Chapter 13: Sigh (ALTERNATE VERSION)

The boats arrived at 12:10.
Ashley, Nicole and Derek got on, and the crew didn't believe their story.

"Let's go look," Jocelyn, a cop said to Nicole. "We could help."
"I'm not going back there," Nicole shook her head.

"It's too much?" Jocelyn asked, and patted her back. "Don't worry. We're bringing you home. You're safe now."
Nicole looked over my shoulder, glaring at the beautiful, and now body filled Shelly Island.

She walked to Derek. He was sitting down. "It's over," Nicole laughed.

He didn't reply.

"It's…over," she repeated.

He nodded.

Ashley was standing with Jacob, another coast guard, not speaking when he asked who was after Kikko.
She finally took in a breath. "My fiancé, Kyle."
Nicole turned away, to look at the island, one last time. Or so she thought…

Jacob was asking all of them about the murders.

"And then Julie got shot," Nicole sighed. "By one of us. It was a boy named Michael, but he got killed by Kross."
"And then Carmen, the hotel owner?" Jacob asked.

"Well, we believed its Kross, but I think that Michael killed her, too," Nicole sighed.

"But that's not possible, you see," Jacob said, looking at me sternly. "Michael was with you the whole time. And Kross…he couldn't have done it."

"Well, if he had killed Carmen, then how could he have gotten her into the fireplace without any of you noticing?"

Ashley walked over, wondering what was going on.
Nicole's eyes widened. "So….another…"

"No one else besides you, yourself and Mr. Meyers could have," Jacob concluded.

"Ahh!" screamed Jocelyn.

They turned to see her get stabbed by Derek. He smiled, and threw her overboard.

"Derek!" Ashley screamed. "What are you doing?!"
He shook his head and smiled.

Jacob pulled out a gun. "Mr. Meyers!"

Thoughts raced through Nicole's head.

How in the world? Why is he doing this? What would make him do this? What…

It made sense then.

"You're…adopted…" Nicole trailed off.
"Derek Kross," Derek smiled again.

"What?!" Ashley screamed.

Nicole nodded. "Oh, my God."
"That gun is out of bullets," laughed Derek.

"What?!" Jacob yelled, and fired, of course, nothing happened. He swung the butt of the gun at Derek, and missed, and Derek stabbed him. Jacob fell over, screaming in pain.

"Why are you doing this?!" Nicole asked.

Ashley was panting. "We're going to die!"
Derek ran up at her, putting his hand around her neck.
"Derek, stop!" Nicole screamed, and started hitting him, not doing anything. Derek did stop, making Nicole sigh in relief. But then he pulled out his knife.

He stabbed Ashley, and threw her off the boat. "No!" Nicole screamed.

"Why are you doing this?!" she yelled.

"For you," Derek shrugged.

"You heard me," he laughed. "Kross is my dad. He helped me kill my family. You know they died. It took awhile finding a person we could blame him on. But it worked. We invited you all here so we could kill them all, and then us 2 can go back, and live there! Just us!"
"I don't want to!" Nicole gasped.

"Well, you will, or die," Derek shrugged.

"Derek," Nicole breathed. "How is this even possible…"

He went to the front of the boat, and turned it around.

They drove back to Shelly Island, Nicole silent in fear. They walked back up the trail to the Hamilton Hotel.

"See? We got food, water and ourselves," Derek said.

"I don't want to be here," Nicole shook her head.

She had to escape…she had to go…

She saw on the dining room table, 2 little figures left.
"Want something to eat?" Derek asked her.

She had to escape…

"Sure," she shrugged. "Whatever."
"I knew you'd come through!" Derek smiled.
She went into the kitchen, him not noticing. She quickly and quietly grabbed the boarding knife he put down before.

She ran back out, and he saw her. "Nicole?"
She went to hide. She had to escape…

"Nicole…don't do this," he trailed off.

Right around the corner…

He walked right into her trap…

She screamed and ran at him, shoving it through his chest.

"Nicole…why…ahh…ow…" he trailed off. "I love you, Nicole…"
"Bye Derek…"

He fell over, gasping, until he finally went silent.

"I did it," she laughed. "It's over! It's over, oh, it's over!"
She danced around, and went to the table, pulling away the 2 figures. She threw Derek's, and held on to hers.

"Just us, Missy!" she laughed. "Just us. I can drive the boat back to California, and live happily ever after! He, he, he!"
She danced around some more, and went upstairs, to get her luggage.

"I killed Derek…I killed him…"

She gasped to see what was waiting for her. A rope, a chair, the rope's noose already tied….

"Oh, Derek, I'm sorry. I did it!" she gasped. "I'll make it right…it'll be all right…"
Nicole went to the chair, and slowly put her head through the noose.

"One little Indian, left all alone," she chanted. "He went and hanged himself, and then there were none…"
She kicked away the chair…

…and then there were none.

The police couldn't get it. "Who killed who, when did they get killed?" one asked the other. "I don't know…this Nicole must have killed someone. There had to be at least 4 killers…if this Derek fellow was a killer, she could have killed him, went mad, and hung herself…"
Thus, an unsolved mystery, and over a dozen dead bodies on Shelly Island.


Questions you may have and the answers:

Why did I write an alternate ending?
Because I felt I should have stuck with the title. If there were none, then it would all make sense in the end. BUT the ORIGINAL ending, where both Ashley and Nicole live, is the REAL ending.

Why didn't I write the last chapter from Nicole's point of view?
Because if she had hung herself, then she couldn't possibly write the last chapter. For all we know, all of what happened could be in a diary of hers.

Did I originally have all the killers planned?

Not all of them. In fact, I decided to make Derek a killer when I started to write chapter 12. I originally had Ted, Kross, and Michael as killers, plus Nicole (who kills all of them because she is the heroine.)

What where some major changes?

I actually rewrote chapters 10 and 13 at least 5 times, or added more. My original chapter 10: Ashley does commit suicide, to be with Kyle for eternity. Originally in chapter 13, Ashley was the one killed instead of the Jocelyn girl, and Nicole killed Derek before he could explain any of it. But I wanted my readers to know how it happened and why.

Who was I originally going to kill, and when?
I started the story completely differently from how I ended it. I originally didn't have as many characters, I only had 10. Nicole, Derek, Ashley, Kyle, Carmen, Ted, Michael, Selena, Kikko and Kevin. (As well as Kross.) But I really wanted 13 chapters, so I decided to add Michelle, Julie, Daisy, Nick, and the cook. I was going to kill Carmen and Ted first, making it seem like one of the guests where the killer.

Why did I write this?

I wrote this because when I read the original novel, I loved it. As well as the show "Harper's Island," was most of my inspiration.


...Hmm…..maybe….. (Winks.)

It's not like I'm going to call it: And Then There Were None 2.

BUT there could always be a sequel…maybe a trilogy…

And Then There Were None is dedicated to my friends, (especially Hayley and Nicole, my 2 personal fans) as well as my family, and pretty much whoever is reading this! Haha. HaHH