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Iggy: Seriously, sometimes she rocks it to sleep.

Me: -facepalm- That's not true. Anyway, yeah, thanks to Saint and Fang for being my amazing betas (without that, I probably wouldn't have the supermegafoxyawesomehot best friend/mother I have now), and thank you.

So, without further ado, I give you...the final chapter of Rainy Day Games with the Flock.

~Fang's POV~

I burst through the kitchen door, sweeping Dylan up in my arms. He looked at me with a surprised expression.

"What are you doing?" He exclaimed.

"I'm saving you!" I told him, running towards the front door.

"Would you put me down?" Dylan wriggled out of my arms as we passed through the door, falling onto the wet, muddy ground. Rain fell heavily around us. Iggy soon joined us.

"Okay, I knocked them out, but they won't be out for long, so we better get going." He told us. I nodded and pulled Dylan to his feet and the three of us began our long trek through the forest.

~Max's POV~

"Max, it's hot."

"No, it's cold, don't listen to her."

"Max, I'm burning!"

"But I'm freezing!"


"Guys, stop yelling!" I exclaimed. "Ella, I'll open the window. Gazzy, I'll get you a blanket. Anyone else need anything?"

"Juice?" Angel asked sweetly. I nodded and set off to get the juice and blanket.

But, of course, as I was about to pour the juice, there was a loud knock at the door. I jumped, spilling some of the juice onto the counter. I swore under my breath and reached for a rag to clean up the spill. Another knock.

"I'll be right there." I called, cleaning up the last of the juice. I hurried to the door, unlocking it. Iggy, Fang and Dylan stood on the front step, soaking wet and muddy.

"What happened to you three?" I asked, stepping back so they could come in.

"T-talking wolf…man eating plant…losing my mind…" Iggy muttered, walking through the door. "I'll be in my room…"

I looked to Fang and Dylan as they began their explanation.

Three weeks later…

~Fang's POV~

Finally, the flock was healthy again, things had gotten back to normal, and I was no longer hitting on Dylan every waking moment. That fever really messed with my head. Since the flock had gotten better, Dylan was sent on his way. He said something about how he was 'wanted', but we assured him he'd be safe.

I joined Max, Iggy and Nudge on the couch as they watched some movie about a band that seemed to be obsessed with lemonade.

"Max, I'm bored." Gazzy sighed, flopping down onto the floor at our feet. Max looked down at him.

"I thought you and Angel were helping Ella and Mom with the garden." Max said, ruffling his hair.

"It's raining." He groaned, falling onto his back. Sure enough, a couple minutes later, lightning flashed from the window and the air filled with rumbling thunder. The lights flickered.

"Intense storm…" Iggy muttered. Ella ran into the room as another bolt of lightning flashed.

"I want to watch TV," Gazzy said, sitting up and reaching for the remote. Nudge slapped his hand.

"I'm watching this." She told him. Gazzy frowned, but settled back against Max's legs and watched the movie with Nudge.

"It's a bit wet outside," Ella commented, ringing her hair out.

"And you're getting my floor wet." Dr. M said, pulling her daughter into the kitchen, probably so she could ring her hair out in the sink instead of onto the carpet. Angel soon joined us in the living room, and the flock sat in silence for a while, watching the Disney movie on the TV as the storm raged on.

It wasn't until Ella joined us, throwing herself across Iggy, Max and I, that things turned south. Almost as soon as she flopped down, lightning flashed, thunder roared and the lights flickered then went out. Angel and Nudge both squealed, Nudge clinging to my arm and Angel crawling up onto Max's lap (and Ella's legs). Gazzy just sat there, still staring at the TV.

"Is everyone okay?" Dr. Martinez called, entering the room with a few flashlights. Positive answers filled the room and Dr. M handed flashlights to me, Angel, Ella and Gazzy, keeping one for herself. "I'm going to get some candles, I don't think the electricity will be back for a while."

"What do we do now?" Gazzy asked, looking up at Max.

"I know!" Ella exclaimed. "I've been working on something for class, you all could watch it and tell me how I did." Ella rolled off of our laps and ran to her room, a few minutes later she returned with her laptop and sat down at the coffee table, waving us over.

We all crowded around the laptop as Ella opened a file. The screen turned black, then the words 'My Family' appeared in dark purple letters.

"We had to make a video to... describe our family, in a way," Ella explained, clicking the play button.

What looked to be a home movie began playing, but I don't remember it being made at all.

"My family is… unique," Ella's voice came from the laptop. "And large. It used to just be me and my mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez. But almost overnight, we grew. If I told you the complete story behind my family, you'd never believe me, but let's just say my mom took in a few kids that needed a home. Including, Nudge," – the camera zoomed in on Nudge, who was sitting at the kitchen table—" Angel" – it moved to Angel across from Nudge—"Gazzy, Iggy"—it moved to those two – "And Fang and Max." The camera moved across the room to Max and I, sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Explaining them is easier said then done…"

The video changed, and on the screen was the one thing I never wanted to see again in my life.

Me. Wearing make up. In a red dress. With rhinestones down the side. A song began playing as I danced along to it on screen.

Everyone around me began to laugh hysterically. I just sighed, hiding my face in my hands and muttered, "This video is going to haunt me forever, isn't it?"

Luckily, the video stopped a couple minutes later and switched through a few more home videos, some of us playing board games on "Family Game Night", some of us just being…well, odd. It showed pictures taken throughout our time with Max's family.

When it ended I heard sniffling coming from a couple of the girls, Max had her head on my shoulder, hiding her eyes. I chuckled and put an arm around her.

"I liked it…" Nudge said, wiping her eyes. "It was really good." Angel and Gasman nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, really good," Max muttered into my shoulder.

"You broke the un-breakable Maximum, it was great." I laughed. Ella beamed.

"Max, can we play a game?" Gazzy asked. "Like we used to do when it rained."

Max looked up at him, wiping her eyes and smiling. "Of course, Gazzy, what do you want to play?"

"One Word Story?" Ella suggested, smiling. I shook my head.

"No, no, no." I said. "Last time we played that I ended up being forced to make the most embarrassing video of my life."

"We could play charades," Nudge suggested.

"Oh, yeah! The lights went off in class one day and we played that until our parents came to pick us up." Ella said. "It's so much more fun in the dark."

"Okay, let's play." Max stood up.

"Can I go first?" Angel asked. Everyone nodded and got comfortable on the couch as Angel stood in front of the TV. Once everyone was ready Angel began to act out her first word, which we all easily guessed as 'Finding Nemo'. Gazzy, who was the first to guess, went next.

We spent the next few hours playing charades, Dr. Martinez even joined us when she got all the candles lit. Even after the electricity was back, we shut all the lights off and kept playing until the little kids (and Iggy and Ella) had fallen asleep in the living room. Dr. Martinez threw blankets over everyone and turned to me and Max.

"I'm going on to bed, don't stay up much later," she placed a kiss on both of our cheeks before walking down the hall to her room.

Max turned to me, putting her arms around my neck. "Things have gotten quite…interesting since we came here, haven't they?"

I couldn't help but laugh, thinking back on everything. The games we played, getting forced into a makeover, freaking out our babysitter, Thanksgiving, spending Christmas and New Years with Max's relatives, Ari randomly reappearing and then disappearing again, getting drugged, the hospital, the odd dreams…

"Yeah," I said. "Yeah, they have…"

Max smiled and pressed her lips against mine. "I'm gonna go to bed," she whispered, hugging me tightly. She let go of me and turned to go upstairs, and I followed, feeling pretty ready for bed myself.

As I fell asleep, I realized I almost feared what the future would bring… But then again, insanity had been pretty fun. Yeah, I was definitely looking forward to more rainy day games with the flock…

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