Happy Birthday

"What?" Sakura said.

It was the only thing she could think. This has to be a bad dream.

*Sasuke's back Sakura.*

"I'm so sorry, Sakura." Naruto said looking at her.

Sakura came back out of her little world. Kakashi's one eye looked suprised.

"So he is really here?" Kakashi asked.

"I'M afraid so." Naruto said leaning on the kitchen table.

"Well tell him to leave!" Sakura said mad but still in shock.

"I can't Sakura. Even if I wasn't Hokage but I was told to do it. I wouldn't." Naruo said truthfully.

"Why not?" she said hysterical he would even say that.

"Because he's back now and... and... And there is still that part of me that feels like he's my brother." Naruto said slamming his hand on the table

Sakura was about to say something when Naruto put his hand up.

"Look I didn't come here to fight with you Sakura. I told him that there were two conditions he had to follow." Naruto said looking from her to Kakashi and back.

"Well they better be good, Naruto you jerk." Sakura said crossing her arms.

"The first one is that "it will be on a trail bases." In other words I will be watching what he does. Second is that he will "stay away form you in a romantic way." Which means that he can talk to you but anything that deals with romance will get him thrown out of Konoha." Naruto said looking Sakura in the eye.

Sakura looked shocked.

"Well, I can see that him being back has effect you jealousness." Sakura said still looking shcoked.

Naruto slammed both of his fists on the table hard.

"Naruto clam down." Kakashi said.

"For the last time. I will tell you like I told Shikamaru that was the Broherly Naruto!!! There was a similar comment to that that lost me Hinata 5 years ago." he yelled.

Naruto fell down on the floor crying. Sakura went over to him.

"I'm sorry Naruto. That was wrong of me to say." she said rubbing his arm.

She knew what she said was wrong but she wasn't think straight. She knew what she said hurt him very much because he cried painfully only 3 times that she could remember. When he thought Iruka hated him, Sasuke leaving, and when Hinata left him and got with Kiba.

Naruto sniffles. Looks up Sakura and Kakashi who was leaning over Sakura.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to start crying and ruin your day, Sakura." Naruto said feeling embrassed.

"You know that I don't mind. Come one get." Sakura said getting up.

Naruto got up off the floor. Sakura pulled him into a hug. Naruto pulls himself way from her a little.

"I promise you, Sakura. That we will make sure that Sasuke doesn't find out about your kids. And besides everyone already thinks that they are Kakashi's kids. So we are good."

Sakura pulled him into a tighter hug. The front door opens. Naruto and Sakura pull apart alittle to look at who it was. In walks Ren, Gen covered in dirt and them was Koari. Ryuu leaned on the front of doorway. Naruto goes up to them.

"How was training, you three?" Naruto asked.

"Same is it was yesterday." Gen said laughing.

"Oh. Sorry. Who's you friends?" Naruto asked brightly rubbing his neck.

Ryuu lifts himself off the front doorway and started walking towards the others.

"Her name is Koari Fylnn. She's scared little newbie of Konoha" Ryuu said walking past her throwing her an evil glare.

Naruto looked at Ryuu as he walked by her and saw the glare. Ryuu walked down the hallway to his room. Naruto turns around a little to look at Sakura.

"What's that about?" he mouthed.

Sakura shook her head with a smile.

"Later." she mouthed back.

"Come on, Koari." Gen said pulling Koari into the hallway to go to her room.

Ren followed going into his room. Naruto goes into the Kitchen.

"Oh also I meant to tell you Sakura." Naruto said.

"What?" she asked.

"Happy Birthday." Naruto said smiling happily.

Sakura smiled back.

*Maybe. Just maybe this might be a good birthday after all.*