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It was 10:30 when the assembled flock (plus Ella) walked in a group downstairs to find my Mom. She was in the kitchen, making a big breakfast. Okay, that was sign one that Mom was not happy. When she wanted to get stuck into us, she made us a huge big feast first, so we'd be less inclined to 'hate' her afterwards. Mom hated being the bad guy.

"Hey Mom," I said as we entered the room, "Smells great!" She frowned distractedly.

"Uhuh. Thanks, honey." She replied. "What are you kids going to do today? Nudge, are you talking again? Has Angel gone back to reading minds? Is-" I cut her off by holding up a sheet of paper. She glanced at me in surprise.

"This is a list," Ella said, gesturing to the sheet of paper, "Your list." Mom raised an eyebrow.

"My list?" she repeated. "Okay, what's on it then?" she flipped another pancake and rolled her eyes.

"I think we should all go into the living room." I grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the stove. Gazzy turned off the stove. Mom sighed.

"Fine, okay." She agreed, following us. I grinned and bumped fists with the others as they stacked theirs on top of mine.

"Okay Mom," I said as we assembled ourselves on the sofa, "List of things Valencia Martinez is no longer allowed to do- (A/N; This idea was suggested by CloudbzandPiratey-things. I was just gonna do a Dr. M list that was totally reasonable... but this is so much better!)

Number One (written by Max): Tell the Flock to stop making fun of me and Fang. Seriously, it's way old.

Number Two (written by Iggy): Tell Max to get over it. And tell Fang to stop being such a loser and stop moving things around so I walk into them.

Number Three (written by Fang): Tell Iggy to stop teasing us, and tell him to stop calling me a loser. And tell him to get a sense of humour!

Number Four (written by Nudge): Tell Max to get a decent wardrobe. And tell her that she should totally listen to me because I'm a total fashion guru and she'd look totally awesome in those jeans we saw at the shops and-

Number Five (written by Max): Tell Nudge to stop pestering me about my wardrobe.

Number Six (written by Gazzy): Tell Nudge to stop talking so much, or else I'll chew my ears off.

Number Seven (written by Nudge): Tell Gazzy to shut his trap and that it's impossible to chew your own ears off!

Number Eight (written by Max): You must make at least 140 cookies per day until I turn 15. Then it will be 150 cookies per day.

Number Nine (written by Iggy): You must drive me to the beach with Fang.

Number Ten (written by Max): You must NOT drive Fang to the beach with Iggy.

Number Eleven (written by Ella): You must allow me to go flying with Iggy.

Number Twelve (written by Iggy): You must allow Ella to come flying with me.

Number Thirteen (written by Angel): You must allow me to watch Supernatural with Fang.

Number Fourteen (written by Total): You must allow me to watch Supernatural with Angel and Fang.

Number Fourteen (written by Gazzy): You must allow me to throw exploding speckled pumpkins (A/N; Mentioned in 4 stories!) at the mail man.

Number Fifteen (written by Nudge): You must take me, Angel and Ella shopping twice every week and a half.

Number Sixteen (written by Ella): You must allow Iggy to teach me how to make explosives, so I may throw them at annoying students/teachers.

Number Seventeen (written by Max): You must kick Jeb in the butt if he ever decides to visit. And Brigid. And Lissa.

Number Eighteen (written by Fang): You must let me throw things at Iggy if he makes reference to my love life.

Number Nineteen (written by Iggy): You must get me a seeing-eye dog that I can sick on Fang if he peeves me. And no, Total does not count.

Number Twenty"

"ENOUGH!" Mom shouted. I abruptly stopped reading.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Those are completely unreasonable." She spluttered. "How can I... how can you... ARGH! FORGET IT!" she got up and stomped out of the room. With our raptor hearing (minus Ella and Total- and even they could hear it) we heard the tearing of paper, and suddenly Mom was back, tossing the paper onto the coffee table.

"Okay," she said, suddenly calm again, "No more lists. No more MENTIONING the lists. Ever. Okay? Okay. I'm going to go make breakfast now. Let's never speak of this again." With that, she got up and walked away, while we watched her leave in surprise.

"Well," Fang began, "That went well." I grinned at him, and we all stacked fists again, laughing uncontrollably.

Well, if nothing else, those lists gave us a damn good laugh!


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