Chapter 1: Tag, I have one of your own and I'm going to turn him into my killing machine…


I watched that scum give up, and my control seep into power. He was mine now. I was finally going to kill the resistance. And that shouldn't be too hard. If I had already sentenced the strongest of them to death, the others should be easy.

They had no idea where he was, where I was, and how to stop me. I almost giggled out loud, I was so happy. Bouncing on my heels, I typed commands into the computer that had taken over Eylador's brain.

Name: Escalus

Model: 4ghcN0lo9E

Purpose: Serve the Director at all costs.

I hit enter and did a little twirl as the information went down a cord, into a needle, and into Ey-ESCALUS's spinal cord, to his brain. Escalus was going to tear them apart.

I let the nervous technician take over and went to get a cup of coffee. My transformation was almost ready. Then, I would rule.


I jackknifed up in my plane seat, absolutely terrified and exhausted. One, I had fallen asleep. Further proof I was indeed human. Two, Eylador was now Escalus. I had lost him. I could feel the evilness in his system.

But my only reassurances were Elfohrys warm embrace and the tiny speck of Eylador left inside of Escalus. That meant I could somehow get him back. For Ambrosia.

Speaking of, Edward had already passed around my new 411 and she looked like she was drowning in misery. Everyone looked like they had given up. Not very encouraging.

I sighed and tried unsuccessfully to relax as the plane went to touch down. Then we had to run to a lay over flight. I could only worry about making it in time.


I stretched and admired my hard steel armor, which was light and flowed smoothly over my body. It was black of course, and impenetrable.

I live to serve. Any enemy of the Director is an enemy to me, therefore, they will be eliminated. The Director had called me to her office. I had cleaned up, dressed appropriately, and was now en route.

I knocked, and then entered. She was sitting calmly at her desk. I bowed.

"Rise Escalus. I have a mission for you." She said. I sat in front of her desk. Her hands shook a little as she provided me with a sealed envelope.

"Are you alright master?" I asked. I am responsible for her well being. Something was off. Protect the Director.

She smiled. "I am fine thank you. I am working on enhancing my abilities is all. I am almost complete." "And you will be more powerful than ever." I said. Good.

She laughed, and took my hand. "You turned out better than I thought." She said. I bowed my head at her compliment. Then I proceeded with my task. In the envelope were pictures.

Pictures of people who were familiar…then the thought was gone. I memorized their faces and read their profiles in under a minute.

"They will come here. They will try to distract you. It is a sick game they play." Her voice turned hard, and I looked up.

"Destroy them." She ordered. "They are an enemy." I stood and bowed.

"I live to serve." I stated. Then I swept out of the room and back to my chamber. I studied the picture again. The blond elf was familiar, more familiar than the others. But when I searched for the memory, it wasn't there.

I must be imagining things. She will die with the rest of them.


When I finally made it through airport security Elfohrys had to practically carry me until I finally had to get a wheel chair. I sighed and leaned my head back against the seat.

There were a lot of dangerous things I really wasn't addressing here. Would I die before we got there? If I conserved energy, would I live to get Eylador back? Would I even get Eylador back?

I felt Escalus thinking hard about something. My blood froze as it was pictures of all of us. He was staring at a blurry picture of Ambrosia and I. His finger (covered in some sort of black armor) was tapping on her torso.

Please remember her… I silently plead. The computer program shoved my thought away from his brain. I didn't get through to him, but he got through to me.

I saw him walking. He was buffer, stronger, taller. He was covered in slick black armor. His eyes had a dead, robotic look. But his hair and eye color was still there. That vivid orangey yellow.

His voice was different, not his. Robotic. Programmed. The Director was pleased, but she mentioned something about enhancing herself somehow. What was that all about?

As our final flight began to take off, I sank into unconsciousness once again.

If you haven't read Child of the Earth, go back and do so, or you will continue to be dead confused. As for readers…how did you like it? Let me know…And just to clarify…Escalus is the evil controlled Eylador. So…yeah. :D