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Full Synopsis: Bella and Edward make a bet…Edward says that he can resist Bella, Bella thinks he can't…When Bella calls for the help of her two best friends Rosalie and Alice, they form a plan to seduce Edward…When Edward calls for the help of his two best friends Emmett and Jasper, they form a plan to resist Bella…Thus, Mission Impossible begins…Good luck everyone!


Today was my day off; the only problem was that Bella had to go to work. Bella was a sex therapist and I was a heart specialist. We had been married for almost a year now, and I loved her more then anything in the world, and it wasn't just lust…well most of it.

Fuck I was so horny, even though we'd only had sex last night. How the hell was I going to make it through the whole day without her?

I got up and made my why through, to the kitchen. The house was unusually quiet; Bella must have already left. I brushed my teeth and poured my self a bowl of cereal with some milk.

After about 20 minutes I finished my breakfast and glanced at the clock. 5 hours and 40 minutes to go.

After 10 minutes of doing nothing I decided to watch a movie. Two hours later when that finished I made my self some lunch, 3 hours and 15 minutes left. I ate my lunch in silence for 15 minutes, and then thought I should check my emails.

After half an hour of going through pointless crap, I decided to watch another movie, to kill some time, two hours and 30 minutes to go.

After 120 minutes of unbearably longing, I went to take a shower. I took comfort in the fact the Bella should be home in approximately 30 minutes. Okay so you can see exactly how desperate I was.

* * *


Ugh, work was unbelievably boring today. When my last appointment was over I rushed to grab my stuff. You would be surprised at exactly how many people had issues with their sex life, not that I was complaining. I just hope that something like that doesn't happen to Edward and I soon…

I signed out, ran to my car and quickly started it. I sped home and ran to the front door. "Edward, hunni I'm home," I called out. Edward dashed to me and attacked my lips with his. He kissed me fiercely, and roughly but still passionately.

His hands moved quickly to my blouse, his fingers trying to unbutton them promptly. When he couldn't do that fast enough he resorted to ripping them open. I laughed quietly, so impatient.

His hands played around with my bra, I moaned when he touched my nipple. His hands travelled down till they reached my pants. He swiftly pulled them down, all the time never breaking contact with my lips.

I pushed on him lightly, and we broke apart, both of us gasping for air. He brought his lips to mine again, kissing them just as eagerly as before. His tongue slid across my bottom lip, I opened my mouth slightly, allowing him access.

Both of our tongues were fighting for dominance. He pushed me towards our bedroom, the kiss never halting, and threw me across the bed. Today he was somehow different as opposed to last night. He was more eager, faster, rougher; last night he was gentler, not that I was protesting.

I was lying on the bed in my underwear and bra, which he wasted no further time in disposing of. He kissed on of my breasts softly, caressing it with his tongue, his hands stroking my other one.

He moved down on me excruciatingly slow, I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed him of me and threw him on the bed. He was fully clothed and the sight was unsettling.

I shred open his shirt and threw it on the now growing pile of clothes, and then I moved on to his jeans. He sat up, in only his underwear, and began to kiss me again. I kissed him back, our lips moving as one.

I pulled of his underwear so that we were both completely bare. He pushed me back onto the bed and, continued with his stroking. His tongue found my belly button and he licked inside it.

He moved down till he found my opening, and brought his tongue into the centre. I moaned loudly, the feeling was just too much for me. I knotted my hands into his hair and pulled on it. He groaned though whether it was from pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell.

He kept teasing me with his tongue; my endurance level was decreasing rather quickly. "Edward…stop…it," I managed to get out. I moaned again, and it wasn't softly either. "Stop...it…plea…sto…Edward…please," This time I screamed.

I grabbed onto his hair and pulled it harder, he stopped mocking me with his tongue. "Edward, I need you…please," I begged him. He smiled his breath-taking smile at me.

Slowly, very slowly he entered me; I breathed heavily. I couldn't take it anymore, the dawdling pace he was going at. "Stop teasing me Edward," I said sighing in exasperation.

"You know how your reaction pleases me." He stated, smiling that cocky grin he always does, when he know he's right, and in control. This time he was right, he was in control. Goddamn it to the deepest pit in hell, he knew I was suffering, and he was taking advantage of it.

He kept stroking me, bantering with me, frustrating me until he finally gave up with his little game. He picked up the speed and started pounding into me. I groaned loudly and brought my lips to him once more.

I started ravaging his mouth needing more and more of him. I always got like this when I hadn't seen him all day; I acted like a starved animal, getting food for the first time in weeks.

Edward was now grunting, slamming into me with such force that I started to slide up and down the silky bed covers. My hands reached out and gripped the iron bedpost for support as I screamed in pleasure.

I could feel Edward nearing the edge, his quivering member was moving slickly in and out of me. I screamed once more feeling my orgasm hit me with such a force that I was blinded. "Edward…fuuuck…fuuu…Edward."

Egged on by the feeling of me contracting around him, Edward let go and whimpered as he came inside me; I shuddered delicately. He kissed me lightly on the lips; I knew then that my previous worries were futile; Edward and I are going to have an amazing sex life.

* * *

A hot shower and two coffees later, Edward and I were curled up in bed watching a movie. "So what did you do all day," I asked Edward smiling brightly. Nothing could dampen the mood I was in; of course it was like this after every time I had sex with Edward; the after sex glow was actually quite visible.

"Well I watched a few movies, checked my mail, and waited for you." He said smiling back at me. I scooted over closer to him and inhaled his scent. He smelled like musk, it was so intoxicating…"Bella I love you," he said; his eyes boring into mine.

"Well I am irresistible," Edward snickered. "What?" I said playfully, "You don't think I am?"

"Irresistible?" Edward asked, playing along. "Hmmm…I'm sure I can resist you?" I laughed at that, Edward raised an eyebrow; and just like that all the joking around was gone. No this wasn't a joke…this was a challenge.

"Do you wanna bet?" I asked him, standing up, of the bed for full effect. He looked at me blankly before smiling wickedly.

"Definitely," Edward said, stepping out of bed. He pulled on a pair of sexy black shorts that looked so adorable on him, and turned to face me. "What?" he asked seriously. "You don't think I can?" I laughed and shook my head.

"I bet you'll give up by the end of the week," I retorted. He was going to pay; I was going to make him give up by the end of the week.

Edward chuckled. He moved around the bed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "The bet starts now," he said, moving out of the bedroom. You want to play Edward, well bring it on.

* * *

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