Full Summary:

Time to move on, right? Things of the past should stay that way, and life goes on.

All the major missions were over, done with. Time to enjoy life, don't you think?

As the storyline goes---

Beast Boy wants to move on. The biggest evil he'd encountered in his life was gone; Terra was a thing of the past, and he wanted to get on with his life.

Something was holding him back, and it showed in one failed relationship after another. Seven gone in a period of just seven months, and he was just about ready to give up.

The stress of it started to show, and—although she didn't want to play a role in his life anymore, a girl of the past didn't want to see him lose it permanently either. In order for her to move on, she had to make sure he could as well.

And she had one candidate in mind. Problem was trying to get the candidate to work with her.

Which could prove almost impossible since the two had despised and distrusted one another when forced to work together?

As they say, trust is something that has to be earned, and it easily can be destroyed if one in a party decides to betray the others.

Chapter 1: Unlucky Number Seven

The city had been quiet for some time. Most of the villainous sorts they had dealt with in the past were forever frozen and put away, and any that had survived the defeat worked on their own personal evil missions. One bad guy was easy to work with; it was when they grouped their plans together and fought for one cause that it became a menace.

With the lull in evil activity at that time in existence, the advantage of leading a more normal lifestyle was much higher, and they took great advantage of that opportunity.

Starfire and Robin finally got the chance to bond, Cyborg the chance to work on and build technology that wasn't created primarily for use on evildoers and keeping track of them, Raven managed to catch up on some reading that had all but been neglected because of past events, and Beast Boy—

Seeing as he wasn't the intellectual type, nor was he all that interested in achieving goals that would be considered extraordinary, he ventured on things of a more mundane nature.


One date after another…just a total failure.

It was his way of moving on—dealing with the fact that Terra—a girl who had once had interest in him in a way that wasn't just an ordinary friend would later show up again in a subtle way and declare she didn't want anything to do with him, wanting to lead a separate life from him and the past they shared—was never going to be in his life the way she had been just a few years before. He didn't want to cling to the painful memories or the fact that she had turned her back to him forever.

But it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. And it started to show.

Seven months, and there had been seven failures worth of it, to be exact.

The last of the line of seven, the most recent failure—a girl named Lydia—had been a very cheery, sunny dispositional sort of girl who would laugh at anything, even the changeling's most pathetic jokes. There was never a moment the girl wasn't happy, or not happy to be with him.

She had gotten along so well with Starfire that they could have almost been like close sisters. Lydia got along moderately with Robin and Cyborg as well. It was Raven who avoided her at all costs.

Too cheerful, she had said of this seventh girl, too unnaturally cheerful. And so she wouldn't be within ten feet of this cheerful girl when she was present.

But unfortunately, even the girl who seemed so well in tune with the changeling's odd sense of humor, strayed away, and all ties were broken off. It appeared that Beast Boy had been but just a mere infatuation for the girl Lydia, and she moved on to another infatuation rather quickly.

And so Beast Boy was again left to feel like a failure, useless to life. To be dumped by everyday types of girls with little in common was a common fixture in life, but to have a falling out with a girl who'd seemed so connected, so—in tune, practically the greatest match there ever could be---was very heartrending for him to say the least.

Usually seven was considered a lucky number, but this number seven wasn't exactly that way. It felt more like the opposite for the most part.

It threw him into a state of melancholy, his usually light humored mood darkened a bit with sadness, anger, and resentment.

It was like Lydia had been the last straw, and now they all were to suffer the consequences.


It was a mild mission to say the least in the inner core of the city itself, at a bank heist being operated by a lone bank robber out for a load of cash. It was just an ordinary, everyday type of deal. Nothing to really get too overly worried about all that much.

What had started out as a fairly routine mission would turn towards being a not so routine mission halfway into it.

The criminal in question, an amateurish thief new to the profession of thievery and robbery who'd been identified as Steel had just emptied the vault of the bank closest to the home base of the teen heroes themselves when they arrived on the scene, catching him just before he could make an exit out the main entrance.

As usual, Robin gave the commands, and the other four complied. Not seeing the need for aerial attacks or any 'target and take down' maneuvers made by either the alien girl or the cybernetic one of the group, it was all up to more precise forms of attack, ones that could be pulled off best by the dark one or the changeling.

Unbeknownst to his friends, Beast Boy had been having some inner turmoil tearing at the fabric of his very being, as just the day before was the day Lydia took a step out of his life permanently. The signs of this turmoil were just starting to show, and they would reach a critical point during that particular mission.

Instead of even giving Raven a chance to work her own method on taking the thief down herself, he rushed in there, taking on the more violent form of a great green tiger, lashing out at the amateur thief in such a way as to almost bring on a fatal blow.

"BB, what are you doing???" he heard one of them—probably Cyborg—exclaim in pure shock. He almost went to deliver the final fatal blow, but wasn't given the chance as he was pulled forcibly from the now unconscious thief. It hadn't been the strength of the alien girl Starfire or that of the half man, half robot Cyborg, but rather the restraint of black energy that Raven controlled and possessed at will.

He showed the aggression of a wild tiger for a moment longer, resuming his own form after a time. That didn't mean that Raven was willing to break the hold of the black energy on him however. That would have to be at the command of the boy wonder himself before that could occur otherwise.

He struggled a bit in the grips of the black energy, trying to force his way free. All the while his friends made an approach towards him rather cautiously.

"Let me go!!" he screamed, but to no avail. Raven didn't let loose what bound him.

"What is up with you man??" Cyborg exclaimed at his changeling friend. "You almost killed the guy. We're only supposed to take down the bad guys, not decapitate them!!!"

"I don't know, I don't know!!" Beast Boy cried. "Let me go!!!"

"Can we trust you not to go on another rampage if we do?" Robin asked him a bit dubiously.

"Dude, I promise," Beast Boy replied, his tone not nearly as hostile as it had been just a moment before, sounding almost like his normal tone.


"Are ya sure?" Cyborg asked him a bit uncertainly.

"Yeah dude, I'm sure," Beast Boy repeated, frustrated with the game of twenty questions given off by his friends. He saw the concern on the faces of the two who'd taken to questioning his integrity, and the sadness on that of Starfire's. It was Raven's that stayed rather expressionless, he noted, and he had to wonder why that was.

"Okay Rae, you can let him go," Robin gave Raven the instruction, thus giving her the reason to release the dark bindings that had held the changeling bound up to that moment. At the release of the bindings, he collapsed to his knees, not able to at first stand fully on his own. He eventually regained that, and stood up, dusting himself off.

"Is something up with you man?" Cyborg asked his friend, obviously worried about his well being.

Beast Boy tried to offer one of his trademark smiles, but it was only halfhearted. Cyborg took note of it.

"I'm fine," the changeling assured him. "I'm just a bit stressed. Nothing I can't work out." He smiled weakly, the best he could apparently offer.

Raven had been watching him from a distance, taking note of his facially expressed response to Cyborg's questioning and the lack of the usual wholehearted response in them. Something seemed a bit off to her about it, but she shrugged it off and was on her way.

The nearly incapacitated thief, now unconscious, was given medical help, and would later be transferred to the proper facility when the right time came.

Thus marking the end of another everyday ordinary mission.

But yet, it really hadn't been all that ordinary, when they would go back and think of it.


Beast Boy secluded himself to his quarters upon returning, with much to think about and curse about.

"Why did I do that??" he wondered to himself aloud. "I don't have any grudges or anything against that dude I took out. Hell, I hardly even know the guy." He stared at the wall for a very long moment, and then sighed. "That just isn't right."

"Next time I'll think before I do something like that again," he told himself. "If there's even a next time."


"What is up with him??" Cyborg exclaimed exasperatedly. "There's really no excuse for what he did. No chemical interruptions like last time, and no other thing worth using as an excuse. No excuse at all." He collapsed against the cushions of the big black sectional in the common room, digging for one of the many remotes in order to turn on and change the channels on the big screen TV.

"I'm sure there's a reason," Robin told him. "I just don't know what it is."

"Hopefully it was just a fluke," Cyborg said, shrugging. "Cuz, if he got mad at the thief like that, who knows what could result in my whooping him at a game on the game station. I really don't want to think about the possibilities."

"Me too, Cy," Robin said. "So—what's on TV right now?"

"Court TV trash, daytime talk shows, some great educational pieces on the science network—" Cyborg paused for a moment, stopping on a particular channel. "—And a really great music program."

"Turn it up Cy. I can't hear it."


Fluffy pink something or others all around, with walls of a similar hue of pink all around and the rest of the interior made up of a solid pink shade, and Starfire at the center of all of the pinkness.

She cuddled a plush pink kitty, for one of the real sorts would not tolerate it so much. That and the thought of having to house yet another pet at the alien girl's expense was not all that favorable by her teammates.

She appeared oblivious of the happenings of the hours earlier, of the attack made by one of her own friends on the menace of the hour, the thief they'd been working on arresting earlier that day. All thought was directed rather to another instrument of a muse—the great boy wonder.

Rather then think of unfortunate mishaps, she preferred ones of her affections. One thought after another rolling through her mind of various things she could set up for him and her.

But no matter the resistance of thought on the occurrences of earlier, she could not keep it out, and eventually it made it's way into her consciousness. No more happy thoughts of the boy wonder, for they seemed to have gone "poof!"

It was overwhelming—so utterly overwhelming—

"Beast Boy, " she murmured in a tone filled with sorrow. "What is it that has made you so angry, so much so that you would show aggression so unintentionally, and almost make it appear intentional?"

The overwhelming sadness of the events passed eventually faded from her current frame of mind, and she once again went back to thinking of her muse—Robin.


Having spent so much of her existence fighting back emotion, restraining it so that chaos wouldn't ensue as a result of if it were to be loosed incorrectly, Raven was well versed in the practice of making sure things on that level didn't end up occurring.

It wasn't her own emotional issues that brought conflict to her mind, but instead concern for another with emotional baggage.

It wasn't like her to meddle in the affairs of others when conflict of an emotional sort was involved. She never wanted to. But yet, she was starting to wonder if Beast Boy might be losing it—

"No, I'm not going to meddle in his personal conflict," she told herself aloud. "It was probably just a fluke. It would be stupid to confront him on something that's probably petty to say the least."

She kept telling herself that there probably was nothing to worry about, that he'd be back to normal again sometime shortly, yet something at the back of her subconscious kept tugging, trying to tell her otherwise.

She forced it back, trying to go on with her usual afterwards.