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It had been a year since Bella's transformation and Bella and Edward were watching a movie called Twilight in their cottage while Renesmee was in the main house spending time with her aunts, uncles, grandmother and grandfather. They were on the couch, cuddled up together and stealing occasional kisses. After the movie, they didn't move and just sat there, thinking about their perfect lives. They were both just enjoying each other's company. Edward suddenly remembered something and turned around to face Bella with a large smile on his face.


"Yes Edward? Is something wrong?"

"No love, I've just remembered, today is the day I proposed to you."

"Really?" asked Bella, astonished that he remembered, "I guess you're right…… I didn't realize you would remember that."

Edward turned around to face her and looked at her incredulously. Bella was oblivious to Edward's expression until she shifted her body to face him. Getting a glance at his face she wore a perplexed expression and said a very quiet,


Edward raised an eyebrow before saying,

"How could you believe that I wouldn't remember that? In all of my existence, that was my second favorite night."

Then Edward placed a loving kiss on her knuckles. If Bella would have been able to blush, she would have been beet red. Remembering something in their past conversations while she was still human, she asked him,

"I thought it WAS your favorite?"

Edward chuckled a bit before saying,

"That changed on our wedding night, Bella."

He turned his face and smiled his special crooked smile which always made Bella melt. She was silent for awhile, staring at Edward and all his perfection, when she realized she had been silent for five whole minutes. Clearing her head, she continued,

"I thought you hated that night…… I mean, the next morning, you were moping around a lot because you….. well, you know."

Edward winced a bit when he remembered what he did to Bella but quickly hid it so that his wife, he still loved the fact that they were married, couldn't see it and continued,

"I know that Bella, but I still loved that night, I finally got to be one with you, love, and as much as I regret hurting you, it was still very blissful."

Bella turned to look at her husband, with all the love in her frozen heart showing in her eyes. Unable to resist, she placed her lips on his briefly and when they parted, she whispered,

"I love you forever Edward."

Edward kissed her again and replied Bella saying,

"As do I, love. Never forget that."

"Of course Edward, and don't forget that I love you too."

"Never love."

That was how they spent the rest of their night, knowing that their significant other loved them with all their heart now, and forever.

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