Yellow peeps! This is just a story I started writing about Eric/Sookie.

This really doesn't pick up from any Charlaine Harris story or TrueBlood episode, so what you see is from my own 'lil demented head. Enjoy!

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Your voice, running through my head

His screams awakening the dead

But yet you whisper soft to me


The opening chords slowly drifted throughout the club, causing the crowd to change it's rhythm. The music wafted right to the one who was the inspiration of the song.

The blood dripping off your skin

Brings memories to me of him

The one I loved, the one you killed…

Once the first note was released, Eric stiffened in his "throne", wondering who had the courage to play this in his club. He knew of what the song revealed, even in the second verse alone…

As the singer whispered…


Eric shut his eyes, remembering the night…The night that Sookie had called the club, distraught, wondering where her precious Bill was. Even though Eric acted as if he knew nothing, he did know where Compton was.

His blood is on your hands

His final breath in death's last dance

As the undead light left his eyes and he cried out to me

"Why didn't you save me!!"

He was, well, his remains were, in the basement of Sheriff Eric Northman's house. Obviously a lot more dead than when he became a vampire. Eric chuckled to himself, receiving a smirk from Pam, who could probably guess what he was laughing at.

The battle may be over

But the war has just begun

Remember, Sheriff

The night is darkest just before the dawn

And there the song cut off, the last chuckle from Elizabeth, the singer of Fang, echoing in Fangtasia.

"You know, Eric, that song released 7 months ago. Yet I have not seen or heard of a single threat to our area. Cowards," Pam leered, clearly ticked that she hasn't had the chance to kill anyone for me.

I chuckled darkly, before responding, "Ah, Pam. My Child. There will be plenty of threats, I'm sure. At least, once the New Year arrives 3 nights from now. That's when most of the freaks come out."

"Oh, Eric. Your making an appearance?"

I growled at Pam, causing some of the newer "fans" to back off a little ways from where I was currently sitting. "The only thing-"

But I was abruptly cut off, as a familiar scent seemed to find me, from 20 feet away. There, looking right at me, was a face I had seen only in my dead slumbers.



So, yeah, I know I used the whole The nigt is darkest just before the dawn thing from The Dark Knight, but Ijust couldn't help myself! I don't own that either. :(

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