Dress In Drag and Do the Hula

A/N: This is going to be the last chapter for this story. Sorry it took me so long to finish it. I only own Ajay and Joey. Bailey and Riley belong to BourneBetter67 and Mollie who is mentioned belongs to Demi.

I Want To See It!

Ajay buried her face into her son's back as she giggled. "Ashton, what is so funny?" Robert asked. Ajay shook her head no. "Would you look at me?" he asked. The blonde pulled her head back and meet his steely blue gaze still giggling. "It's not funny." He said. "It is to" Ajay giggled as Bailey nodded her head in agreement. "Now Bobby you love me, you have know me too long and love me too much to kill me." Ajay stated as she took out her phone and snapped a picture before sending it to Ray and Devon. Robert glared at her know that it was true. No one could ever say no to the irresistible pout of Ajay Reso.

"Um Bob, you might to look in the mirror." James stated clapping his hand on Robert's back. Robert turned around as Ashton and Bailey started backing away from him both still giggling. "ASHTON JORDAN! BAILEY RAE!" he shouted seeing them backing away in the mirror. "I am going to quote Jimmy James, when I say this." Ashton stated, "Sorry about your damn luck cowboy."

"Is he going to hurt us?" Bailey asked. "He wouldn't hurt us. Not with me holding Joey and he won't hurt you. Remember who bailed his ass out that one night." Ashton answered. "Oh yeah." Bailey stated, "Besides Petey and Chris won't let anything happen to us." "Exactly. You got to love having a protective boyfriends. Besides if something did happen, I could always call Adam and Jay. You know they hate Bobby." Ajay stated.

Robert tensed up hearing his ex mention her two older brothers. He knew that they hated him for things he did to Ajay. "You are lucky you are cute." He growled. "I know, I keep telling myself." Ajay smirked. "Can I change now?" "Oh hell no, we are going to lunch first.' Bailey smirked causing Ajay's smirk to turn to the very familiar devilish grin, "You know where we should go?" "We should." Bailey stated, "Aren't your brothers home?" "Oh yeah, not to mention the WWE is doing shows in Tampa." Ajay grinned. "Oh you are evil." Bailey smirked.

"Buggy please tell me that is Bobby Roode and Alex Shelley dressed in drag!" Jay Reso laughed. "It is." Ajay giggled as she leaned down and kissed Adam's cheek and hugged Jericho sideways. "Who the hell did they piss off?" Jericho asked. "Easy, Bobby lost a bet to Ray and Devon and Alex pissed off Bailey." Ashton answered giggling. "Haven't you learned not to piss them off by now?" Jay asked. After a line of question the jokes started and last until the end of the meal. "Hey Roberta, Alexa smile for the camera!' Jericho called causing both men who were still dressed in drag to turn around and get their picture snapped. "Thanks Bubbalou, Ash and the girls are going to get a kick out of this." "Your welcome." Ajay said.

Now they were on their home after 3 painful hours of jokes and laughter . "Sabin I swear to god you better stop laughing." Robert warned. "Ass-clown be nice." Joey stated glaring at him. He didn't like when anyone messed with his mommy or daddy. "Kid don't you start." Robert stated. Ashton turned around in her seat to where she could glare at him. "Poppa Bear be nice to my baby." "He ain't yours." he said.

"I may not have given birth to him but he sure the hell is my son. If you don't watch it Robert, I will call my brothers and tell them to send those pictures out and they know a lot more people then I do. Then its going on twitter, face book, myspace and whatever other social network I can find and not to mention I will get to where those picture plus video will be your entrance video." Ajay stated. Robert gulped he knew damn well that Ajay knew people in the trucks that would do it. And she was just revengeful enough to do it. Chris smirked, he loved when his girlfriend made threats on guys half her size. Especially when it was her ex-fiance. Chris took her hand in his and kissed it. Ajay smiled at him and held his hand in hers.

"Its not funny Petey, I don't know why you and Chris didn't stay dressed up." Alex stated as he pouted in the backseat. "Easy, our girlfriends love us." Petey answered. Bailey laughed again, that's all that she had done since they had came out of the dressing rooms. "It's not funny Bailey." Alex whined. 'It is too." Bailey giggled, "Oh by the way, Ajay sent Mollie pictures." "I am going to kill that fairy!" Alex growled crossing his arms causing more laughter break out.

Ashton picked up her cell phone that was ringing, "Hello?" "FIREFLY!!" Ray's voice called as he laughed, "We so owe you and Bailey for doing that. It was perfect. Thanks for the pictures." "Your welcome Bubba. Do you want to see the video tomorrow at the tapings?" "THERE IS VIDEO TOO!" Ray laughed, "Yes, I want to see it." "Okay, I will bring it with me tomorrow." once the Canadian Heartbreaker got out of the phone with Ray her phone buzzed with a text message from AJ wanting to see what happened too. "Oh they are going to kill me." Ajay muttered causing Chris to look over at her, "Why?" "Because the whole damn roster wants to see it.'