The helicopter flew by over the Himalayas. The man took pictures as through the objective chamber was issued. He has pushed the pilot and has told, specifying in light:

- Look.

Suddenly this light began to increase and flash. The pilot has started to run away and transmit a signal «SOS», but was already late. The helicopter ran into the earth and has blown up.

Line Break.

Over a falling place the helicopter flied circles. Soon others which have gone down to a scene have joined it also. Then first helicopter has landed also. It left Vinny and Audrey. The mechanic has got the digital camera and has made pictures. Rescuers have approached to them and have asked:

- You have found out them?

Both have nodded. The Italian has approached to corpses. They were whole, and at all was not a uniform scratch. As though fire did not touch them. Aud has photographed also corpses.

- Approach here, you must look at it.-Ramirez has told and have specified in hands of the dead.

Vincenzo has looked narrowly at hands. On them there were letters of unknown language.

- You think of the same, about what and I? - He has asked with the Italian accent.

The girl has nodded. In half an hour the helicopter has risen in air and has departed in an unknown direction, and the rescue operation has ended only in 3 hours.