When Sora first stepped out of the mysterious portal, all he could see was dense darkness. He blinked his azure eyes a few times as they slowly adjusted to the faint light. That's when he noticed King Mickey a few yards in front of him, gazing at something in the inky, cloud-filled sky. The boy jogged to catch up to the petite ruler and a small "whoa!" escaped his soft lips as he surveyed the world before him.

In the middle of the sky was a majestic and terrifying heart-shaped moon known as Kingdom Hearts. Lightening flashed and sparked around the massive heart of all worlds. Beneath that, the Castle that Never Was stood erect and foreboding, warning all those who dared to think about entering. The castle was pale lavender and had many turrets, steeples, and spires jutting into the eternal night. It hung over a desolate town inhabited only by Heartless and Nobodies who feasted on the few souls that entered the world. A few neon lights flickered here and there, advertising businesses that never existed, and never will. All of the store windows and doors were boarded shut. Near the center of the city was a skyscraper with many televisions on it. Their screens crackled, flashing vague pictures of people and sometimes landscapes that existed for mere moments before fizzling back into hypnotic static.

It was a dreary, frightening world, and thankfully the last stop for the four adventurers who had traveled across dozens of other worlds to stop the Organization.

"C'mon, guys," Sora said firmly as he set out to bravely conquer this world, the Organization, and whatever other surprises might be thrown their way. Donald, Goofy, and Mickey loyally followed their friend into the depths of the lion's den…