Chapter 24: Waiting for the Sun


Everyone spent the rest of the day in festivities, dancing, eating, all around having a good time. Ambrosia was a bit flustered with the prestige that comes with being a royal elf, but she didn't let it show once she had a good idea of what she was doing. She flawlessly danced every Elvin dance with almost every High Court member, and they all looked very pleased with their new Queen. Alexa and I were a lot happier being Crown Prince and Princess instead of King and Queen. It gave us a lot more flexibility. Alexa spent almost the whole time with Siobhan on one hip, spinning the intricate weaving dance she had done for Ambrosia that was supposed to represent the long and winding path of Ambrosia and Eylador's life together. It was one of the best performed and complex version of the dance I had ever seen, and when I told her that, she flushed.

I spent most of the evening either dancing with Alexa (when she was free from Siobhan, who was most comfortable with her) or unfortunately talking politics. I tried to stay away from it as much as possible and instead had a good evening with the family from Forks. I let the Cullen's know that they could have a portion of their house back, because Alexa and I would be needed here. They were sad to see us go, but when it was time for them to leave, we promised to write and visit soon.

Alexa and I ended up getting the children ready and in bed for a rest. They were growing at a crazy rate, which was extremely good, but it made them cranky. And a cranky Amnhor was never a good thing; the kid controlled the weather, who knows what he could do. "Come on now, you'll see me in the morning, I'm not going anywhere, I promise." Alexa told Siobhan seriously. Although she would never admit it, she really loved Ambrosia's kids. Siobhan reluctantly let go of Alexa and curled up in the huge winding white blankets that were charmed to give either heat or coolness at the person's request. She vanished then, with a quiet goodnight. Her brothers were already (thankfully) as close to sleep as they would get, so Alexa and I crept out.

I took her hand, and we ran up a few flights of stairs to our temporary room in the castle. Once Eylador and Ambrosia were settled, we would move to the Villa on the sea. Until then, we were needed here. "As much as I love our race, these well, costumes are ridiculous." Alexa puffed, holding up her dress to get through the door. I laughed at her, and she raised her eyebrows at me, slightly annoyed, and took the circlet from my head and placed it with hers on the dresser. We both stripped off and hung up our clothing that eventually would be returned to the Royals Cabinet, a room full of clothing made especially for royalty. Some pieces were centuries old.

"What a day," Alexa sighed, curling up next to me, closing her eyes. "I'm just glad that everyone is getting what they want."

"But I'm not getting something," I said pointedly, and she chuckled, and kissed my shoulder.

"Patience, grasshopper. Wait until we have all day to do that sort of thing." She said lightly, and I laughed lightly too, wrapping my arms around her, already starting to feel drowsy, despite my complaining.

Before we both knew it, we were waking up at the crack of dawn the next day, getting ready for a hectic day of politics, power and prestige. Alexa and I took a stroll to the Royals Cabinet, and I ended up in a pair of black pants, a brown blazer with a red shirt, and Alexa was in a sort of blue cocktail-y dress. Both of us went barefoot, which was technically normal for elves. We only wore shoes for special occasions, and usually they were a flat slipper.

Alexa and I spent the day following Ambrosia and Eylador around, occasionally swapping out to play with the kids for a bit. Surprisingly, Ambrosia fit right in to her role, exercising power with a kind of gentle firmness that nobody dared to test. Eylador, as usual, was in his element. They were an excellent, powerful match. By lunchtime, we were dismissed with hugs goodbye from the kids, and promises of correspondence from Ambrosia and Eylador. We returned the clothes to the Royals Cabinet, dressed casually, and then ran freely out of the city and to the Villa.

"Finally," I murmured into Alexa's hair as we cuddled in bed, flushed after…unwinding. "No more ceremonies, no more weddings, no more responsibility."

"For now, you mean. Amnhor adores you, it won't be long before we are called back to the Capital." Alexa nuzzled deeper into me.

"But everything has finally come together," I pressed, and I felt her smile against my skin.

"Everything worked out," She agreed, and kissed me on the lips.

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