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Author's note: First off, the original character in this story, Derek, is NOT the Derek from the show. I know there's an annoying kid named Derek in the later episodes of Degrassi, but the one in this story is NOT him. The only characters from the show in this story are Marco and Dylan, with a few mentionings of other characters. This is meant to take place during the episode when Marco found out Dylan was cheating on him at his University, when Dylan suggested that they see other people. I believe the episode was called Moonlight Desires? Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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Marco was angry. In fact, he was on the verge of being completely furious. Not only had Dylan suggested that they see other people, but he did so only after Marco caught him already doing what he was suggesting. Dylan wasn't asking if it was okay with Marco; he was telling Marco that he was going to see other people, whether Marco liked it or not. More than angry, however, Marco felt extremely emotionally hurt. The thought of Dylan even wanting to date other guys made him feel like he was not good enough for the older boy. Marco loved Dylan more than anything. As long as he had Dylan, he didn't need anyone or anything else, but why didn't Dylan feel the same way about him? If he felt the need to date other people in addition to Marco, the feeling couldn't be mutual. To Marco, Dylan was the world, but apparently to Dylan, Marco was just another boy.

He didn't know whether to scream or to cry. All of the emotions welling up inside him were beginning to drive him crazy. He had to do something to make himself feel less cheated. Marco scanned the room. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He would find some other boy at the party and make out with him in order to make Dylan jealous. Perhaps Dylan wanted to have Marco as well as other guys, and didn't think Marco would actually date other people. Maybe once he saw Marco with another boy he would change his mind.

Marco spotted a tall boy standing in the corner of the room. He looked to be about Dylan's age and seemed like the type of person who might be desperate enough to make out with a boy he just met. He was simply watching other people talk, but wasn't talking to anyone himself. Marco assumed he was the shy type and perhaps would jump at the chance of anyone showing interest in him. Marco walked up to him.

"Hey," Marco greeted him, "I'm Marco... so what year are you?" he started, not wanting to jump right into his real reason for striking up the conversation.

He smiled, "I'm Derek. This is my second year," he began, "how about you? First year?"

"Well... no, actually," Marco informed him, "I'm still in high school, but I'm thinking of going here when I graduate. I'm in grade eleven now, so I'll have to be thinking about where to go to University... How are the rooms here?" he asked, "I've only ever seen Dylan's."

"Well, I could show you mine," Derek suggested, seeming to get exactly what Marco was hinting at. Marco hoped he wouldn't want to go further than kissing. Sure, he wanted to get back at Dylan, but he hadn't ever been in a relationship with anyone besides Dylan, and definitely didn't want to go too far with this boy whom he just met. He just needed to go far enough to make Dylan jealous.

Marco smiled up at him, "that would be nice," he lied. Marco wasn't really interested in Derek at all. Sure, maybe the guy was nice once you got to know him, but at the moment, Marco was just looking to make Dylan jealous, and didn't even care to get to know his new acquaintance. He looked over at Dylan, who smiled back at him. Marco frowned. Dylan didn't seem to care at all. Maybe he would when he saw Marco leaving with another guy...

Marco followed Derek to the building's elevator, and to his room, "The rooms aren't very big," Derek informed him sliding his key card through the lock on the door, "I'm sure you already know that if you've been to Dylan's. His room is pretty much just like mine."

Marco nodded. Suddenly a horrifying thought crept into his mind. If Dylan had been seeing other guys, for who knows how long, maybe he had been seeing Derek at some point. They lived in the same building, so it was entirely possible... Plus, Derek seemed to imply that he knew what Dylan's room looked like. Marco inhaled, pushing that thought out of his head as well as he could and followed Derek into the room.

"Well, this is it," Derek commented, sitting down on the bed and patting the mattress beside him, silently asking Marco to join him.

Marco wasn't sure he wanted to be here anymore. He never wanted to go with Derek in the first place; he just wanted Dylan to see him leave with him so he would be jealous and stop him before anything else happened. Marco sat down, his heart beating so loudly he feared Derek would hear it and ask what he was so nervous about.

Derek turned and looked at Marco who reluctantly looked back, wishing he had never come here. He didn't want Derek to feel like Marco was just using him for revenge, but he really didn't want the alternative either.

"What's wrong?" Derek asked, reaching over and rubbing Marco's arm.

Marco hesitated for a moment, "Um... nothing. Nothing's wrong," he lied, forcing a smile.

Derek smiled back and leaned in, kissing Marco lightly on the lips. Without meaning to, Marco felt himself become tense. He tried his best to relax. He could just kiss Derek for a few minutes and then forget all about this. Surely Marco had already done enough to make Dylan jealous, if that was even possible.

Derek continued kissing Marco, hardly seeming to care that Marco wasn't kissing back and seemed entirely uncomfortable about their current situation. What had been light kissing was turning more rough, and Derek now had his hands on Marco's waist. Marco tried to stay calm longer, but the more he let Derek kiss him, the more rough the older boy was becoming, and the more Marco knew he should just tell Derek the truth sooner rather than later.

Marco pulled away, "wait!" he protested.

"What?" Derek asked, keeping his hands where they had been prior to Marco's objection.

Marco wriggled out of Derek's grasp, "I'm sorry," he said, out of breath from a near panic attack, "I'm so sorry, Derek. I can't do this."

"What do you mean?" Derek asked, moving his hands back to Marco's waist, "we were just kissing. What's wrong?"

"I can't," Marco repeated, "I... I just... I'm sorry. I just wanted to make Dylan jealous... but I can't do this. I shouldn't have lied to you," Marco stood, "I'm sorry."

Marco gasped as Derek grasped his arm and pulled him back down onto the bed, "you can't just leave, Marco," he insisted, "you can't just lead someone on like that."

"I know I shouldn't have," Marco agreed, "and I'm sorry," he tried to pull out of Derek's grasp, but this time the older boy refused to let go, "let me go," Marco demanded, his voice sounding a lot more frightened than he had intended.

Derek shook his head, "I'm not letting you leave until we finish what we started."

Marco's eyes were wide as he tried to pry Derek's fingers away and free himself. What did Derek mean? Did he just want to finish kissing? Or did he expect more? "please let me go," Marco pleaded. Derek's grip was extremely secure and it didn't seem like he would be letting Marco go any time soon.

Derek responded by pushing Marco down onto the bed and beginning to kiss him again, holding both of his arms now, pinning him down so that Marco could do nothing to stop him.

"Stop!" Marco pleaded, trying desperately to free his arms from Derek's strong grasp. When Derek showed no intention of stopping Marco decided he should call out for help, in hope that someone in the residence hall would be in their room or in the hallway and would hear him, "Help me!" he screamed, "Help-"

He was cut off when Derek hit him hard across the side of his face and proceeded to clamp his hand over Marco's mouth. Marco's left hand was now free, but even so he couldn't escape, "shut up," Derek demanded, staring down at Marco who stared back up at him with dark, frightened eyes.

Derek moved his hand which had been covering Marco's mouth, wrapping his fingers around Marco's neck, "don't make a sound," he threatened, "understand?"

Marco didn't answer at first. He considered screaming again right then, until he felt Derek's grasp tighten, restricting his breathing, "I said, don't make a sound. Understand?" he repeated, squeezing Marco's throat. Marco reached up with his free hand, trying unsuccessfully to move Derek's finger's away. He nodded, answering Derek's request. Derek released his grip, allowing Marco to gasp for air for a moment. Just as soon as Marco thought Derek might let him go, he grabbed Marco's arms again and pushed him back down onto the bed.

Marco felt tears in his eyes as Derek continued kissing him, on his lips and then down his neck. He could do nothing to stop Derek. As hard as he struggled, Derek was simply too strong, and if he screamed, Derek would probably strangle him. The only possibility would be to try to reason with him. He was frightened that Derek would be upset if he even spoke at all, but he had to try.

"Please stop," Marco whimpered, trying not to be loud enough to provoke Derek into feeling the need to silence him by striking him or choking him again.

Derek didn't even seem to hear what Marco had said. He continued to kiss his neck and then moved his hands away from Marco's arms and down to the hem of his shirt. As Derek began to lift Marco's shirt, Marco quickly moved his hands down to stop him, pushing his shirt back down.

Derek sighed, grabbing both of Marco's wrists in one of his larger hands and squeezing them tightly together, pushing them above Marco's head and causing Marco to wince in the pain it caused. Derek used his free hand to grab Marco's chin, forcing the smaller boy to look at him in the eyes, "am I going to have to tie your hands to something to get you to hold still?" he asked, his face only inches away from Marco's.

Marco stared up at him in horror. Derek had seemed like such a normal person when Marco had first encountered the older boy, but he was now being exposed for what he really was. Marco shook his head, "no," he managed to whimper.

Derek grinned, "good," he let go of Marco's wrists and moved his hands back down to Marco's shirt, pushing it up and running his hands up and down Marco's chest and sides. Marco shuddered, and closed his eyes tightly, trying to somehow will this to all be over. He had never let anyone other than Dylan touch him like this. Marco stayed still and didn't protest as Derek pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor, leaving Marco's upper body entirely exposed.

While Marco remained relatively cooperative thus far, he wasn't going to allow Derek to go any further. Marco gasped and struggled intensely against Derek when he felt the older boy's hands trail from his chest down to the button on his jeans. "No!" Marco screamed as loud as he could manage, "Help me! Please!" he cried out before Derek slapped him again. Even after being hit, Marco wasn't going to give up this time, "Help!" he cried again before being silenced by a harsh punch to his abdomen, which seemed to knock every ounce of oxygen out of his lungs.

Marco struggled to catch his breath, with tears welling up in his eyes as he rolled onto his side and curled himself into a sort of ball, wrapping his own arms around himself. Derek quickly grabbed him and pulled him out of this position and back to his previously assumed position of laying on his back under a hovering Derek.

Derek moved to unbutton Marco's jeans as the smaller boy continued to try his hardest to breathe. Marco still hadn't caught his breath, but gave one last cry for help, however soft and pained it sounded, "Dylan, help me!" he called out in more of a whimper than a scream.

Derek didn't even bother hitting him this time, as Marco's pleas were becoming so soft no one would hear them even if they were right outside the door of his room. Tears silently flowed down Marco's cheeks, "please stop," he pleaded again, still fighting to regain his breath. He feebly moved his hands to try to hold Derek back, but while he could hardly breathe and his wrists ached where Derek had squeezed them together, it was more difficult than it should have been.

Ignoring Marco's plea again, Derek successfully unbuttoned Marco's pants and began to pull down the zipper.


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