#3- Light

"Forget about me." Tsuna stated, smiling happily. Gokudera gaped in shock, unable to process his boss's words.

"When I die, forget about me" Tsuna repeated, holding his lover's hands in his own. Gokudera responded, shaking his head vigorously.

"You're a person who could never be forgotten." Gokudera muttered, kissing Tsuna's fingers lovingly, one at a time. He received an angelic smile from the brunette, that same smile that made his heart skip a beat when he was younger and even now his heart fluttered seeing the marvelous smile as he proceeded with his task of lightly trailing kisses over his boss's slender fingers, pausing as his kissed the gold band that laid on the brunette's left ring finger.

"Please, Hayato... " Tsuna mumbled, slipping hand away, cupping the Italian's pale peach cheek.

"Tsuna. I-I'll… do my best…"


His eyes swelled with tears, seeing the blood on his hands. Silent screams motioned upon his lips as the tears rapidly poured down his elegant skin. His beloved boss laid in his arms with one of his warmed hands, cupped his cheek once again. Gokudera hastily met the warm hand with his own, gripping it tightly.

"Stay with me!" Gokudera mumbled, his grip loosening, seeing his beloved's face wince in pain. Tsuna smiled weakly, his eyes drooping low.

"Tenth!" He silver haired teen heard from behind, ignoring the calls of joy.

'Forget me,' Tsuna mouthed, his amber orbs diming while connecting his gaze with the tears swelled pair in front of him. Gokudera shook his head, closing his eyes and breaking their locked contact.

"I-I can't." He whispered, a sob escaping his dry throat. Tsuna smiled, taking Gokudera's hands.

"I love you…" he mumbled, lightly kissing his long pianist fingers. Gokudera's tears still violently streamed down his face as the soft butterfly kisses, though loving and sincere, felt like needles. Needles, long and thick, were piercing his soul with every touch from the soft lips.
'Please,' He mouthed, using his last bit of strength to raise himself, brushing lips with his lover for the last time.

"I love you so much…" And with those soft spoken words, gasping with soft inhaled breaths, he fell into the arms of his lover.

Slowly, the once warmed hands fell from his hand, His swollen eye widened. His heart pounded harshly, he pressed his lips to the limp lips, hugging the corpse tightly. The tears never stopped flowing for a long time. It was hard for the Italian man to forget the man who changed him, saved him, and put worth into his existence.

This angel extended his hand, offering help to the demon who deserved hell.


Gokudera wandered the green forest, finding himself near his boss's grave. Whenever he was sent out in to the forest, he would find his soul dragged to the casket. He paused, hearing a soft explosion in the direction of the grounds of the Vongola Decimo casket.

"Where am I?" he heard a familiar voice exclaimed a disbelieving tone. He rushed to the casket, his eye widened as his heart throbbed in agony.

'Forget me…' The soft spoken words echoed mercilessly throughout his mind.

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