The boy-who-disappeared

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Avada Kedavra was bellowed through out the little cottage which was once filled with love and joy. The cottage used to be bright and happy with the ever lasting sounds of laughter but now the cottage would forever be remembered as the place where the dark lord first fell, where the Potter's were murdered and where the young Potter went missing. The mystery will always be there in this small dark cottage, Where did young Potter go?

Muggle news papers will just report that his parents were murdered and the child had been kidnapped by the murderer who was yet to be found. The Daily prophet however will report on how the Potter's had been murdered by you-know-who and that you-know-who was dead but like the muggles they will also report on how young Potter was missing, most likely kidnapped by a death eater, calling him the boy-who-disappeared.

But none of this really matters because this is the story about young Harry Potter and where he disappeared to.

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