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Letty nudged Dom lightly with her foot in attempts to wake him from his sleep but all she kept getting was loud snores in response. Finally growing tired she yanked the pillow out from underneath his head causing his head to falter. His eyes snapped open quickly in surprise.

"It's almost going to be noon," Letty informed him. "Let's go already."

Dom did not respond right away and allowed his senses to focus. When images became clear he frowned at Letty quizzically, "What?"

"You said you wanted to finally see my car, remember?"

He paused and tried his best to remember the events of last night and how in the world he could have slipped up and agreed to this. Fucking beer, he thought. Dom sat upright and rubbed his head from the pounding that was taking place. He sighed loudly and stood to face Letty.

"My bad, I must have thought you were someone else," he lied and walked past her toward the bathroom without further acknowledgement.

Letty was quite surprised he still wanted to continue his little childish antics after his drunk, but truthful confessions last night. She let out a small chuckle and yelled "idiot" loud of enough to penetrate the sound of the shower turning on in the bathroom as she left the house. He stood under the hot water and winced each time he retrieved little pieces of his conversation with Letty. For whatever immature reasons he wanted to hold out a little longer and continue with his 'mean' streak. However, his drunken state of mind had other plans and finally admitted to missing her, and that the asshole antics were due to his stubborn ass still holding on to what seemed now like a pointless grudge. Now he simply felt embarrassed and could not face her after revealing such strong emotions for her.

After his shower he made a quick trip to the kitchen to eat a snack and take a Tylenol for the annoying pain that continued to haunt his head. He scurried upstairs and retreated back to his room hurriedly to avoid any interaction with Mia. He was sure Letty must have confided in his sister by now and updated her on the latest dramatics he put on. Dom locked his door, turned on his TV and tried his best to forget last night's conversation and the morning's embarrassment. With fatigue still pervading his body he eventually fell back into a deep slumber with his loud snores reverberating to the halls.

Hours passed before Dom's eyes lazily opened and adjusted to the digital numbers on his clock. He slept four peaceful hours and was pleased to awake this time without a pounding headache. He stretched and cracked his toes and sat upright on his bed only to flinch at a figure sitting at the edge of the bed. He was ready to go into defense mode when he realized it was Vince.

"Well it's about time Sleeping Beauty," Vince teased as he resumed playing Nintendo.

"How long have you been in here?" Dom asked as he joined his friend in a game of street fighter.

"About an hour," he informed. "I had to come through the damn window because your ass wouldn't answer the door. I tried waking your ass up to go to Hector's but you wouldn't budge. Guess we'll just hang here until the races tonight."

"My bad, bro. I just really wanted some sleep without Mia or my dad interrupting."

They kept playing video games until Dom's stomach could take no more and started growling louder than TV.

"Damn fool, you better go feed that beast in there before it gets more angry," Vince suggested. "I think Mia made some spaghetti."

The sound of his sisters name made him pause. He was still hesitant about being around her. His sister always had a look when she knew something personal about him or what he's done. He was almost positive she knew by now. Then he quickly wondered if Vince knew. "Hey, you talk to Mia or Letty today?" he asked instantly.


Dom froze briefly before further questioning, "What did they say?"

Vince paused the game and eyed his friend. "Say about what?"

"I don't know...anything," he nervously responded.

"Um, is there something specific you're looking for here?" Vince questioned curiously.

"Forget it," Dom quickly dismissed, thankful he had yet to find out of what Vince would call sappy shit. "Are they coming to the races tonight?"

Vince ignored his weirdness and unpaused the game. "Probably."

Great, Dom mentally hissed to himself. He sighed and dropped the controller on the floor. "Let's get out of here and go get some food. I'm starving."

Vince made no protest and followed suit, "Now you're talking."

The two made their way to a taco stand not too far from the neighborhood and splurged. There was no conversation between them when they were this hungry. Their sole focus was on their food. When Vince finished up his last taco he sat on a bench and watched the various cars passing by as Dom went to work on his last two tacos. He was silent until he heard a fitting song for his friend. He took it as an opportunity to let his friend know that he did indeed know why he questioned him earlier and began to sing along with the song.

"You do something to me...that I can't explain," he started out slowly, waiting for a response from Dom. With the information he learned earlier in the day he was surprised he did not catch on right away, but he continued anyway.

"So, would I be out of line...If I said I miss you," Vince belted and bursted into laughter as he noticed Dom caught the emphasis on the word miss.

"Fuck you," Dom managed to say with his mouth full of food and launched his trash straight for Vince's head.

He merely swatted it away and continued laughing. "Don't be a sourpuss. It's okay man, you admitted it, that's the first step."

"You're worse than the little girls you hang around with," Dom angrily spat. Of all people he wished Vince did not hear about this. "You gossip more than them."

"And apparently you show more emotion than them," Vince retorted and was met with the middle finger and Dom walking away from him toward Hector's house.

The whole way their Dom did his best to tune out Vince's sporadic laughter and walk briskly ahead of him. He only hoped he would not bring it up around the rest of the guys. The last thing he wanted was to be the bud of every joke tonight. When they met up with Hector Dom watched Vince carefully and gave him discrete menacing stares, which meant: you better not say shit. Vince only offered him a mischievous grin that made Dom want to punch him. When it came time to leave for the races they all piled into Phillip's car.

Before leaving their neighborhood Phillip asked, "Are we picking up the girls?"

"No," Dom quickly replied. "They decided to stay home and play with their barbies instead."

Everyone chuckled and Vince fought off the strong urge to tease Dom. He knew how easily angered his friend could get and did not want to deal with it tonight. He wanted to join the races and the chicks that peppered the place.

Fifteen minutes later the guys arrived at the scene with every other racing fanatic in the city. They met up with their usual friends and began discussing the night's races and drivers. In the midst of good conversation, good music, and good looking women Hector noticed a familiar car pull up beside his cousins. It wasn't decked out but any real racer knew it was a type of car that possessed some potential. He quickly nudged Vince, Dom and Phillip with excitement when he saw who the two people exiting the car.

"Look who drove here man!"

Their group of friends all looked toward what Hector was talking about and saw Letty and Mia standing next to her car. Dom couldn't believe she had the balls to bring her own car and risk being caught by her dad or worse the police. Forgetting the mornings events he quickly stalked over there and questioned, "What the fuck are you doing bringing that here? And with my sister?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Letty challenged. "You're not my dad, now fuck off."

Dom shook his head in dismay, "Whatever, when you get caught you won't be saying that. And Mia you're going to be in a deep shit."

"Only if you rat," Mia hissed at him as she walked off with Letty to check out the cars and who was racing.

The rest of the guys applauded Letty's gutsy move and thought she was badass. Her car lacked visual art deco, booming sound system, and nos but she had a promising foundation to build on with her Nissan. Slowly she was becoming the hot topic of the night and it made Dom a little jealous of all the attention she was getting from guys. He wanted to stand beside her and give them all intimidating looks but he was too prideful so he kept his distance and mentally cursed them all.

When money and pink slips were finally at stake all the racers dispersed to another location. Once there, all the cars lined up in their usual positions and the onlookers watched in anticipation. Vince, Dom, Mia, and Letty watched with such fascination. Cars', racing this is where they felt a sense of belonging. When all three races were done every crew slowly started leaving to their perspective after parties. Phillip had to work in the morning and suggested they ride with Letty if they wanted to stay out any later. Much to their dismay of being squashed in the back seat they went with Letty anyway, but not before arguing for five minutes about who was going to sit in the middle.

Dom remained silent as they all complimented Letty's driving skills and how they should make bringing her car a routine on race nights. Before meeting up with some friends Vince convinced them to stop at Fat Burger for a midnight snack as he called it. They all got off and dined inside and talked about their favorite car of that participated in the night's races. It was when they were on their went out of the joint when their night got interesting.

As they were walking back toward the car a red Mazda RX-7 pulled up and blocked their path. "Aren't you kids supposed to be in bed already?"

"Get lost Tran, unless you want your pretty boy face fucked up," Vince growled as the rest of them glared at him.

Johnny only smirked, "Awe, you think I'm pretty. Sorry Vince, I'm not into that kind of thing."

That was enough to send Vince lunging at Johnny but Dom caught him and held him back. "Let it go, bro. Everyone knows he's a chump. Let's just go."

Although it took the better part of Vince to walk away, he did, and they all walked around his car toward Letty's Nissan.

Johnny stayed parked there and made a comment to his cousin loud enough for Dom to hear, "I'm supposed to be the chump yet he's the one walking away scared."

Being called a chump by his long time nemesis was not something Dom could stand for. He instinctively turned around to face Johnny and his cousin Lance who were exiting their car. Dom went straight for Johnny while Vince quickly sprung right back into fighting mode and grabbed Lance. Dom slugged Johnny right in the face to send him flying back. He quickly got on top of him and started throwing a slew of punches. Johnny managed to block a few and throw Dom off of his and get his a few hits in before he got to his feet and started kicking him while he was down. Dom eventually got to his feet and they continued to go at each other. It took little effort on Vince's part to fight off Lance because he was significantly bigger. Mia urged her brother to stop before someone called the cops while Hector tried to calm her down. Letty so badly wanted to jump in and get in on the action but the fights were evenly matched.

The fighting came to halt when a Fat Burger employee came out and yelled, "You guys better knock it off before I call the police."

The word police was enough to make them stop. Neither of them wanted to be in any kind of trouble with their parents. They quickly backed off each other started walking to their cars.

"Meet me a couple blocks down Toretto. Let's finish in a race. Quarter mile," Johnny suggested. "Let's sweeten it by racing for slips."

Dom desperately wanted to take him up on his offer, but he didn't have any kind of money those spoiled brats possessed, nor did he own a car. He hated turning this down but he had no choice, and he was more than certain news of him backing out like a chump would spread like a wildfire. Just as he was about to come up with a clever reply Letty's voice beat him to the punch.

"Deal. He'll be there," she agreed without thinking. Thoughts of possibly losing her car and being in the worst trouble with her parents did not cross her mind. It simply felt right and she trusted Dom.

"Don't keep me waiting," were Johnny's final words before he sped off.

Everyone looked at Letty stunned. "Damn, you're feeling ballsy today girl." Hector said with a grin.

"I'll say," Vince agreed as he patted Letty's back.

"Whatever, let's just go before his ass leaves and starts spreading rumors about us," Letty said as she motioned for everyone to get in the car.

Vince and Hector climbed in the back with Mia positioned in between them in the back seat. Dom just stood there still looking at Letty.

"Why did you did that for, Letty?" He questioned, feeling a little agitated. "You know you could lose your car tonight? Then we'll all be in deep shit."

Letty confidently walked up to him and shoved the keys to her car in his chest. "I trust you," she said honestly. "I know you, and the way you drive, and none of the Trans have shit on you."

This time he could not fight anything back as a smile lifted his cheeks. He was sure he fell for Letty even more in that moment. Even after the stupid way he was treating her she still had his back as much as ever. She still believed in him and their friendship. He was in such awe of Letty that he could not even muster a response. He simply took the keys from her and and they all sped off to meet Johnny a few blocks away.


Dom gripped the steering wheel tightly as they both revved up their engines. A lot was at stake: Letty's car and the possibility of them never seeing the outside world again if their parents found out. Hector was chosen as the neutral man to do the traditional ready-set-go while Lance, Letty, Mia, and Vince waited at the finish line. When he lowered his hands down for them go, they both took off like bats out of hell. Johnny was ahead by a few inches throughout the majority of the race until Dom finally surged ahead by a couple inches. As they were closing in on the finish line a thought that had yet to occur to Dom until now was: Did Johnny have NOS? He would not put it past the rich little punk to have his car equipped with the hottest commodities for racers to have. He briefly panicked which caused Johnny to go ahead about an inch. He tried quickly to calm his nerves and focused in on one the one thing he knew would calm him down: Letty. After he did that it felt as though he was the only one on the road, he was wrapped so much in the though of her that he did not even realize who won.

Dom looked through his rear-view and saw that Johnny was already turning around to go back toward the finish line so he did the same. When he exited Letty's car the look on Johnny's face and his friends was the confirmation he needed to know the results of the race. Johnny approached him and angrily shoved the keys and pink slip into Dom's chest before walking away pissed off and yelling at Lance to call their driver.

Mia, Vince, Hector and Letty all jumped on Dom yelling with excitement. They were all completely ecstatic that he took a sweet ass car off of Tran's hands like that. Before they could celebrate any further the sound sirens coming their way caused them to disperse quickly. Vince's big brother savior complex took over and guided Mia and Letty into the backseat of the Nissan, while he took over the wheel and Hector jumping in the passenger seat-leaving Dom to take off in the newly won Mazda. With the right about of speeding and clever maneuvering Dom was in the clear while Vince got everyone home safe in Letty's car.

Dom parked the red Mazda behind Letty's car where she was waiting for him.

When she saw him she breathed a sigh of relief, "Glad you made it back safe."

He walked over to her and offered her the keys and pink slip to the car, "yeah."

Letty furrowed her brows and pushed away his hand, "It's yours."

Dom was persistent, it just didn't feel right. "I used your car though. Just take it."

"You were driving you. You kicked ass and won," Letty insisted. "Quit being a stubborn ass."

He finally relented and shoved the keys and slip into his jean pocket. She was right, he was stubborn, but she took the crown and new it would be useless to try and protest any further. He wasn't sure what to say next and stood there quietly with both hands in his pocket.

Letty smiled at his nervousness and closed the gap between them. When she did the warmth that was radiating from her body encompassed Dom and he suddenly found it hard to swallow as a nervous lump was forming in his throat. She put one hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side as a broad grin spread across her face. She was done dancing around the inevitable.

"You can kiss me now"

Dom did not need to be told a second time and hurriedly caught her lips with his. It was pointless to keep his charade of bitterness going, Letty was here now and that was all that mattered. His hands quickly moved from his pockets and engulfed Letty into a strong embrace, causing their breath to deepen. The feeling of skin contact, especially their lips could not have felt more right. They finally stopped dancing around each other and realized that their friendship was merely a catalyst for something bigger, something they discovered in their moment of tender kissing: their discovery of love.