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-Sweeney Todd-

=Part 2=


Mrs Lovett: Mista T are you listening to me?


Mista T?...Mista T!? MISTER TEEE!?

Tim: Johnny, It's good your getting into character by being silent and ignoring but right now you need to say the line.


Sweeney: *stares constantly at Mrs Lovett's cleavage*

Toby: *hugs Mrs Lovett* MMM Mommy smells nice!

Mrs Lovett: My your affectionate tonight. Does somebody want a kiss? *kisses forehead*

Toby: Again Again! *gets kissed on forehead* Mommy's kisses are like candy!


Mrs Lovett: *Stares at Sweeney*

Sweeney: I mean, may I be excused? *runs out of room*

Mrs Lovett: Sweaty...d-did you unhook Mommy's bra!?


Sweeney: *all covered in blood*

Johanna: *Stares at blood covered man*

Sweeney: Note to self...Put lid on blender.


Sweeney: whispering after leaving Anthony: Theres a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are filled with shit...*starts running*

*Camera starts spinning down trails all over London *

Sweeney: Wait!!! *tries catching up*


Toby: Lol

Mrs Lovett: What?

Toby: Lol, its what all the kids are saying now.

Mrs Lovett: What does it mean?

Toby: Laugh out loud.

Sweeney: *walks in making Toby jump*

Toby: WTF!

Mrs Lovett: Oh Mistah T, would you like somethin' ta eat?

Sweeney: IDC


Mrs Lovett: Wot did your Lucy look like?

Sweeney: *hold up picture of Lucy* A little like this


Tim: Okay Johnny, you play Sweeney Todd-He's called Mister T. Got it?

Johnny: hehe, I pitty the Fool.


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