This is a filler chapter. Nothing exciting really happens.

"No Lewbert I will not get back together with you," Ms. Benson yelled.

"Why? We were so good together," Lewbert whined.

"Because my son fell down the stairs and almost died and you didn't care," She exclaimed angrier than ever.

"My wart is more important than your son and right now I need someone to rub cream on it," Lewbert said in his usually creepy way.

"You are disgusting," Ms. Benson said as she slapped Lewbert right across his left cheek., "And you wonder why I won't get back together with you." Marissa walked away in her sassy kind of way.

"Will you please rub cream on my wart?"

"No," she yelled back. She was tired of Lewbert. Yes, at one point she liked the guy, she didn't know why but she did however now he was just seriously annoying and an enormous jerk to top it off. She could do much better than him and right now Freddie was her top priority anyway. She had to protect her little boy. Even if he wasn't so little anymore.

Carly, Sam and Freddie didn't have the best of week but they had just get over the last week, at least for an hour, because they had to do iCarly. Their fans didn't deserve to be punished because of they were arguing. The fate of iCarly had already been threatened enough in the past to let something like this dare to endanger it again because Carly, Sam and Freddie knew if anything else happen iCarly might fall apart all together.

"In 5, 4, 3, 2," Freddie counted down.

"Hello, alien, this is earth," said quirky Carly, trying to retain composure and not to rip Sam's eyes out.

"Wait, their not aliens."

"Oh, yeah, what was I thinking? hello people of earth, I am Carly."

"And I am Sam."

"And this iCarly," Sam and Carly said in unison.

"They best show on earth,"

"Really?" Freddie couldn't help but stare at the two . They were just so beautiful. He had always thought that about Carly but he didn't want to think the same about Sam but he couldn't help it. He thought Sam was attractive but she would never know that. If Sam did know she would rip him to shreds or at least that's what he thought. What she would really do was a mystery.

"Yeah and if you don't know that then you don't live in this galaxy."

"You don't say."

"I do say," said Carly.

"You want a soda," Carly asked Freddie. She was trying to avoid actually conversation because she really had nothing to say to him. She wasn't angry at Freddie or Sam for that matter, she just didn't trust either of them They were known to hide things from her like when they kissed.

But now so many things that she never thought about before were running thought her head. She wondered if they were secretly going out. If they had been going out for months and hiding it. But she knew she was just being paranoid. Freddie and Sam would never go out, they were barely friend. Or maybe that was all an act? No, they couldn't be dating. Sam was going out with Pete, even though they were never really together. It didn't really matter either way because it wasn't her business, regardless of how much she wanted to make it her business. It was all between only Sam and Freddie.

"Yeah, what kind do you have?"

"Coconut-lime, grape-strawberry, sprite, ketchup,"

"Did you just say ketchup."

"Yep, we have ketchup-flavored soda."

"Toss me a sprite," Freddie said, "Listen Carly, I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean for you to find out like that."

"I'm not mad at you."

"Huh?" the brunette boy was confused.

"I'm not mad. I'm not mad at you or Sam. It's not like she was wrong. And plus I should of expected that from Sam, she hated us together." Carly half-lied. Yeah she wasn't made but she also wasn't as okay with it as she was letting on.

"Of course. She hates me with anyone. She'd rather I die alone and miserable." That wasn't true, Sam didn't want Freddie to be alone, she just didn't want Freddie to be with anyone but her.