Ok, so this is my first time writing sex with any sort of detail at all, so don't go too hard on me guys.

Also, not sure if I'll do another chapter or not, let me know what you think.

Physical Activity Part 5

This was awesome. Seriously awesome. Probably the most awesome thing Wally ever had or would experience. Well, until the next time. Oh god, there was going to be a next time, awesome!

They had made their way to the bedroom with some difficult, with several stops along the way. They were only saved from a horrible tripping fate on the Diabolically Evil Dirty Laundry of Death because Bruce was freakin' BATMAN.

Wally's bare body hit the bed, and he could not for the life of him remember taking his clothes off. Or Bruce taking them off. Huh. Had he vibrated out of his clothes? Well that was a first. From the look on Bruce's face it was most definitely something he'd have to work on more in the future.

Speaking of clothes, "why are you still dressed?" Wally pouted in what he hoped was maybe a sort-of endearing way.

Bruce grinned, and this time it was a little scary. He looked a bit like the Big Bad Wolf, except that that would make Wally Little Red, and he was so not going there, not ever, nope, because—oh. Oh man.

Three weeks had apparently been enough time for him to forget just how very delicious Bruce's chest could look. His memories had definitely not done this sight justice. Then again, his memories didn't include quite this many scars either. Jesus, how close had Bruce cut it, and how many times?

Wally didn't realize he was frowning until a now-naked Bruce settled himself gently over him on the bed. He traced Wally's mouth with the fingertips of ne hand, eyebrows knitted together in concern. "Wally? We can stop if—"

"No!" God no, stopping was the last thing on Wally's mind right now. It was just, "You… you have so many scars. You could've— And then we would've never—"

He gazed wide-eyed at Bruce, begging him to understand what Wally couldn't say.

In answer, Bruce traced over some of the more prominent scars on Wally's own chest. "You too." Then he leaned down and kissed Wally again, gentle at first but quickly building.

Wally felt it when Bruce let his full weight down onto him and it was amazing, he'd never felt so secure in his whole life. Without any direction from him—because higher brain function? So not happening right now—Wally's legs wrapped around Bruce's waist, his arms scrabbling desperately at his back. Well, one of his arms did. The other was doing a blind search through the nightstand for—ah-ha! There it was!

"Do it." Bruce's voice was rough, like he was holding himself back, just letting words out.

God thing he and Wally were on the same about this whole thing, or man there could've been some serious confusion there. As it was, Wally popped the cap open on the lube and squirted some onto his fingers. He was prepped in about three seconds.

Wally decided again just how every much he loved his superpowers when he saw the look on Bruce's face. It was that scary/sexy thing again, except a lot less scary for Wally now, because from now on he was always going to associate that look with Very Good Things.

He didn't use speed-hands on Bruce's cock, and when he finally had it lubed it Bruce leaned forward and growled low in Wally's ear. Oh god, he could feel every inch of Bruce as he pushed in hard. Damn, that was incredible, it was so amazingly awesome, it was—Wally gasped incoherently as Bruce pumped him. Why the hell hadn't they figured all this out years ago?

Wally could tell neither of them were going to last very long, but c'mon super-speed applied in all departments, and Bruce was hitting him right there, and he knew he was going to be hard again by the time Bruce finished. Wally really didn't want to have to stop at that stage. Not tonight anyway. So maybe if he…

"Wally!" Bruce's head shot up, his whole spine curling as Wally started to vibrate, just a little. He looked like he'd just discovered cold fusion, the secret to world peace, and whatever the heck kept Wonder Woman's costume from falling down all in one go.

Wally had done that. Sweet. That knowledge was almost as good as the thundering climax that churned Wally's brains into oatmeal a moment later.

When he finally came to himself he found Bruce collapsed half on top him, breathing hard. He turned and aimed his Biggest Smile Ever in Bruce direction, and Bruce tiredly grinned back. The he rolled over, pulled Wally on top of him and kissed him softly until they both passed out. Awesome.