I've had this thought in my brain for a while. I'm doing the chapters in this order; Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel. Age order. Any ideas for future lists, please leave them in a review. I'll be sure to credit you. :)

Note; this first chapter is very short. It's intended to be that way. Look out for the second chapter (which will be much longer) very soon.


Dr. Valencia Martinez looked around at the gathered avian kids, her face, for once, unsmiling. Max was staring at the ground, as was Fang. Iggy was gazing out the window (not seeing anything of course), and the younger kids were staring at her. Valencia tried her hardest not to look at them- the puppy eyes killed her every time.

"You know why you're all here," she began, her voice stern. She very purposely looked at her daughter, Max. Partly because she was her daughter, and partly because it meant she wouldn't have to look at Angel, Gazzy or Nudge. Those kids were skilled in getting their way. But not this time!

"I understand that you kids weren't brought up properly with rules and whatnot, but it's time for me to put my foot down. I'm going to put up some lists tomorrow morning, telling you what you may no longer continue to do in my household." Her eyes trailed over every child, and Valencia saw Iggy's hand rise into the air.

"Gazzy will read yours to you." Dr. Martinez finished, and Iggy lowered his hand. "Are we clear?" the kids nodded, and Valencia smiled. "Okay, now that that's over, how about some ice cream?" she asked. Suddenly, Dr. Martinez was flooded with ice cream flavour requests, and she laughed. She wasn't the bad guy anymore, thank god. She hated laying down the law, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Tomorrow, the first of the lists would be up.
Sure, Dr. Martinez could've put them up today, but she figured they could have just one more day of 'freedom'.

Like I said. Very short. I don't expect you to review after just one chapter, haha, especially one this short. But be on the lookout for chapter #2!