighed and finally conceded from their staring competition and walked towards her child. She places a hand on his tiny head and caressed it gently and let out a small smile.

"Who is the brat?"

Bulma jerked and turn around to face the crude man with lips pressed into thin lines. No one calls her baby a brat!

"He is not a brat, Vegeta!"

"Alright, who is the brat who isn't a brat?"

Bulma rolled her eyes and turns back to Trunks. "He's my son," ...and yours.

Vegeta lowered his gaze to the floor as he confirmed his first conclusion. He was right, the woman has been touched and then he scowled dangerously at the thought of another man claiming what is his and bearing a child with her.

"There is no other man, Vegeta," she exclaimed, as if reading his mind. She turns around to face the man that had her dreaded for the past close to one year.

Something flashed before his eyes and he looks at Bulma. There's no other man? Then whose...? He turned his attention to the sleeping infant in the cot and sneers at the most possible thought that went through his mind. It can't be... his, can it? He turns back to Bulma and gave her a look which she had never seen before and she inwardly cringe at the sight of his glare, seemingly blaming her for something which she had done.

"Don't tell me that that brat is mine?!" he boomed. Bulma's expression instantly shifted volatile when Trunks began to whimper.

"Vegeta!!" she yelled and went to retrieve Trunks. She picked him up and soothes him in her arms as he began to whine from being disturbed. "What is wrong with you?!"

"You heard me, woman! You bore my son in my absence all by yourself without informing me?!"

"You didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore, remember?! And don't blame this on me!!"

"You dare to tell me that I purposely impregnated you? Don't make me laugh, woman! I never wanted to produce any half-breed bastards with you, much a less a happy family!" he sneers at the last word and he slams his fist at the nearest wall, making a dent.

Bulma's eyes began to water. It wasn't enough that he had only wanted to have a good fuck with her, and now he had called her child a half breed bastard. Her lips begin to quiver and tremble as she restrains her tears from falling. She clutches at her baby tighter and she thanked God that Trunks knew when to keep his mouth quiet. She cannot afford Vegeta to explode and kill them all in a rage. She kept her glare at the man in front of her who was seething in anger, his fists clenched and his demeanour volatile. She calmly walks up to him and stare him down. He wasn't the least bit affected as he returns her an even glare, daring her to strike him.

"Fuck you, Vegeta," she whispered and his eyes widened. "You're right, I don't need you. I never did and I never will so if you think that you are too good for me and for him I suggest you leave our presence and never return. My child does not deserve a father like you."

With that said Bulma grabbed all of Trunks essentials and left Vegeta standing alone in the nursery. Vegeta cringed when he heard the door slams and another slam in the room next door. His body trembles, his fists clenched in anger, he don't know what to do now. Time and time again he had been brushed off by Bulma and was told to leave her side, but he had always returned and for what? Only to be brushed off again.

He staggered backwards until his back hit the wall. He slides down to the floor and leans his head on the platform behind him. This can't be happening to him. He had only come to earth to kill Kakarot and then destroy the planet. Who knew he had to travel to Namek and meet this woman, only to be invited back to her home, fucked her and discovered he had some sort of sick twisted affection towards her and now, pops out a baby? His baby!

He clenches his eyes and presses his lips into a thin line and like he thought, this can't be happening to him.

An hour passes by and Vegeta had not moved from his spot on the floor since. His mind was cluttered with so many unanswered questions and he thought he was going crazy. He took in a deep breath and pushes himself off the floor. He didn't know what he was doing anymore as he walked to the small lamp in the corner of the room and switch it off. Turning towards the balcony he walks to it and climbs on the railing. He easily jumped off it and landed on the balcony next to it which leads to Bulma's room.

The sliding window was open and he quietly crept into the room. He saw Bulma lying on her side, facing him and in her arms lays the baby in the middle of the mattress. He padded quietly and silently kneed on the bed, making sure not to wake Bulma up. He turns to the small guy below him and for the first time, studied him. His brows knitted and he frowned when he saw his locks and gently twirls his lavender hair in his fingers.

Feeling eyes were on him, Vegeta looks down and notices the baby eyes flutters open and was now looking back at him wide eyed. The first reaction he thought he'd get was his unearthly whining but to his amazement, the little guy only blinked as he stares at his unknown father curiously. Vegeta traced his fingers lower to his chubby arms and to his fingers. Instantly Trunks curls his small little fingers around his father's bulgy finger and squeezed it.

"You'll be a strong warrior someday," Vegeta said softly to his son, a smirk on his face and a sudden wave of pride course through his veins. "... Too bad I won't be here to see it."

He felt another pair of eyes on him and his head snap towards Bulma. She was looking back at him, quietly and unmoving as she watches the display of father and son interacting for the first time. She was surprised that Trunks did not quiver at the sight of a stranger because normally he doesn't like strangers invading his personal space. It was as if he knew this was his father.

Vegeta frowned at the sight of being caught near his son, the very one who he discriminated just an hour ago. He gently shakes Trunks' fingers off and pushes himself off the bed. He turned on his heel and began to stride towards the balcony.

"Where are you going?" Bulma whispered worriedly. Vegeta halted his steps but did not turn around.

"I know when I'm not wanted," and he continues to walk.

"Vegeta, wait!" she called after him, pushing herself up from the mattress.

"... He needs you..." she whispered sadly.

This time Vegeta turned around, staring at the mother and son who looked desperately into his eyes, silently pleading him to stay. He thought she said they didn't need him!

"We... need you,"

"That's not what you said," he was quick to reply.

"Where will you be going, Vegeta? This is your home now," she exclaimed sadly.

Vegeta didn't want to believe that. He never had a home in his life and this is definitely not his home and he didn't need one. But then again, he took in his surroundings and noticed she had redecorated her room as well. Her bed was not her usual queen sized bed but a king sized one, enough to fit at least three people in it, her wardrobe too has been changed into a bigger one, enough to insert more clothes than a normal clothes boutique. It was as if she remade the room for an extra person, and that person is... him. She was waiting for him to return to her!

"Please?" she pleaded in whisper.

He stares into her eyes as they drown him. Her teary eyes only proved that he was in fact needed here more than he thinks. Then he turns to his son whose expression was oblivious to the tension that is in the atmosphere as he gurgles happily at his mother. He almost felt... warmth. His brows knitted at the sight - his family. His little own family. Perhaps this is a chance for him to redeem himself after all the years of wretched tortures. Perhaps this is a chance at a better fulfilling and promising life. Perhaps this is a chance to be happy for the first damn time.

He let out a deep sigh and walks back to the bed. He took off his armour and his suit. Bulma had his things shifted to her room earlier so she went to retrieve a pair of shorts and passed it to him. He gladly put them on and climbs into bed beside the small guy. Bulma scooted backwards to her side and positioned Trunks properly so that Vegeta would have enough space, and so that he wouldn't accidentally hurt Trunks with his weight.

He pulled the covers over them, making sure that Trunks' head was not covered and settled in. He lay on his side as he looks at his... family. He feels weird being in their presence, being in Trunks' presence and especially in Bulma's presence. Everything he's indulging now is completely foreign to him. He can't believe that he is a father now. He didn't know if he should be happy or dreadful.

"His name is Trunks," Bulma whispered with a smile while soothing Trunks back to sleep and he acknowledged that little detail in a silent stare.

Vegeta had been staring at his peers for several hours now. Both mother and son had fallen asleep long ago but a pair of eyes and a restless mind continues to study them in silence. He had never once imagine himself having a woman by his side whom he can truly claim her to be his equal companion, much less starting a family with the same woman whom he never thought he would hold such importance in his life. He still has a lot to understand and somewhere in the back of his mind is telling him that he has his whole life to do that.

With a frown on his face, "I can't be who you want me to be but I'll stay to train the boy, Bulma," he whispered silently, "One step at a time."


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