Another Shinko drabble, this time definitely not as angsty. Thayet/Shinko bonding! Cross-posted to Goldenlake as well, but a couple days ago. Also, I am making all of the dress customs up.


When Shinko is told that her wedding dress will be cut in the Tortallan style and will be all white, she balks. Politely, yes, but she will not be swayed.

"In the Isles," she explains to her future mother-in-law, "one has two wedding kimonos, one worn over the other. The kimono worn under can be white, but it is a happy color combination if the kimono worn over is red."

Thayet nods in understanding, but contention over the wedding attire can be very political: Shinkokami is foreign and the wedding must be a display of Tortallan splendor, befitting Roald's stature as the heir. It must also be a display for the visiting Yamani delegation as well.

"I will go speak to Lalasa," The queen finally says. "Perhaps we can incorporate- something- into the dress, something reminiscent of an obi, and have it made out of red Yamani silk. This way, we can compromise." Shinko nods, mostly satisifed.

On her way out of the room, Thayet rests a hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "In Sarain," she says quietly, "wedding dresses are red as well."