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When Chad came to pick up Sonny the following night, he told her she looked beautiful. She wore a pair of low-rise Juicy Couture skinny capris jeans decked with a pink and green leaf print tank top. She had flat-ironed her dark hair and slapped on simple, dangly earrings. She had also played make-up on her eyes delicately and smeared on some pink lip gloss.

A half hour earlier, Sonny had been pacing back and forth anxiously in her dressing room, waiting for Chad to come. Tawni, sitting on a futon with her iPhone in hand, had gone back to her usual demanding self.

"Will you quit walking around, Sonny?" Tawni had asked in an irritable manner. "You're making the floor vibrate, and it's annoying."

"Sorry," Sonny had flustered. "I'm just nervous."

But of course Tawni had stopped listening, already indulging her senses in the latest internet entertainment gossip.

Now, as Chad led her to his silver convertible, Sonny couldn't keep her eyes off him. She watched him carefully, feeling herself falling deeper each passing moment. He looked at her with his beautiful blue eyes.

"Is something wrong, Sonny?"

Sonny shook her head slowly and smiled, "No."

Chad grinned and opened up her door as she stepped into his car. He then walked to the other side and slipped into the driver's seat, adjusted the driver's mirror, and put on his Ray Ban shades before they pulling out of the Condor Studios parking lot.

"Where are we going?" Sonny asked curiously once he had backed his convertible out into the open streets of Los Angeles.

"You'll see," Chad winked at her.

Sonny felt the twenty minutes in the car with Chad was rather entertaining. Instead of their usual pointless arguments, Chad actually talked to her about things that held sentimental value in their lives. She loved how he listened to her when he asked how her day had been. And the way he tilted his head back when he laughed made her feel on top of the world.

Finally, Chad pulled his car to a smooth stop in a small man-made parking lot on Zuma Beach. Sonny looked around. It was nearly dusk, and the fading sunlight spilled onto the surface of the clear Cali waters. The waves were few and far between, and Sonny noticed a little boat floating out near the shore.

"We're here," he commented with sincere enthusiasm. He scrambled out the car so he could walk over and open Sonny's door before she had time to do so herself.

Sonny laughed for probably the fiftieth time that day as her Chinese Laundry wedges touched the smoothened ground. "Thank you, Chad."

Chad had brought his golden retriever and a Frisbee. He took her by the hand and they ran along the beachfront for a little while, chasing each other and the puppy. Sonny had kicked off her wedges and Chad had whipped off his dress shirt, revealing a perfectly toned upper body unfortunately sheltered by a white wifebeater.

Eventually out of breath, Sonny and Chad went and sat down near the edge of waters. The waves rolled lightly across ocean, and the squawking of a lone seagull could be heard. Chad draped an arm around Sonny's shoulders and breathed in the moment.

"It's beautiful here," Sonny finally said. Chad turned his head to face her, and their eyes met. Sonny stared back into his eyes, never faltering.

"Yeah, it is." Chad edged a bit closer to her side. The clear blue of his eyes reminded her much of the color of the wild, free ocean. So they sat there for a few long moments saying nothing, but Sonny saw the words in Chad's eyes. His gaze landed on her lips and Sonny knew what would happen next. His mouth then pressed onto hers in a light embrace, and Sonny kissed him back this time with an unwavering passion.

In the sky the sun was slowly setting, streaking warm hues of pink and orange into the golden blue heavens. A single dolphin chittered and leaped out of the ocean before splashing back into its watery domain. Chad's lips moved against hers, almost as if in a slow dance. At that moment, fireworks spiraled into the sky from the little boat that Sonny had noticed earlier. The bangs of firecrackers resounded in the sky, sprinkling bits of green, purple and yellow onto the world below.

Chad smiled as they continued to kiss. He had paid those men on the boat to launch the fireworks, and they had done their job well. Sonny slowly let go, suddenly aware of the sunset and the fireworks. Her eyes lit up and she gasped in exhilaration as she looked at Chad again.

"Did you…" She trailed off, her excitement surpassing the zenith of the sky.

Chad nodded. "I said I'd make it up to you. Isn't this what you've always wanted? A perfect kiss?"

Sonny was left stunned, absolutely speechless. She felt the world slowly unfolding, and realized Chad was one in a million. She surveyed her surroundings, thinking of how much thought he had put into this. The timing, the setting, everything. And although it wasn't her first kiss, she acknowledged the fact that few guys ever treated girls this way. And so she knew.

"Chad, I love it," Sonny drew a little heart into the sand between them, and traced in her initials. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Chad whispered as added in his own initials beside Sonny's.

They looked at each other again and smiled before they both stared out into the horizon, watching the golden sun slip beneath the line that marked where the waters ended and the sky began. Chad rested his hand on top of Sonny's, and Sonny rested her head on Chad's shoulder as she followed the waves with her eyes. She then closed them, knowing this would be a moment she would treasure in her heart forever.

-La Fin

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