The sun had slowly set, as the beachgoers called it a day and returned back to their shacks or respective hotels.

"Well today was a very fun day!" Umber shouted and stretched out her arms, enjoying the beautiful radiance of the sunset.

"It was more of a revelation if you ask me." The Flareon sister added as she approached the dark type to enjoy the view, referring to the two.

"So how's Vanessa doing? She didn't come back at all. She said that she'll take a hot bath after what happened." The Umbreon asked.

"Well Gloria basically unleashed a Blizzard attack directly on her. You do know that Gloria is at her strongest when she gets mad."

"Heh, you're right about that." The two chuckled and continued to stare at the beautiful sight, a final glimpse of the outdoors before the group finally called it a day.

Meanwhile, in the Lickylicky's Beach Resort Hotel's own indoor swimming pool…




"Isn't that yours?"

"Oh crap!"

"So you're completely naked, let me just check to be sure…"


The incidences of bra straps, panties of the females, and even the shorts worn by the males being removed from their respective wearers and floating on the pool were suddenly on the rise again, but this time, it's happening inside the hotel.

The non-victims, however, were kinda enjoying another sight to behold as they continued their leisure time at the indoor pool.

As for the culprit? Well, we all know who that is…

Back at the Eevee sister's shack…

The group packed their belongings and cleaned the shack; and obviously, Lucas was to carry the heaviest of the things, mainly, the sister's belongings. Not that he can complain though since he's the only male in the group, and a fighting-type to boot, so he excels in any kind of physical activity, a big win for the Eevee sisters to have around since Chapter 1.

As they reached the entrance to the hotel where they'll be staying at for the trip, they were met with the ever gullible, yet mischievous owner of the resort.

"Hey guys!" The Lickylicky said as he waved his flabby arm to the air. He sported a large, black sunglasses, which was kinda weird to wear when it's already sundown, and a Hawaiian shirt, with matching shorts; and on his other hand was a Coconut Juice.

"Hey Lee! Thanks again for letting us rent the shack!" Umber ran towards him and gave him a big hug, although she was only able to hug the front part of his flabby abdomen while the Lickylicky rubbed her on the head.

"No problem. So why don't you guys unwind for a bit, and then come with me for dinner?" He suggested, much to everyone's surprise and delight.

"Wow, a fun day at a beach, and then finish it with a delicious dinner!" Umber replied with joy, while everyone else liked his suggestion, well except for one.

And we all know who that is.

"Thank you Lee. We'll just change upstairs." Esper said and waved at the ever generous Lickylicky and went ahead with the rest of her sisters.

The Lucario followed behind, but before he left, he gave the Lickylicky a piercing stare and then went on his way.

*Chuckle* The Lickylicky smirked sheepishly in response.

"Sadly, my fun doesn't stop here, my good friend…" He said to himself as he watched the Lucario catching up to the group; then he took a sip of his Coconut Juice.

"Hey, this Coconut Juice is pretty delicious!"

Later that evening…

"Right this way, Sir, Madams." A waiter said and waved towards the entrance to the dining hall where the group was to have their dinner with the owner of this resort.

"Hey guys! Glad you could make it!" The ever jolly Lickylicky immediately called their attention and waved at them.

"Isn't this a bit too fancy?" Flannery whispered.

"Yeah, we're even in our PJs here." Vanessa, who was finally with the group, whispered back.

"… Who cares?" The two stared at each other for a while, and then, shrugged their shoulders in unison and smirked silly at each other.

The group were seated at a round golden table as the waiters immediately placed everyone's plates, spoons, forks, knives, glasses, and napkins in almost an instant.

With everything set, a waiter, draped in golden finery clapped his hands twice, as the door near him, suddenly opened, and numbers of black draped waiters came out in a single file formation, all carrying a silver platter on one hand to the air and a white cotton towel resting on the forearm.

And in unison, they all placed the platters on the round table, still covered with a round steel cover. And once again, they all simultaneously opened the plates, revealing what it seemed to be a promising dinner indeed for the group.

"Wow, all of these look delicious!" Umber said in delight as everyone was in awe at the colorful and impressive display of each dish. From the Green Seaweed Soup, Oran-crusted loaves, Sweet and Sour Pork, Whiscash simmered with onions, green peppers and other colorful seasonings, just to name a few of the huge selection they have.

Everyone was mighty pleased with the food, except for one though.

'Sigh… In before every dish is spiked by Lee's.' Lucas sighed as everyone started to dig in, and followed suit. In the end, it was a usual, happy family dinner for the Eevee sisters.

Everything's fun and all, but what's best was the afterparty!

After dinner, Lee called them back again inside his living room for an interesting activity that the group would enjoy, and would be perfect for to end this amazing night.

And What's a best thing most teenagers nowadays do as they are about to end a night of fun and excitement? With booze of course!

"Here you go everyone, it's on the house!" The Lickylicky appeared with a trolley where boxes of canned drinks were stacked on top of each other.

"What is that?" The curious Flannery asked.


"…Why beer?" Lily asked for everybody here, since it's strange to be drinking beer, especially since

"C'mon, these beers are the latest products of my family's consumable enterprise. And I want you guys to be first ones to try it out!" He said to everyone.

"Plus, unlike other lame, cheap quality beers you see everywhere, our Beer boasts health benefits for consumers."

"Oh, and what health benefits are those?" Lucas asked, crossing his arms and gave a death stare at the Lickylicky.

"Similar to energy drinks, this actually helps in rehydration and flushing out unwanted toxins." Lee answered immediately, as if though he's like a salesman advertising his product to a group of pokemon, in this case, them.

"Sounds good enough for me!" Vanessa replied with glee and went over the trolley.

"I also want to try one!" Flannery added as she joined in while the water-type opened the top box and took out two cans of the Lickylicky's beer.

The two popped open the lid and tasted the product, and then the two simultaneously shrugged and drank all of the contents.

"AAH!" Vanessa felt relieved, refreshed, but signs of skin redness could already seen on her face.

"Whew, that was good!" Flannery added, wiping her mouth with her forearm; while the redness on her face was a lot less visible, heck, we aren't sure if it was visible at all.

The rest of the group were stunned to see the two's positive response to the beer, especially Lucas, as the two took a few cans from the box and threw them towards the rest.

"Are you sure I can drink this stuff at my age?" Umber was confused as she inspected her can of beer and looked at the label.

"It's completely fine. Just take a few sips of it at a time." Lee immediately answered her question.

With that being said, Umber popped the lid open and did as she was told, took a few sips to her mouth and tasted the beer. After a few seconds have passed to discern the taste of the beer, she made a smile and started to drink the whole content, now completely ignoring what the Lickylicky just said.

Everyone's jaw dropped as the youngest of the Eevee sisters continued to finish the can of beer in mere seconds time.

"AAH!" The Umbreon let out a satisfying sigh and was surprised to see everyone staring at her.

"What? It's good!" She replied and licked her lips to taste whatever was left from it.

"Can I have another please?" She asked, much to everyone's surprise again. The Vaporeon happily tossed another can at her as she easily caught hold of it with one hand and began opening it already.

Now, everyone who hasn't drank the beer yet were all curious now and opened their cans.

"Here goes nothing." Gloria, although unsure at first, took a deep breath and then started drinking the beer.

The Leafeon was about to drink hers but stopped upon noticing that the Lucario still haven't opened his can yet.

"You okay Lucas? You've been quiet since dinner." Lily asked as she approached the Lucario and sat beside them in his couch, although there was room enough for two pokemons.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about something…" Lucas replied and finally opened his can of beer.

"Thinking about what?" The Leafeon asked and leaned towards him as their arms were in contact. Lucky for her, Gloria was so focused in drinking her beer.

"… This." The Lucario replied and showed her his can of beer.

"Oh, you mean Lee." Lily nodded in response.

"I just feel like something's going to happen soon…"

"C'mon… It's just beer, lighten up." The Leafeon replied.

"…Screw you Lee." After a few seconds of staring at his drink, he finally sighed and took a sip from it.

"… Not bad." Lucas was surprised, not too powerful, an aftertaste of sweetness, and that you could feel the scent of alcohol coming out from the can.

"Cheers then!" The Leafeon raised her can towards him as the Lucario raised his and gently tapped it against her can, and then simultaneously chugged it down.

And now, everyone was drinking the beer, including the owner himself, who've already finished a box of beer all by himself, while another trolley came in, with another set of boxes of beer. This felt like it was going to be a long evening for the group.

Time quickly went by for the group as they did all sorts of activity together.

"HAHA! Looks like I won again!" Flannery slammed her cards at the table as the group was playing cards.

"Uhh, Flannery, that's only a straight… And you still haven't won anything." Umber replied calmly and revealed to the group her hand: A Royal Flush.

"Looks like Flannery's drunk already, her mind's not that messed up usually." Vanessa added as everyone laughed.

"Nonsense! I'm just getting started!" The Flareon replied and took another beer.

Now, its spin the bottle!

Everyone was seated together, forming a circle; with all of them staring at an empty bottle spinning at the center, scared yet excited on who will the bottle point at.

"And it's Vanessa!"

"Okay, Truth or Dare?"

"… Dare."

"Okay then, do something you haven't done in your life yet."

"Hmm…" Vanessa scratched her head.

Suddenly, her eyes pointed towards the Lucario, then crawled from her seat up to his place.

"Well, I haven't done this yet to a male." The Vaporeon said and leaned her face towards the blushing Lucario's face.

"S-she wouldn't…" Both the Leafeon and the Glaceon were the most surprised of them all.

Lucas wanted to back away, but his body suddenly felt stiff as the Vaporeon made her advance.

Their lips made contact, as everyone's jaw dropped, to see a live kissing scene in front of them. This, however, didn't last in one single contact of each other's lips. No, the Vaporeon moved her body closer towards him, as their kiss became a lot more intense.

Lee, on the other hand, was laughing hysterically at the back and immediately brought out a video camera out of nowhere and started filming.

"Okay, I think that's enough!" Both Gloria and Lily finally moved in, grabbed the Vaporeon by her arms and pulled her away from the still stunned Lucario, whose face was deeply red.

"Mmm, tastes just like the beer I've had…" Vanessa said and licked her lips and stared at the steel-type as she was placed back at her seat.

"So now that's over. Should we go again?" Umber said as she moved to the center of the circle to spin the bottle.

"YES!" The two said in unison.

'… Why do I feel that the same thing will happen if those two will have their turn.'

Much, much later in the evening… at around eleven in the evening to be exact; everyone finally called it a day as they finally went back to their rooms, with everyone leaning against each other for balance as the alcohol finally set in after so long.

Well, except for the two males, who sat together on a long sofa, staring at what it seemed to be a small mountain of empty cans of beer. It's amazing on how everyone was able to drink all of that; heck, it even felt like they only drank a can worth of alcohol through all of that.

Heck, no one even vomited, which was regularly expected in a drinking session, except for the frequent trips to the bathroom to flush all that liquid off, only to be replenished afterwards by another can or two.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Lucas asked.

"You know that graduation is getting near, right?" Lee said to him as he sipped down a can of beer.

"Uhh, we're still in our junior year." The Lucario said as he drank his can and opened another.

"That's not my point."

"Okay, what is it then?"

"Isn't it about time that you choose who you'll go out with?"


"You already know that both Gloria and Lily have confessed to you right?"

"Wait a minute, that's suddenly out of the blue-"

"Answer the question."

"Well, Lily did confess already. As for Gloria… well, she didn't exactly say it in words. But what's your point?"

"My point is that you really need to choose one of the two to be your girlfriends."

"What makes you think that I need a girlfriend now?"

"Well, you don't need to get one right now, all I'm asking is that when will you really choose?"

"… To tell you the truth, I don't even know."

"If I choose one of them, I'll end up hurting the other."

"That's how it goes. Deal with it."

"Thanks Lee… for that very helpful advice." Lucas said sarcastically.

"Thanks, I do my job perfectly well."

"So that's what you've wanted to talk about? I really want to call it a night, so…" The Lucario stood up from his seat, and finished the can of beer he was holding and tossed it clumsily onto the mountain of empty cans.

"You do want to choose soon, Lucas, since once they get tired of your indecisiveness, both of them will give up on you eventually." Lee said to him, making the steel type stop in his tracks.

"… I know that." Lucas gritted his teeth and sighed.

"Who do you really prefer between the two of them?"

"I'm not even sure on who I really like most…"

'Why not Gloria? She really seemed to like you ever since your first day here in Alkia.'

"Gloria… huh?"

"She's nice, friendly, caring, and knows a lot about nursing."

"Yeah, she's always takes care of me every time I get into an accident…"

"But she has no idea about cooking." Lee added.

"Heh, yeah." Lucas chuckled in response.

"And what about Lily?"

"Well, ever since that incident, she finally opened up. But before that happened, she wouldn't talk to me at all. It felt like she was the only one who made me feel like an outsider during my first month in their place."

"But all of that's history now ever since you've saved her twice."

"But… If that… Blaziken didn't attack her outside the school, would she still remain that way with me?"

"Beats me. Before you came here, I was the only male she felt comfortable talking with. And you already know her story regarding boys before, right?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"But in my honest opinion, even if that incident ever happened, I believe that she'll eventually open up to you."

"Yeah, thanks."

"Plus, compared to the two, Lily has the bigger racks, if you ask me."

"…Yeah, I'll keep that in mind." Lucas' raised his forehead at his statement and then shook his head, Lee will always be Lee.

"I know you will. Sorry for keeping you up Lucas."

"Yeah, thanks for the talk and what you've done for us."

"It's what I do. Anyway, you should really go to sleep soon. Unless you want to pass out in the hallway." Lee chuckled as he drank another can of beer, watching the Lucario who was unconsciously swaying back and forth in his place.

"Yeah, I will. Good night." Lucas waved his hand and left the Lickylicky alone, still seated comfortable in the couch. As for the mountain of empty beer cans, probably half of it was his, and yet, he still doesn't feel anything funny.

Because you want to know why? … This alcohol is still in its experimental state, and Lee is sure to make alterations to it.


Twists and turns didn't do well at all; as the heat inside her body's been keeping her awake and void of any sleep.

"Bah, I think I drank too much…" The ice type said in her mind, as she rose from her bed and wiped her sweaty forehead. The sad thing between Alcohol and Ice-types.

" I think I need to cool off outside." After a trip to the bathroom to wash her face and cool off some of the heat from the side effects of the Alcohol. She left the room quietly, so as not to disturb her sisters who all appeared to sleep like rocks.

She quietly closed the door and began walking around the hallway to get some fresh air, and didn't mind being in her pajamas and cute, little, fluffy slippers.

"Lucas?" Gloria stopped in her tracks as she noticed the Lucario slowly approaching her, and quickly ran towards him.

"G-Gloria?" The steel type stopped and slowly rose his head, and completely surprised to see the ice type still awake so late.

"What happened?" The ice type asked, surprised and concerned on how he was leaning against the wall as he moved at a Snorlax's pace along the hallway.

"I think I drank too much…" Lucas made a smile, although he took a bit longer to make that facial expression, probably due to the side effect of the alcohol.

Gloria smiled, finding it to be cute. Although, concerning for her that his face wass flushing red; as she placed her hand on his forehead.

"You're heating up. C'mon, let's get you to your room." The ice type said to him and went to his side, lifted his arm and placed it over her shoulders. And instantly, Lucas could feel the heat from the alcohol circulating inside his body dissipating already, not minding that their waists are touching each other.

"Thanks." Lucas appreciated the help since he'll probably take a lot of time before he reaches his room. Not minding that it's Gloria helping her, even after what transpired this day.

The two walked slowly as the Glaceon assisted the Lucario, who was now leaning towards her for balance, but trying to keep his weight on his feet so he doesn't lean all of his weight onto her.

"So… why are you still up this late?" Lucas asked out of curiosity.

"Oh, I couldn't sleep at all… It's probably because of the drink Lee gave to us." Gloria replied with a smile.

"Lee…" Lucas sighed as the group fell victim to another one of his shenanigans.

"Well, at least this time you didn't have to carry everyone back to their rooms, right?" Gloria added.

"You still remember that?" Lucas was surprised to hear that.

"Of course!" The ice-type replied with a cute smile, as the steel type suddenly felt that her arm, which was placed around the back of his waist the entire time, pressed him towards her even tighter than before, which obviously made him blush, with his body temperature rising again.

"So where's your key?" She asked as the two finally reached the door to the Lucario's room, which was just beside the room of the Eevee sisters.

"Oh, it's here in my pocket." He replied and began searching his pocket, although he wasn't given much personal space to begin with thanks to her, so he took a while before he finally dug it out of his pocket.

He began to insert the key inside the keyhole at the doorknob, but due to the side effects of the alcohol, messing up his vision, along with the increasing body temperature, making it hard for him to concentrate; he was unable to do so.

"You really are drunk, aren't you?" Gloria giggled at his repeated attempts to insert the key, and reached over his hand with her free hand and grasped it tightly, still not minding his blushing response over this.

But since she was still intoxicated, even she had a hard time with this as the two' hand movements were still wobbly and took a while before they finally inserted the key into the hole and twisted it sideways as it made a 'click' sound.

"There we go!" Gloria said with joy, as if though the two of them made an achievement.

"Yeah!" He replied with the same joy as the two shared a chuckle afterwards and entered the room.

The ice-type was surprised to see his room was a lot smaller than their room next door. It only had one bed compared to theirs, which was composed of six. Not only that, his bed was twice the size of a bed in their room.

Instantly, her mind imagined a lot of naughty things on how the Lucario doesn't have to sleep in his room alone…

'Lucas, don't you want some company? So you don't have to sleep in the cold anymore.'

"Uhh… Gloria?" Lucas called her attention since she continued to stare at the bed, blushing deeply.

"W-what? Oh sorry…" Gloria finally awoke from her naughty train of thoughts and shook her head repeatedly to regain her composure.

'What was I thinking?' The ice type said in her mind as she was suddenly quiet, realizing that, heck, even surprised that she would think of such a naughty thing like that, especially since they're not even an official couple, or even at legal age for that matter.

The two slowly approached the bed as the Lucario slowly sat down at the edge of the bed, with the Glaceon's arms, still holding close to his body just in case he lost his balance.

"Thanks again Gloria." The steel type said to her with a smile.

And suddenly, that smile made the Glaceon blush again as her mind, again, began to fill with wild imagination. But this time, she shook her head again and added a double slap on both cheeks with her hands.

"Are you okay?" The Lucario asked in concern upon seeing that the Glaceon was acting weird.

"Y-yeah… I'm fine, still a little intoxicated, that's all." Gloria replied as she placed her hand over her forehead and sat beside him.

"Do you want to go back to your room?" He asked.

"Nah, it's okay, I'll just rest here for a bit." She replied as she rested her head against his shoulders and leaned her body against his, and this time, it was Lucas' turn to blush in response.

'She's awfully clingy, but… at the same time, I can't complain… Or don't want to…' As much as he wants to get some personal space, the cold and soft feeling of her body, the cool, yet sweet scent of her hair… It's like; you don't want to get out of this position anymore.

He quickly turned his head away and stared at the ceiling to keep his composure… and his body temperature from skyrocketing, however:

'You do want to choose soon, Lucas, since once they get tired of your indecisiveness, both of them will give up on you eventually.'

Suddenly, he remembered the exact statement that Lee said to him a while ago.

'Who do you really prefer between the two of them?'

'I'm not even sure on who I really like most…'

'Why not Gloria? She really seemed to like you ever since your first day here in Alkia.'


He continued to stare at the ceiling and let his mind wander deep into his conversation with the Lickylicky before he drank a bit too much and felt dizzy. He still wasn't sure if he was going to choose now or later.

'Curse you Lee, what kind of alcohol did you give to everyone? Can't even think straight anymore…' Lucas's said in his mind as he could feel his eyes getting suddenly heavy.

"Hey Lucas?"

The Lucario's train of thoughts was interrupted as he looked on his side where the ice type was resting her head. And much to his surprise, both of their eyes met at such a close distance between each other.

"Do you want a massage?" She suddenly asked him.

"A… massage?" Lucas was surprised by her offer, since it just came out of nowhere.

'Remember! If they want to do something for you, accept it! No buts!'

And now, Lee became a love guru inside his mind… How'd the Lickylicky's words echo inside of his mind, no one knows, probably due to the beer. Heck, he doesn't even recall if Lee said that at all.

"S-sure." A slow response came out from his mouth, much to the Glaceon's delight.

She motioned him over as he crawled onto the bed and laid on his stomach, while the ice type worked on getting his top clothing off, suddenly grasping the bottom of his shirt and pulled it upwards forcefully, revealing his bare, yet muscular back, which enticed her more.

"Uhh, Glor- hmmm!" Lucas was surprised, since this wasn't the usual massage he was getting from the ice type back at their place. But before he could say anything else, her cold, yet soothing hands, her fingertips sending a chill against his spine every time she stroked his back, her palms pressed onto his bare upper back and stroked it all the way to his lower back, giving him a sudden surge of sensation.

He dug his face onto the mattress as the Glaceon continued her magic, but this time, it was probably the best massage she has given to him yet, since well, the skin-to-skin contact was much more sensational than with clothing on.

But what was going on inside the Glaceon's mind? Was she really taking the next step in pursuing it? Was it something else? Or was it really just the Alcohol controlling her mind and actions now?

But nonetheless, the two seemed to enjoy it pretty much…

However, the fun always had to stop somewhere, but in the case of the two, it was about to stop pretty soon.

Lucas began to feel what it seemed to be like droplets falling onto his bare back as she continued to massage his back in increasing speed; the pleasure he was feeling began wasn't the same, pleasurable feeling, heck, it was now warm to be exact.

But it doesn't stop there; as Lucas was about to turn around to see what's going on; something heavy fell onto his back, and made his face slam right back onto the mattress.

Shocked, he immediately used his strength to lift himself from the mattress and turned to his side, as the weight fell beside him.

"G-Gloria?" He was surprised to see the ice-type who appeared to be asleep. But upon closer inspection, she was breathing heavily and her whole face was sweating.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Lucas was stunned as he immediately remembered that incident.

Immediately, he gathered up all of his strength and focus as he left his bed and went to the bathroom; took a towel and a bowl filled with cold tap water and rushed back to where the unconscious Glaceon was lying down.

"Sorry… Again…" Lucas felt embarrassed, having to do this thing again, as he began unbuttoning her pajamas, revealing her bare che-

'Crap…' Lucas stopped at what he's doing, his eyes and jaw open wide at what he saw.

'She's not even wearing a bra.' Yep, he almost her entire chest if he wasn't paying attention, that close. He wanted to button her pajamas again, but her heavy breathing along with her chest letting off sweat, he had to do something.

"Forgive me…" With a long, deep breath, he picked up the towel, soaked it in the water-filled bowl, and began wiping her face, neck, and the center of her upper body, while keeping focus that her top pajama won't fall off and fully expose her body. And everytime, he wiped her chest that her breast would slightly shake, making it harder for him to keep his cool.

This went on for several minutes, as he completely emptied the bowl since the Glaceon's body quickly absorbed the moisture for hydration. And finally, Gloria started to breathe slower, calmly, much to Lucas's relief.

That several minutes felt like it lasted for an hour, given the Lucario's intoxicated state, he is really exhausted, and exhausted felt like an understatement in his state.

"Whew… I feel… so tired… all of the sudden." After that sigh of relief, the Lucario's eyes felt really heavy as his vision started to blur, his head struggling to keep himself balance.

"I… I can't…" Lucas's head began to fall down as he was unable to bear the weight anymore and fell beside the calmly sleeping Glaceon.

Immediately, he fell asleep and was breathing calmly. At first glance, it looked like he just saved the ice type just in the nick of time just before his body finally became tired and wanted to take a rest.

But, unfortunately, for him again…

He forgot to button her pajamas.

To be continued…

Author's Note:

I know that it's been a very, very long while since my last update, and my inbox has been getting full of messages asking me when I will update, or if I was even alive anymore. First off, I want to apologize to everyone who waited for about a year now I think since my last update. Second, I want to thank everyone who gave me a lot of positive reviews for this story. Heck, this is probably my longest and successful story ever written, and I couldn't have done it without everyone's support for this story.