And Then There Where None

By: Me

Chapter 1: Cough

My name is Nicole Carter. My best friend and I where invited to an island I'd never heard of. It was called Shelly Island.

Derek Meyers, my best friend, was staring off into space We where on the boat, heading to the island. It was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, and the boat was full of 15 people. The other 11 guests, besides us, and the 2 crew members.

We where all very excited, except for the fact we didn't know how or why we where invited.

I looked in the mail one day, and saw an invitation.

I turned to see Derek looking at the other guests.

"See anyone you like?" I joked.

"That one girl," he laughed. "I think her name is Ashley, but she was making out with that one black haired guy right next to her."
"I was only joking," I rolled my eyes.

"Oh," Derek said.

We both got right out of college, and I was guessing all of these people where, too.

They all seemed young enough. Ashley looked like she was still in high school, but at the same time, the straight blonde locks of hair made her look like her age, 23 or 24.

"Hey," an Asian girl came up to me said. She had a pink shirt on, she was very small, and had had her hair up in a bun. "Do you know if this boat has any eggrolls?"
I looked at her oddly. "Umm….no."
"Dang it," she sighed. "Do you think they'll have any at the hotel?"
"Yay!" She cried in joy. She scurried away, and I heard her ask someone else for eggrolls.

"Wow," Derek said, in awe. "What a dork."
"Yeah," I laughed.

A girl named Daisy yawned. "What time are we getting there? I need to sleep!"
"Soon," the captain replied.

"Is that Kevin Waldron?" Derek suddenly asked, squinting his eyes to see if it was one of our acquaintances from college.

"Kevin?" I asked.

"Hey, Nikki what's crackelackin?"
Derek and he knuckle touched. I would never understand guy bonds.

"Hey, do you see that one girl? The one in the pink sparkly dress? Her dad is Anthony Kingston, the MBA guy. She asks like she's a famous basketball player, too. Her names Michelle or something," Kevin informed us.

"Great," I sighed. I hated drama queens. "Just great."

An hour later, we arrived to the island. The crew members gave us our bags, and told us to enjoy.

We walked a couple yards, and got to the hotel, the Hamilton.

A plump, short lady with curly red locks ran up to us. "Hello!" She said. "I'm Carmen, the Hamilton owner."
"I'm Julie," a girl ran up to her said. "Do you know any cute 23 year old single guys? Or not single, I just need someone! Not that I'm trying to sound desperate, you know?"

"Wow…" Carmen said. "Anyway, Ted Matthews, our butler, is inside helping the cook prepare your meal. No one comes here, so we only have us 3 working."
A guy named Michael Fisher ran to Julie. "I'm single"
"Um…" Julie slowly said, looking at Ashley. She mouthed "help!"
"Hey!" Ashley casually said, walking to Michael. "Julie…doesn't like tall guys."
"Dang!" Michael cried. "Oh well."
Ashley and Julie looked at each other, not understanding Michael.

Ashley and Kyle walked into the hotel, holding hands. Then a big guy came up and shoved Kyle. "You're dating her?!" He asked, in shock.

"Yes," Kyle gulped. "I am."
"I'm probably better in bed," the guy winked at Ashley.
"Are you single?" Julie ran up to him and asked.

"No," he replied, and winked at Ashley again.

"Who are you?" Ashley asked the big guy.

"So, Nick, please stop hitting on me. I don't like you. No offense."
She walked passed him, while he stared at her in shock

Michelle laughed. "Sucks for you."
Derek, Kevin, Kikko and I walked into an elevator.

"Your rooms have your names on them," Carmen told us before the doors closed.

We all where on level 4, out of 4.

When we all got up there, a girl named Selena ran out, screaming.

"What is it?" I cried.

"Who's ready to party at the pool?" She cheered.

"Oh yeah!" Kevin woofed.

"We'll be out soon," Ashley said. "This is our room." She nodded her head to Kyle and they walked in, locking the door.

"I'm with Daisy," I noted. "Ok."

"Well, I'll pass," Daisy yawned. "Call me for dinner."
"Ok," I told her. "See you later."
Derek was with Kevin, Julie was with Selena, Michelle was with Kikko, and Michael was with Nick.

We all got our bathing suits on, and met out at the pool.

It was a nice summer day; I read the weather was going to be in the 70's-80's for the next 5 days. We where stating for 10 days.

The last 5 days was supposed to be in the 90's. I hated that.

Ashley and Julie dived in, while Selena turned her iPod on and played some Sean Kingston and Fergie.

We danced, we swam, and we tanned.

Eventually, it was dinner time.

The dining hall was greatly decorated. A chandelier was above the long, wood table.

The seats had different designs on them, and something odd was on the dinner table.

12 little figurines, all made from wood, stood where our nametags where.

"What are these?" Derek asked me.

"I…don't know," I replied, in wonder.

"Hey," Kyle called to the cook, James. "What are these?"
"Excuse me!" James scoffed. "I was praying!"
"Never mind that," James sighed. "What is the issue?"
"What are these little men?" Kyle asked, his British accent making Ashley smile.

Kyle was born in the U.K, but moved to Idaho when he was 5.

"These," James said, walking out of the kitchen into the dining room, "are decoration. You are not to touch them."
Selena made a face. "Why not?"
James scoffed. "No more questions. Ted, please serve the dinner and wine."
"You all drink, right?" Ted asked.

We all nodded.

One by one, he gave us our wine, and after we all had a sip, he announced we where having ravioli for dinner, with a side-salad.

Then, the lights went out. Michelle screamed.

"What's going on?" Nick asked, slamming his fists on the table.

At that moment, Daisy started coughing, nonstop.

"Daisy?" Michael asked, putting his arm around her back. "Are you ok?"
"…Poison…" she coughed.

My eyes widened. "What?! Someone help her!"
She kept coughing, and then fell out of her chair. Silence.

"Oh, my God!" Michelle screamed. "She's dead!"
Derek, who was studying to be a doctor, got onto the floor, to examine her. "She's…she's dead."
"It was you!" Nick screamed at the cook. "Why did you poison her drink?"
"I…I didn't!" James cried. "I would never disrespect the lord!"

"Then it was Ted!" Selena cried. "Who else?"
"I…I'd never," Ted whispered in shock. "I…I'd never do something like that."
"That leaves Carmen," I whispered.

She was sitting at the end of the table, all heads now turned to her.
"Don't look at me!" She raised her hands up in defense. "I didn't do it!"
We all looked at each other.

"It couldn't have been one of us," Ashley said, shaking her head.
"I'm out of here!" Nick cried, getting up. "See you suckers later!"
"You can't leave," Carmen whispered. "The boats aren't coming until next Friday. We're all stuck here."
"Is someone else on the island?" Kyle asked.

"No," we are positive no one else is," James replied, answering for Carmen.

We all got up, and decided to look in the kitchen.
We checked everywhere, for hints of poison, but nothing.

"Why only her?" Michael asked, shaking his head.
Ashley screamed.
"What is it?" Kyle asked.

"Come…come out here," she whispered.

"Weren't there 12 of the little guys?" Ashley asked, as we walked into the dining room.
"Yeah," Nick said. "Why…?"
"Now there are only 11," Selena whispered. Ashley nodded.

"Someone besides us took it away. There has to be someone else on the island. We where all in the kitchen, weren't we?" I asked.

Carmen nodded. "Yeah."
Ashley finally said the fact that we didn't want to realize. "We've been tricked into coming here. We're gonna be killed off. One by one."