Chapter six: Leaving

A large crowd of Goldenrod City residents tried their best to get a view of the questionable scene that took place behind the police barricade preventing their evening commute home. From every direction angry slurs were tossed to the officers, who tried their best to hold their ground and prevent the emergency behind them from becoming more severe by the one before them.

"Please!" Officer Jenny spoke loudly to the crowd "Make your way down the other street! This barricade is set up for you safety!" As several trainers and businessmen grumbled and followed her orders, more people began to join the crowd more interested in the smoke that rose in the distance than their own safety.

"What'ya think it is?" A tall boy asked his little sister, who just shrugged a response. The girl let out a sigh when her older brother lifted her off the ground and awkwardly placed her on his shoulders.

"Jerk!" she mumbled before scrunching her eyes and looking into the distance.

In the middle of the molten street that lay behind the blockade, a creature cringed in pain as three Wartortles opened their mouths wide and released powerful jets of water that crashed at it from every side. The Pokémon dropped to the ground defeated and the officer that commanded the Turtle Pokémon lifted his hand for the creatures to stop. They waited in anticipation for a few moments until the creature began to produce small flames. With a wave of the officer's hand, another Hydro Pump was released, completely submerging the fire Pokémon this time. The impact caused a large deal of smoke to release from the creature's body and spread slowly throughout the area.

"I can't believe it." The girl heard Nurse Joy speak softly from the other side of the barricade. "First the police station and now the hospital. Why is it attacking these places?" Officer Jenny shook her head sadly as the creature let out another, agonizing cry.


Vence's first thought was "I can't believe I was nervous around these girls." When he saw the busted lip that Thelm sported and ripped, thrifty clothing the girls wore. When his shallow thinking subsided, he realized he was still nervous around the girls, but for an entirely different reason "I killed her Poliwhirl." He thought "I killed a member of Team Rocket's Poliwhirl." He gazed up at the girl who seemed to be reflecting his shocked expression.

"You-"she hesitated mid sentence and embraced Unown tighter. The Pokémon wiggled happily in her arms, savoring the energy being released between the two. "You-"

"B-bastard!" Lulu shouted, tossing her Poké Ball in the air and releasing Ivysaur. The Pokémon wasted no time in wrapping its long, green vines around Vence's neck, who immediately tried to pry them off him. "We're dead because of YOU." The high pitch of her voice caused Ivysaur to lift the choking Vence several feet off the ground and slam him against one of the alley's walls several time, only stopping when it heard the boy's whimpers and breathless gurgles. Content, Ivysaur tossed the boy in a pile of nearby trash cans.

"Are you okay, Thelm?" Lulu asked, as she bent over the girl and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder "We're lucky this happened! We can make him make amends for Poliwhirl."

"I know." She whispered, looking at the PokéBall that sat on her belt. Unown looked in Vence's direction and squinted its eye. It never intended for the boy to get hurt when it led him on a chase to the person who seemed to emit an emotional distress wave connected to him. Unwilling to let the events continue, it wiggled out of Thelm's arms and floated towards Vence, who desperately tried to stand.

"Unown!?" The Pokémon said floating in front of its struggling master in defense. The girls picked up on the feeling it was releasing.

"Y-you're the one that made us meet!" Lulu shouted before nodding to Ivysaur.

"Iv!" The Pokémon cried before releasing its vines once more and sending them speeding towards Unown. The symbol Pokémon began to produce its ring of light, but before it could release its Hidden Power attack, it was slapped by the vines and sent flying towards the alley wall where it crashed and collapsed next to Vence, unmoving. It tried to ignore the feelings of distress that it and its trainer emitted.

"Not…purpose…" Vence mumbled on his knees as he lightly shook Unown, who didn't respond to his touch. "I didn't…mean to…" Ivysaur's vines sped back at Vence and landed an audible strike against the boy's arm. "Eugghhh!!!!" Vence screamed in torment as Ivysaur continued to whip every inch of his body, each hit tearing a cut in his shirt where a red gash began to open. When the Pokémon was done, Vence was nothing more than a whimpering pile of meat on the alley floor.

"Do-Do we…" Thelm didn't know how to finish the sentence. Lulu just nodded as an answer.

"Ivysaur, finish both of them off. Aim for his neck and use Razor Le-"

"Torch her!" a shout came from behind the girls, immediately taking their attention away from Vence. Both of the girls turned and covered their faces as several small, fire bolts were hurled in their direction. Ivysaur jumped in front of the attack in an attempt to protect them, but couldn't stop the flaming balls from connecting with the side of Thelm's neck and Lulu's arm.

"Augghhhhhhhh!"Thelm cried in agony and fell backwards, covering her searing flesh "It burnnnnaagghhhhh!" She rolled around the dirty alley floor in pain as Lulu retuned her fallen Ivysaur and hurried to the girl's side, ignoring her own scalding flesh.

"This is what I meant by we should've left this city!" Rai grunted as his Growlithe stood by his side snarling at the girls. He hurried to Vence's side and helped the boy to his feet, picking up Unown as he did. Vence would have expressed his joy if his body didn't burn so much. "Are you okay? S-shit!! They vine whipped you!"

"The train…those are the ones…" Vence sniffled weakly pointing to the girls. Rai took a closer look at Lulu as she knelt over a sobbing Thelm.

"Y-you have to be kidding me- The Rockets!? Are they following us?" He used Unown to slap himself on the head in an attempt to wake up from a dream, but only caused Unown to wake up, angrily. It cried menacingly at him as it floated in the air. "You shut up!" He pointed at Unown "This is your damn-"

"No..." Thelm's cracked voice shouted, taking Rai's attention from Unown. She leaned on Lulu's shoulder to stand and clung onto her sizzling neck. Rai tried to ignore the tears that were falling from her face.

"I-I'm sorry." Rai muttered, unsure why he was apologizing to someone seconds from committing murder. "You-"

"He's dead." The girl cried harder as Lulu struggled to hold her with her burned arm. Thelm shifted her weight off her companion and snapped a dirty, scarred Poké Ball off her belt. She took a moment to stare at it before pressing the button in the middle and spreading the ball's red glow throughout the alley. "It's… only fair… you have to give consolation…"


A few streets away from Rai and Vence, Henry's Pidgeot sailed through the sky screeching, garnering a lot of attention from the denizens of Goldenrod. They looked at the bird amused and terrified as it flapped its wing menacingly and made demented aerial loops. Several Pidgeys joined in on the act and preformed zany twirls in the air, accidently crashing into each other on occasion. The people that looked at the bird's antics couldn't hold in their laughs at the obviously confused Pokémon.

"Now that's a show, innit~?" Fran gazed into the sky As Bellossom frantically looked around the parking lot they stood in. "Better than Wooper's distraction for-"

"Bell!" The Pokémon piped, snapping Fran back to the present. It produced a small, sharp leaf from its grassy skirt and lifted it in its hand. "Bellossom!"

"Oh, right, sorry~!" Fran apologized, taking the leaf. He inconspicuously strolled through the parking lot with Bellossom by his side until the two came across a medium sized, rusty pick-up truck that looked like it could contain five people in its cargo area. "Now this one doesn't look like it'd be missed~."

"Bell!" Bellossom chimed in as it kept watch. Slyly, Fran stuck the leaf Bellossom gave him in the pick-up truck's keyhole. He adjusted the leaf several times before he heard a series of clicks come from the car.

"Got it~" Fran smiled as he took out the leaf to give Bellossom a low high-five. He grabbed the truck's handle and gave a small tug, only to find the vehicle was still locked. "We don't have time for this…" Fran frowned and turned to Bellossom. He gave the creature a desperate look.

"Bellossom" The Pokémon sighed before nodding its head.

"Thanks!" Fran squealed "This'll be the last time this way, I swear~" Bellossom took a few steps back when Fran cracked his knuckles and shook his right hand to loosen up. After checking the parking lot one more time, Fran balled his hands into a tight fist and sent it smashing through the truck window. The glass shattered instantly and fell to the lot's ground and car's interior. After thanking the forces that be for guiding him to a car with no alarm, Fran stuck his hand through the truck window and unlocked it from the inside. "After you." He smiled opening the door for Bellossom, who cringed at the sight of his bloody right hand.

"Ell" Bellossom said shaking its head at Fran as it was helped into the truck. Fran slammed the door when he went in after the creature.

"Now~" Fran said searching for something that would help him hot wire the car faster "Ready to work our magic Bellossom?" The Pokémon nodded happily. Overhead, Pidgeot did one last loop in the sky to distract the large crowd it had gathered. When it saw Fran enter the truck below it, the bird let out one last screech before flying over the alley Rai and Vence were in and soaring away to its trainer.

"God that bird is cool." Fran muttered when the truck's engine came on.


The red glow spread further in front of Vence and Rai before condensing itself to a smaller shape. When the light faded, an intimidating, red slug stood before them all. Its flesh, which seemed to be entirely made out of magma, bubbled slowly as it seemed to seep off the creature with every exhale.

"Magcargo?" The Pokémon cried gruffly, looking around the area in confusion. The girls gave each other nervous looks at its reaction. Magcargo was looking for its trainer.

"I-I'm…" Thelm stuttered "I'm your master now. Boss isn't here- S-so use-"

"MAG!!!" The creature bellowed, silencing the girl and making her drop it's Poké Ball. The Lava Pokémon slowly turned towards the direction it felt its master was, which happened to be behind Vence and Rai. It opened its mouth wide and let several pieces of magma drip to the ground as smoke began to rise from its throat.

"Unown!" Vence's Pokémon squeaked before glowing red and returning itself to its Poké Ball.

"D-Damnit!" Rai fumed as the smoke began to produce small sparks that got wider and the Pokémon's body began to glow "That's Overheat- shit!" He pushed Vence to the ground and ducked down himself. "Growlithe- Safeguard!"

Vence and Rai shut their eyes as Magcargo released a massive, continuous blast of red and yellow fire that burned with such intensity that its color began to turn blue and white. Growlithe leapt in front of its trainer and Vence before the flames made contact with them and surrounded itself and the boys with the golden sphere that was its Safeguard attack.

"T-thanks Growlithe! You get snacks for a week." Rai said in relief as he watched Magcargo's flames swirl around the golden shell that protected them and erupt into the street from the alley. "Keep it up!"

"Growlithe!" The Pokémon barked, focusing on maintaining the Safeguard. Magcargo used Overheat relentlessly for five minutes before the attack began to wane and eventually died out. Growlithe collapsed on the ground in exhaustion.

"Growlithe, return." Vence said as he absorbed the puppy Pokémon back into its Poké Ball while helping a limp Vence back off the alley ground.

"Ma…" Magcargo took one last look at the exhausted Vence and Rai, pathetic Lulu and Thelm and its discarded Poké Ball that lay in front of the girls before it began a slow trek past the boys and out the alley, leaving a melted path in its wake. When the Pokémon made it to the middle of the street, it raised its head into the air and closed its eyes, trying to feel the presence of its master. When Magcargo felt no sign of its trainer, it used its double team attack to create four excellent replicas of itself. Without even discussing, the five Magcargos each began a slow march in different directions in search for its master.

"This is all wrong…" Thelm spoke up, bringing Vence, Rai and Lulu's attention back to the alley way "This is..." She turned to Vence "What's your name?"

Vence was surprised he found the strength to speak so clearly. "I'm Vence."

"Vence…" she took some time to get use to the name "Vence… you….this is all so, so wrong. But what you did was so much worse."

"I-" Vence began before being silenced by Lulu's raised hand.

"From… this moment on." Thelm continued "Lulu and I…. have….a vendetta against you." She weakly pointed to Lulu, who was holding her up, to prevent him from being confused. "I won't stop…until I kill you or… one of your Pokémon."

Rai, who had previously felt a bit of sympathy for the girl, gave her a disgusted look. "Do you really think that would make your Poliwhirl happy?" he asked angrily "Killing another trainer's Pokémon!?"

"No." Thelm spoke as Lulu shook her head at Rai. "But its not as if his happiness matters now does it? I just need peace of mind now… before Lulu and I are…" Rai's jaw tightened at the comment and the girls gave weak nods at his reaction. "Until later…Vence." Thelm said weakly before she and Lulu began a slow, steady walk out of the alley way and into the street. They gave the molten paths in the road a somber look before walking away from it and their problems.

"Let's...go." Vence spoke to Rai, taking his focus off the abandoned Poké Ball on the ground.

"Y-yea…" Rai replied. The boys began their own slow walk outside of the alley, but didn't have to go too far. Before they made it out of the alley a rusty, red pick-up truck pulled up in front of them, taking them both by surprise.

"You two look like crap. Get in~" Fran chimed from the window as Bellossom hopped in the seat besides him. Even after such an intense encounter, Vence and Rai couldn't help but become flustered at what they saw before them.

"Wh- Fran! You're on the side walk!" Rai shouted at the boy, almost letting Vence slip from his shoulder. "Are you even old enough to have a license!!??!"

"Err- whose car is that?" Vence inquired "Why is your hand bleeding like when we met you-"

Fran let out a grunt. "Enough questions! We're going to Vivian's Gym and the Heliotrope City Pokémon Contest now and in this big guy we don't have to walk. Not that it looks like you actually can right now Vence~." Rai and Vence let out a sigh before smirking. Fran caught the expressions. "That's it~! Now get in the back, our bags and food supply is up here being guarded from me by Bellossom."

Vence and Rai crept their way onto the back of the rusty pick-up truck and locked the surprisingly sturdy tail gate. When Fran saw that his friends were loaded, he pulled off the sidewalk at a modest speed, to Vence and Rai's delight.

"No one will stop us in this, right?" Vence asked as he slowly began to drift to sleep in the back of the truck aided by the wounds that stung every inch of his being. "Not even Officer Jenny?"

"Nah~" Fran shouted from the driver's seat. "That Magcargo that came from the same alley as you when I pulled up seems to be causing a lot of trouble, so we're pretty safe for now. Gotta switch the plates soon though~"

Rai frowned at the comment before lying back in the truck and looking at the city's skyscrapers pass by. In the distance he could see where the Magcargo and its double team clones were by the five, large pillars of smoke they raised into the air through their fire. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and tried to drift to sleep.


A/N: And that, Lasses and Youngsters, brings us to the end of this story focusing on how Vence, Fran and Rai became a team! Now I shall begin a new story where they try to obtain Vence's badges, Rai's ribbons and Fran's 'aspirations', which will be rated T for teen now :D (yes, death and swearing will still occur, just not as much.) I will still use OCs given so far =). Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you enjoy this, please leave a comment!