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I'm stuck in a house full of girls?!

"Son, I want you to study at Alkia."

"What? But isn't that place far from the Sinnoh region, pops?"

"I know, but Alkia is the one of the few universities that is world famous for its excellence at battles. Isn't that all of us fighting-types want? Battles?"

"I know that pop, but this is just sudden for me, can't I think about this first?"

"No, there's only a week left before classes start again."

"Are there any relatives staying at Alkia? Come on, I can't live there all by myself."

"Unfortunately, no."

"What?! I'm going to be all alone out there!"

"That's why I already planned this beforehand. You will be a working student there."

"Eh? You can't do that!"

"Yes I can."

"No you can't."

"Ah… Yes, I can. I already contacted a good friend of mine, and he's willing to let you stay at his home."

"There's probably a condition to it."

"Of course. But first, tell me, what are your specialties other than fighting son?"

"Uhh… Cleaning and cooking, laundry... in short all of the household chores I've been doing all by myself?"

"Good, because you will work there as a housekeeper, cook, maid, or butler, whatever you call that. And I expect you not to slack off."

"… But."

"No buts, I already bought your ticket, and there's only a half an hour left before the train leaves…"

"But I still haven't packed yet!"

"No need to worry about that, I've already packed all your things for you, they're beside the door."

"…Thanks, Pop."

"Why so glum? You should be happy your old man was able to get you to Alkia."

"… I know, thanks Pop."

"Oh, here's the address of his home once you get there. Don't lose it or else, you'll get stranded there, okay?"

"I know I know… Guess, this is goodbye…"

"Heh… yeah, for now… I'll be checking on you once in a while, so you better show me some good grades."

"Sure thing pops… Love you…"

"Love you too son…"

A bright sunlight welcomed the passengers, who were now leaving the Sinnoh-Alkia train, eager to enroll at the prestigious Alkia University, one of the world's best fighting schools.

As our protagonist is busy moving with the rather huge crowd with the unpleasant heat making things much more uncomfortable to a steel-type like him.

"Finally!" He gasped for air after finally separating from the crowd. He wiped off the sweat from his forehead and inspected his surroundings.

Alkia is pretty much different, there weren't any bushes, shrubs, flowers, or even dirt on the clean, paved ground, as well as the scarcity of trees, a complete opposite back at home.

"Now where's that map Pops gave to me." He said to himself and rummaged through his luggage and took out a piece of paper.

"Here it is… HEY!" He was about to scan the map when a sudden gust of wind blew it right off his hands.

"This can't be happening…I'm not going to let myself get stranded in a place like this." He gritted his teeth and chased after the flying piece of paper that may save him his life as well as the embarrassment.

He leapt on top of the walls of nearby buildings and gave pursuit, jumping from roof to roof while trying to reach for that elusive map. Running and jumping was easy for him, if it weren't for his heavy luggage wearing him down so quickly.

"Damn it, I can't stop now…" He said to himself and began to dash faster than ever, using all of his energy to give him that quick burst of energy he needed to finally grasp that map.

At the edge of the roof, he leapt and stretched his hand as far as he could, barely catching that map by his two fingers.

He smiled proudly for his efforts, but unfortunately for him, that smile turned to fright as he was now at a long distance from the ground as gravity pulled him down.

"Move out of the way!" He shouted as he noticed someone directly below him who was clueless on what was happening.

When the person heard and looked up… BLAM!

"Ow…Ow…Ow…" He said to himself while holding his head with his hand where he could feel his head was literally vibrating after that impact. He first examined his hand where he used to catch that letter, fortunately, it was still there, a little crumpled, but okay.

Unfortunately, he realized he just fell on top of someone, worse, he didn't even know who that is. He examined the person; it had long diamond-shaped ears, long blue hair on its sides as well as covering its forehead, wearing a sailor-like uniform and a mini-skirt. There, he realized it was a girl, but now the real problem is that she was still out cold.

"Hey, hey, are you all right?" He began to shake her shoulders which was followed with a weak moan and a sign of relief. He stared closely at her face as her eyes slowly opened, showing her deep sapphire eyes.

Then time suddenly stopped between the two of them as their eyes locked with each other. It took a moment before the girl looked below and opened her mouth in shock as he followed suit.

Unknowingly, he was sitting on top of her, his body resting on her hips with his hands on her shoulders. There, he also realized that his hands were feeling cold and shaky.

"AHH! I'm sorry! It was an accident Miss!" He quickly moved away from her and fell to his butt, shocked by what he had just done. The girl slowly stood up and grasped her shoulders tightly, also shocked over what just happened while he braced himself on what was going to happen to him next.

Tears were about to form from her eyes as she clenched her fist and gritted her teeth and slowly stood up as rage fueled up her mind.

'This is the first time a boy got this close to me…' She said in her thoughts, and stared at the boy's face, and was ready to beat this guy to a pulp, as a blue aura was enveloping her body.

Suddenly, all of that rage and aura disappeared when their eyes met again, his ruby eyes with her deep sapphire eyes. She stepped backwards a bit, but felt something on her feet.

"…Hey, this is my address." She said upon inspecting the crumpled map and looked at a red-marked area with "Eevee Residence" written beside it.

"…Eh, you live there?" He quickly stood up and moved towards the girl, unknowingly forgetting the whole incident.

"Yes I am, but why is my home's address marked and written in red?" She questioned the man.

"Uh… well, you see, my dad said that I go to this address since this is the place where I'll be staying and-"

"Staying… you mean that you are the new butler my father's been talking about?" She asked in a surprised manner.

"…Yes, I think so."

"Wow… I didn't expect our first meeting would be like this…" She slowly said.

"Oh about what happened, I'm sorry, truly I am. Please forgive me miss." He quickly remembered it again and knelt down in front of her, asking for her forgiveness.

"It's okay… Really… And please don't call me Miss… I have a name you know, and it's Gloria, I'm a Glaceon. How about you?" She introduced herself and reached out a hand.

"My name…. its Lucas, I'm a Lucario." He stood up and shook her hand and smiled.

"So… do you want to go back to my house with me? I'll introduce you to my sisters. They say they were overjoyed when father hired a butler for us." She smiled at him and proceeded towards the direction to your home.

"…Sisters?" Lucas was just stunned upon hearing that… He's going to stay in a house full of girls? Dad didn't mention anything about that.

"Hmm? Is something bothering you?" She stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

"No, not at all. Lead the way Miss- I mean Gloria." He faked a smile at her while she suddenly blushed and looked away.

'Oh my… he's so cute…'

At the gate of her home…

"I'm home… And guess who I brought along with me!" Gloria shouted upon entering, which was Lucas is afraid of. Soon loud footsteps were heard coming from the house.

"Is it the new butler?"

"Finally, all of my chores are through!"

Soon, five figures began approaching in as the Lucario examined them closely.

The first had a long bright yellow fur surrounding her neck as well as a long matching hair waving at her back, she had red skin color and dark ruby eyes. She was wearing a white shirt hugging her hourglass shaped body and her rather large chest along with a short pants that only covered up to her thighs.

The second had fin-like features on her face, which was of ocean blue in color with the rest of her body, she had deep sapphire eyes similar with Gloria's and dark blue curvy hair that made her look like a mermaid. She's a little shorter than the Flareon, but the two had almost the same body features, while sporting a black shirt that only covered above her abdomen but her tight jeans covered her legs.

The Leafeon was a bit thinner and shorter than the two, she had a curled leaf at her forehead, emerald hair that reached only up to her neck, dark auburn eyes, and a bright beige skin color. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse along with a tight jeans that covered up to above her knees.

Finally, the Umbreon who was shorter than the three, who looked like the youngest too. She had big ruby eyes, a black skin color with a few yellow ring features at her wrist, ankle, and the tip of her long ears, and was wearing a yellow dress covering up to her knees.

"Lucas, I want you to meet my sisters, Flannery, Vanessa, Lily and Umber." Gloria introduced them starting from the Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon and Umbreon.

'Wow… a family of eevee evolutions, and they're all females…'

"Uhh… My name is Lucas, Nice to meet you all." Lucas simply bowed down, and immediately he could hear whispers from each of them.

"Aren't butlers old geezers?"

"Shh… He might hear you…"

"But isn't he a bit too young?"

But they didn't know that Lucarios like him with a heightened sense of hearing could hear them clearly, but only sighed by the obvious doubts about him.

"Hey… Can you cook good food?" Suddenly, Flannery asked Lucas.

"…Uh, sure… I can cook delicious food alright."

"Whoopee! No more of those yucky foods that Esper always makes us eat!" Flannery jumped with joy.

"Oh yeah, where's Esper?" Gloria asked her, but she was immediately answered by a floating metal tray enveloped with bright purple energy from above and slammed directly on the Flareon's head.

"OW!" Flannery cried in pain as she grasped her now aching head and knelt down while Lucas noticed a tall figure walking towards them.

"Greetings, my name is Esper, I'm the eldest and I assume you already met my sisters." The Espeon calmly introduced herself while paying no heed to Flannery's pain. The Espeon had a small red gem on her forehead, that deep purple eyes and bright purple fur, and was wearing a long-sleeve white shirt and jeans with a sky-blue apron.

"Dammit Sis! Why do you always do that?"

"If my cooking is bad, why don't you cook for us next time?"

"No need, the butler can cook for us something we could call FOOD!"

The two continued to argue with each other, while ignoring the visitor and their manners.

"Are those two always like that?" Lucas whispered to Gloria.

"Most of the time… But you'll get used to it." Gloria answered with a smile.

"Well, this is your room, if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone, so I'll come bother you later okay?" Gloria said before leaving Lucas' new room.

Immediately, he placed his luggage at his table and took out a cellphone and dialed.


"Dammit Dad, you didn't tell me I had to stay in a house full of girls?!"

"Eh? I thought you'd be overjoyed."

"…Now why would I be overjoyed?"

"Hey, my friend has a good selection of hot girls, you've met them by now right?"


"So… Have you chosen somebody you like yet?"

"So the reason you sent me here?... so I could get a girlfriend?"

"That's only one of the many reasons son. I promise you, you'll be in heaven there, gotta go now. Bye!"


Sighing, he threw the cell phone on the bed and laid down on the bed, this will be a very challenging day and beyond for him.

to be continued…

Lucas' days of trouble, mayhem, and girls has just began. Will he be able to survive in this household?

Stay tuned…