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I had seen her again and I knew what I was about to do was right. I loved my family but to be with my soul I had to leave. While running from the law again with my brother and our friends I had felt a strong, almost electric pull coming from the garden.

I found my angel and while hiding with her from my captors I made my resolve. I wanted her and I wanted her forever. I was going to buy a house far away from everyone and we would- when the time was right- escape together.


It had been a long while since I had seen Edward I was going to the local high school and according to the other students he was home schooled.

I had to say that it was probably for the better cause it would be hard for me to stay away from him. I loved him with all my soul and to pretend that my heart didn't cry for him would be impossible.

The girls of the school seemed to love Edward as well and from them I got my daily gossip. I would sit in the canteen with some of the people that I meet on my first day, always a part of the conversation but never hearing it. Instead I would listen to the girls on the table close to ours waiting to hear his name.

Where they got their information from I didn't know but I also didn't care. I missed him and I would do anything to see him but just hearing how he was, seemed to set my mind at rest.

Lately he seemed to be on the move and hadn't been heard from in sometime. Tanya- a girl who seemed to know the most about Edward's whereabouts- hadn't said anything about him in weeks and this just added to the worry and anxiety that bubbled up inside my system.

It was this worried feeling I'm sure that was giving stomach upsets everyday and had me collapsed in the bathroom each morning near the toilet. At least that's what I was pushing myself to believe and I refused to notice the small amount of weight that I seemed to be gaining.

Mike Newton had become a good friend of mine and seemed to hate the fact that I was so interested in Edward. In Mike's books Edward was just another town bad boy that didn't deserve my attention.

Every time I brought up the subject he would squash it down again which made me think that should my pregnancy theory- like it or not- become true I needed to get away from Mike and the possibility of people finding out who fathered my child.

My child. The thought made me shiver with both excitement and fear I just hoped that- if my theories were correct- everything would work out with Edward, Edward's family and mine. It was either that or a storm would be soon to brew.

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