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"Evans, why are you sticking up for him? He's a greasy haired ***!"

"I don't need a mudblood like you sticking up for me, I can handle my self, you filthy mudblood."

"Take that back! Take that back right now and apologize to Evans! NOW!"

"NO! Potter, don't do that. .............Stop it now! ..............One of you is going to get hurt! .........STOP FIGHTING RIGHT NOW! ...............Don't fight! ...............Fine have it your way!"


James and Snape stopped fighting and turned around to see Lily with her firey red hair and her bright green eyes looking incredibly angry, putting her wand back into her robes.

"Why do you have to do that Evans, I was winning!" James whined at Lily.

"Arghh" Lily screamed in frustration. "Your a massive idiot Potter!" Then she stormed off.

"Look what you've done now. This is all your fault Snape, you better watch your back! Evan's wait up!"

James had to run to catch up with her but when she was only a little in front of him he started to apologize.

"Evans, I'm sorry but what have I done this time? All I was doing was defending you"

"You don't even know what you've done? How stupid are you Potter? I'll tell you what you've done, you-"

James never did find out what he'd done because at that moment a bang and a flash of light went off, momentarily stunning them into silence. A single cry could be heard coming from a little way in front of them, then all was silent. In front of them on the floor now sat a child that looked to be about 1 year old. He had a cute chubby face with a small button nose and sitting on top of his head was a chunk of messy, jet black hair. What was most surprising though was he looked like a child version of James and his wide eyes he was using to stare up at them with were the bright green only one other person had, Lily's eyes.

The baby held up his little arms and tilted his head to the side questioningly.

"Ma ma?"

"Da da?"