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Chapter 1

"Don't forget to write to us of the summer mate," Ron yelled as they went their separate way off of the Hogwarts train.

"Ok," said Harry, making sure that he had everything and nothing was left behind.

"Remember to study for the OWLs," came Hermione's voice over the noise of the other people on the platform.

"Ok, however you do know that they are not until the end of next year right," said Harry, smiling at Hermione's worry and trying not to allow her to go into 'study mode' to early.

"If you have any dreams remember to write Dumbledore ASAP. Also don't worry mate I will keep asking if you can come over to my house so," said Ron.

"I will and thanks because the Dursleys don't like me," said Harry, 'the Dursleys more then don't like me.'

With this Harry walked to where Ron's mom was and when she saw him she hugged him. She was happy that he was still alive. Harry walked out of the king's cross-station and the Dursleys were not there. He found a bench and sat down on it waited until the Dursleys came. He had told Ron's family that he would be ok. Harry was worried because for some reason the Dursleys did not came and Harry sit there until midnight.

"Excuse me young man but are you Harry Potter," said a man that looked like a butler.

"Yes, may I ask why you want to know," asked Harry, checking to see if he still had his wand on him.

"Please come with me," said the man, as if it was so simple.

"Why should I?" asked Harry, not sure that this man wasn't a death eater.

"All will be explained later. However for safety reason I must take you with me," the man said, determinedly.

So with a sigh of acceptance, Harry got up and followed the man to a car that was waiting. He helped Harry to put his things in the trunk and droves Harry to a house.

As they entered the house, their was a lady waiting for them in the entrance way.

"Miss. Moon this is the boy that you were waiting for," said the man with a low bow.

"Thank you officer," said Miss. Moon giving the man a charming smile.

"Your welcome miss," said the officer and with that he left the room.

She helped Harry to bring his trunk and Hedwig's cage inside the house. She then showed Harry to his room and told him that someone would be by to talk to him soon. Harry walked in and was scared because he did not know what was going on. A few minutes he heard his door open and to his surprise Dudley walked in.

"Freak," said Dudley in disgust.

"Nice to see you too," joked Harry.

"What is going on? Why did you have these people bring us both here?" Dudley demanded.

"I have no idea what is going on or who these people are," Harry answered calmly.

"Then follow me and you will be told who we are young man," Ruby said while appearing out of no where but wanting to know what was going on both Boys followed Ruby into the living room. As they entered the living room, they saw a young man waiting for them.

"Please sit down," said the young man, motioning to the seats. Doing as they were told they both sat down, both unsure of what was going on.

"Please tell us what is going on and why we are here," asked Harry politely and he received a nod of agreement from the young man but before he could start, Ruby entered the room.

"Master would you like some tea and biscuits, "said Ruby.

"Yes please," said Eroil with a charming smile.

Ruby left the room and returned a few minutes' later with tea and biscuits for everyone. After they had tea and biscuits, they where ready for a long talk.

"Now they reason you are both here is that something has happened to the Dursleys ," said the young man in the same calm manner.

"Were is mom and dad," asked Dudley, looking around for his parents, as if they would jump out and be their with him.

"Were is aunt petunia and uncle Vernon," asked Harry, wondering what could be going on.

The young man, leaning forward the young man asked "Do you know someone by the name of Wormtail."

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