This is a fic requested by snsw25kr14…kind of a companion fic to my E/o challenge fic: passion. Hope you enjoy it.

The first time he laid eyes on that beautiful face was completely accidental. As usual, his nose buried in books, his long legs had been their clumsy self. All that he could register while he was steadying himself and her was the way the sun hit her blond curls and made them almost like molten gold and her green eyes had a hint of gold in them, just like Dean's. She looked like a million bucks.

She was everything he had dreamed of. She never pushed him to talk to her about Dean and always had a soothing word for him on the occasions, where he would wake up screaming.

When he told her he was staying back for Thanksgiving and Christmas it did not even take her a second to drudge up an invitation for him to her place.

Her family was once again everything he had dreamed of. White picket fences, dog sleeping on the porch that came bounding up to them. He was so nervous he was practically hiding behind Jess and didn't crack a smile until his heart was warmed by her tinkling laughter.

When they got back home, he was fully fattened by his first home cooked meal and his heart bursting with happiness at the mention of being like family to a normal family.

When Dean came back to pull him out of the fire, he resisted so much. He wanted to just be with her. His slice of normal. His love. His heart. His family apart from Dean and John. His Jessica.