Bella and Edward broke up a year ago. A crazy party, a drunken fist fight and a steamy shower may change that.

The music was blaring as I downed another shot. Any second now she would walk through that door. Not that I was waiting for her or anything. It had been a year since I last saw her, and I was just…curious. I allowed my eyes to wander around the room taking in the chaotic scene. Couples gyrated together by the speakers lost in their own heated worlds. A group of guys were huddled around the keg in the kitchen laughing about nothing. A heated beer pong tournament was taking place in the center of the living room, inspiring riotous applause every so often.

Perhaps the most riotous of the bunch was Alice. A few years ago, it would have sickened me to see my little sister drunk, but I had come to accept that she was growing up. Having her attend the same university as me certainly helped with that discovery. At fist I was mortified when she chose my school. I was going to be a senior, and I couldn't stand the thought of my baby sister coming in and cramping my style. In actuality, I was more scared that she would be the 'hot freshman sluts' my friends would drunkenly hook up with at parties.

After weeks of desperately avoiding her at all social gatherings, I began to get more comfortable with it. As it turned out, Alice was pretty cool. My friends all thought she was hilarious, and I was relieved to note that she could take care of herself around them.

Everything was going great with our relationship until I met her roommate. Bella and Alice had been randomly paired by the housing department to live together for their first year. Luckily, they hit it off immediately and became fast friends. While Alice sang her praises constantly, I never met the girl. Apparently, she wasn't much of a partier and opted to stay away from the usual college scene.

It wasn't until a month or so into the year that she finally entered my life. Alice had called me earlier to let me know that she had convinced Bella to come to a party at my house, and that I should be prepared to be a gracious host. I was crouched down on the kitchen floor trying to fit more Jell-O shots into the refrigerator when I heard Alice behind me.

"Edward," she said tapping me on the shoulder, "This is my roommate, Bella."

I turned my head around and was struck by the most gorgeous pair of legs I had ever seen. My eyes slowly raked up her body, taking in her curvaceous hips, slim waist, and full cleavage held in by a deep red strapless dress. Waves of mahogany hair draped gracefully over her bare shoulders. By the time I reached her face, there was a matching blush on her pale cheeks. Her luscious lips were quirked in a shy smile and her deep brown eyes were locked intently on mine.

"Well, crap, Edward." Alice started incredulously, "The least you could do is say 'hi' or something."

"Hi." I blurted out instantly, "I'm Edward."

Alice scoffed as Bella giggled softly. "Yeah, I figured that one out for myself."

I laughed as I stood up to my full height. "What I meant was, I'm Edward" I clarified as I extended my hand to her.

She grinned and reached her own hand out to mine. "It's nice to meet you Edward."

As soon as she grasped my hand, I felt an electric shock run through my body. She must have felt it too, because her eyes widened slightly in response.

I released her hand and ran my own nervously through my hair already disheveled bronze hair.

"So, can I get you ladies a drink?"

"I guess you can get me one," Bella said looking around, "But it looks like Alice has abandoned us."

She was right. Somewhere during my idiotic stupor, my sister had conveniently disappeared. I reminded myself to thank her later as I pulled two beers from the fridge.

Our conversation started off innocently enough; what classes we were taking, professors to avoid, and so on. After a few more beers I had learned about her flatulent Uncle Pete, his equally flatulent pit-bull, Daisy, and her irrational fear of cotton balls. I had completely lost track of time until Alice stumbled back into the kitchen declaring that it was time to go home. Bella laughed as she hopped off the counter she had been sitting on and wrapped her arm around Alice for some much needed support.

"Let me help you two back to your room." I offered as I came around her other side.

"Look whose trying to be a gentleman." Alice slurred, blowing a strong scent of tequila in my face.

"And you, my dear, are ever the lady." I replied.

She grinned at me triumphantly as Bella and I started to walk her towards the door. The journey back to their hall was a silent one. Apparently we had talked long into the night as dawn was breaking around us. The air was damp and chilled and I noticed Bella shivering. I wanted to stop and offer her my jacket, but the amount of time and effort it would take to get Alice safely situated for the switch proved too much.

We arrived at their room without a single word being spoken. Alice maneuvered herself through the doorway and collapsed on her bed. Bella leaned against the frame as I stood aimlessly in the hallway.

"Thanks," She said softly, "For helping me get her back here…and for talking with me."

"Anytime," I replied a little too excitedly. "Well, preferably not the helping my baby sister home trashed thing, but the talking with you thing…yeah…anytime…

She smiled at me and I smiled back. I couldn't think of anything else to say, but I couldn't bring myself to leave. I ran my hand shakily through my hair, desperately hoping that the stimulation to my scalp would trigger something clever in my brain.

"So…" I started, realizing immediately that I had nowhere to go after that.

"Edward," Alice called from a heap on her bed, "Stop being a fucking pussy and kiss her already!"

My mouth fell open as I stood there in stunned silence unable to move. Before I could form the words for an apology, Bella's lips came crashing down on mine. I blinked dumbly in utter shock at the situation before my eyes slid closed and I melted into the kiss. I brought my hand to rest at her waist as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in closer.

Slowly she broke her lips away from me and raised her eyes mine. They were sparkling. She smiled shyly as she released her hold on my neck and stepped back into the room. As she was gently shutting the door, her gaze met mine again.

"Anytime, Edward…" She whispered.

After the obligatory "You hurt her, I'll kill you" speech from Alice, Bella and I were official. The more time a spent with her, the more time I wanted to be spending with her. My relationships to that point in my life had been satisfying, but never fulfilling. This one was different; she was different.

I loved her. I never told her.

As the year progressed, I became painfully aware of how short-lived our relationship would be. I was graduating in the spring and moving back home to Washington. She, of course, would stay at school in New York for three more years. I had never been in a long distance relationship, but had only heard from those who had how difficult they were.

I didn't care. I wanted to fight for us. I could handle difficult. I could deal with not seeing her for months at a time if it meant that she was still in my life.

But, I didn't know if she could. I was willing to sacrifice for us, but I didn't want her to have to. She had her entire college experience ahead of her, and I couldn't bare the thought of hindering her. She needed to be free to explore. She deserved to have someone who could be there for her; not just emotionally, but physically. As much as I wanted to continue being that man, I knew that it was impossible.

She had never told me that she loved me, and it was stupid and arrogant of me to assume that she did. I didn't want her to feel obligated to stay with me, so I made the choice for both of us.

I ended things the week before graduation. I told her that my life was going to change, and that I needed time by myself to figure stuff out. She said that she understood completely. We ended it on perfectly amiable terms. No one cried; at least I didn't when she was still around.

So, here I am, a year out of college and still drinking shots alone in a kitchen. Not that I do this often, but tonight was a special occasion. It was Alice's birthday. Since it was summer break, we were throwing a massive party at our house. And, of course, her best friend/roommate was flying out to attend the festivities.

I hadn't seen Bella since I left campus after graduation last summer. That called for another shot. I poured the tequila and glanced anxiously at the door. Her flight had arrived a while ago, and she was due to arrive at our door any minute. Alice had offered to pick her up, but she insisted on taking a cab so we could all be thoroughly hammered by the time she showed up. I was certainly on my way.

I was shaken from my haze by a shrill shriek form the entrance hall. I heard the front door open and the tell-tale signs of girls exchanging excitedly high-pitched greetings. As I heard the footsteps approaching, I set down my shot glass and steadied my nerves. This was it…not that it was anything special…it was just Bella…my little sister's friend Bella…shit.

And then, there she was. Stunningly disheveled, having spent the day traveling. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. She struggled a little with her luggage as Alice frantically introduced her to anyone within reach.

I watched the scene safely form the kitchen doorway, not yet sure how to make my entrance. As Bella was shifting her hefty bag from one arm to the other, a frantic flailing on Alice's part sent her toppling backwards. I was at her side in an instant with my arms wrapped around her. She looked up at me and smiled the smile I had spent a year trying to forget.

"Thanks." She said as she righted herself.

"Anytime." I replied returning her smile. "Do you need some help getting this up to Alice's room?" I asked gesturing to her fallen luggage.

"No, I got it." She said as she hoisted the bag on to her shoulder and headed towards the stairs.

"Actually," She said, turning around abruptly. "I have no idea where Alice's room is."

I laughed as I headed towards the stairs to show her the way as Alice rushed past me.

"My room is up here, Bella." She said bounding up the stairs. "Hurry up so we can get you changed and party ready."

Bella shrugged and followed Alice up the stairs. I stayed at the foot of the staircase watching as she disappeared on the upper landing. I exhaled and let out the breath I didn't know I had been holding.

When I had caught her and held her in my arms, I felt the same spark I had felt the first time I shook her hand. That little shock of electricity had sent a jolt of feelings through my body that I thought I had moved on from. Had she felt it too?

Time for more tequila. I made my way back to the kitchen and grabbed my trusty bottle. Apparently I had been standing dumbfounded at the foot of the stairs for a long time, because before I could even get it open, I heard her returning.

I stuck my head out the door and almost passed out. Bella was descending the stairs in a deep blue halter dress and gold stilettos. Her hair fell in soft waves down her back as she gently pushed it behind her ears. Alice quickly escorted her over to the beer pong table to get her caught up.

"Oh my holy fuck!" said a voice pulling me out of my haze. I opened my eyes to see my 'friend' Mike sauntering towards me. "Is that her? Brenda?"

"Bella" I corrected.

"Whatever," He brushed off, "Dude, she is incredible. I mean, when she first came in, I wasn't so sure why you were so hung up on her, but she cleans up nice. So, you dated her?'

"Yeah" I said flatly.

"And you broke up with her?"

"Yeah" I repeated.

"Damn, what the hell were you thinking?" He laughed.

"Yeah..." I droned. "I mean, it was complicated. I was graduating, she was staying. It was for the best. I had to do it." As I said the words I realized how untrue they were. I had fucked up and there was no turning back.

"So, you're not still into her, right? I mean, there's no chance of you two getting back together?" He asked, taking a swig of his beer.

"No," I said "What we had was great, but it's over. I guess we're just friends, if even that." Again, as I spoke the words I was struck by their accuracy. Even if I did want a future with her, I had made that future impossible…Fuck me.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I took a shot at her?" He questioned casually.

I felt those tequila shots threatening to come right back up again.

"Mike, she's only in town for the weekend…" I started, trying to maintain my composure.

"That's more time than I'll need." He replied, grinning like an idiot.

I swallowed down the bile that had jumped to my throat and tried not to scream.

"Mike," I gritted out, "She's not really the 'one-night-stand' type of girl."

"No girl thinks she's the 'one-night-stand' type of girl until she meets the right 'one-night-stand' type of guy." He reasoned. "And besides, you knew her a year ago. Who knows what type of girl she is now."

He was right about that. I didn't know anything about her life after I left. She probably had an amazing boyfriend who loved her and wasn't afraid to tell her. And she probably loved him too. Lucky bastard.

Cheers erupted from the beer pong table as Bella apparently made an impressive shot. She grinned and Alice did a wild victory dance.

"Thanks for the advice, man," Mike said as his eyes trained lecherously on her, "but I think I'm gonna go try my luck over where the action is." He patted me on the shoulder as he made his way over to Bella side and whispered something in her ear.

I shut my eyes and let my head fall back against the kitchen wall. I tried to talk myself down. This was Bella. She would never go for a guy like Mike. She could look out for herself. Besides, I had no right to care anyway. I gave up that right a year ago…when I gave up the only person I had ever really loved.

"Do you always hide out in kitchens during parties?" A familiar voice crooned from the doorway. Bella stood there smiling at me. Apparently my stare was a little too intense as she shifted uncomfortably.

"Sorry, I zoned out there for a minute." I blurted out.

She laughed as she walked over to the fridge. She pulled out two beers, opened them, and handed one to me. She hopped up on the counter and took a sip of hers.

"This is quite a party you've thrown together." She mused. "I've always wondered if Alice is as insane at home as she is at school."

"And, is she?" I asked as I moved to lean on the counter next to her.

"I think it's about the same." Bella concluded. "Only here it seems like everyone is used to it."

"Yeah, she's pretty much worn out her shock value." I agreed. "There's nothing new tonight; Except for you…"

"What do you mean?" She questioned.

"Well, we've all been hanging out together for years." I explained. "You're fresh meat."

Bella's eyebrows shot up quizzically. "Fresh meat? Wow, not exactly the best term of endearment…"

"You know what I mean," I laughed, "I even had a guy come over and ask if I'd be OK with him hitting on you."

"Really?" She asked casually, "And what did you say?"

"I told him to do whatever he wanted…because we're just friends…" I responded flatly.

"Right." She said quietly as she took another swig of her beer. "Which guy?"

"What?" I asked.

"Which guy? You said a guy came over, which guy was it?" She asked curtly.

"Oh, come on, Bella." I started. "I didn't tell you so you could go do something about it."

"Then why did you tell me?" She asked shortly.

"I told you so you could be prepared when he started slobbering all over you." I said honestly. "It's not a big deal…he's just some guy."

"He's some guy at your sister's birthday party, so he's obviously a friend." She began. "And, since I'm 'just a friend' too, maybe I'd get along with your other friends."

"Bella…" I warned.

"Seriously, Edward, who is it?" She asked as she jumped down off the countertop. "Maybe I'd want to hook up with him."

"No you wouldn't." I assured. "He's just…he's not right for you."

"And you always know what's right for me." She said mockingly. "You're just trying to protect me."

"That's right." I said, a little too emphatically. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"Oh, right!" She continued sarcastically. "You'd never do anything hurt me!"

"Look," I started, trying desperately to stay calm. "If I've ever hurt you, I'm sorry, but know that I did it for your own good."

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. "There is so much wrong with that statement! If you ever hurt me? What the fuck, Edward! How can you think there would be in 'if'?

"Please, Bella…" I began reaching out to soothe her.

"No, don't tell me you're sorry." She cried as she shoved my hands away. "You can feel as sorry for yourself as you want, but don't you ever tell me that you did it for my benefit!"

"What, Bella? What did I do?" I yelled coldly.

"You left me!" She screamed. "You stayed with me while it was convenient, and then you left me! God, you meant everything to me and I was just your last chance at a college fling!"

"That's what you think? That's what you think of me?" I bellowed. "I ended it because I didn't want to hurt you, not because I stopped loving you! Fuck, I loved you more than anything, Bella! I still do."

And there it was. My words hung in the air frozen in time. Time started again as I felt the sharp sting of her hand flying across my face. Suddenly I was being restrained by two large arms.

"Dude, you need to chill the fuck out." I heard Mike warn as he pulled me back towards the kitchen door. I was instantly aware that we had attracted quite an audience.

I looked back at Bella. Her face was pale and her breath was coming in short gasps. I tried to reach out to comfort her, but I was held back again.

"Edward, man, I think she's made it pretty clear that she doesn't want you to touch her. Let me handle this…" Mike said smiling as he shoved me back and moved towards Bella.

My fist flew on its own accord and then Mike was on the floor. I felt more hands trying to restrain me, but all I could do was try to wipe that smug smile off his disgusting face.

I don't know how long we were at it, but when I was finally pried off him, he certainly wasn't smiling. I looked around to find Bella. She was gone.

"Bella?" I called, pushing myself through the crowds. "Bella?"

I hurdled up the stairs and threw open the door to Alice's room. Alice was sitting on her bed glaring at me.

"What the fuck, Edward?" She shrieked.

"Alice, where is she?" I implored.

"No, you do not get to ask questions right now." She snapped. "What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know." I said pitifully as I slowly made my way over to the bed and slumped down beside her. "I really fucked this up."

"Yeah, you did." She said as she rubbed my back.

"Is she…Ok?" I ventured, not sure if I wanted to hear the answer.

"I don't know." Alice replied softly. "At first she was just really pissed. She was screaming about how much hated you and stuff. Then she got really quiet. She just sat here for a while and didn't move."

"Where is she now?" I asked.

"She's in the shower." Alice replied. "She was really out of it, so I told her to go try and relax. She didn't say anything. She just got up and went to the bathroom."

I groaned as I buried my face in my hands. "I'm such an idiot."

"Yes you are." She agreed.

"What am I going to do, Ali?" I asked looking up at her. "I love her."

Alice stared at me for a while as if trying to determine if I was finally telling the truth. After a minute she sighed and stood up.

"I promised Bella that I would stay here and wait for her to comeback. However, I am thirsty so I'm going to go get something to drink." She said meaningfully. "And, since I am very drunk, I will probably get distracted and forget to come back and check on her."

She started to walk out the door and I stopped her. "Thank you, Alice." I said earnestly.

"Edward," she said patting my cheek, "If you fuck this up, I will kill you."

I watched her walk out in the hallway and down the stairs out of sight. I stood in the doorway not really sure what to do with myself. The sounds of the party downstairs were indiscernible up here. The only noise was the muffled sound of the shower running in the bathroom down the hall. I tried to concentrate on the steady flow of water, but it was accentuated by a sudden sharp cry.

Before I could stop myself, I was pressed against the bathroom door listening intently. There it was again. I could clearly make out a pained gasp.

Oh god, she was crying.

Suddenly I was standing in the bathroom surrounded by thick steam. Through the muddled glass door of the shower, I could just make out the shape of her body. She was leaning against the wall with her head lulled forward. Her arms were wrapped around her chest and her shoulders were shaking.

My hand moved on its own accord and pulled open the door with a soft click. She lifted her head and stared at me. Her eyes were glossy and red and her full lips were parted slightly in surprise. Before she could speak, I walked into the spray. The hot water ran over me as I moved further into the shower, never taking my eyes off of hers.

I brought my hands up to gently cup her face and softly kissed her forehead. I held my breath, waiting for her to protest. She made no move to stop me, so I continued my kisses down to her cheeks. The droplets of water there were mixed with her tears and I kissed away every one. I continued a trail down to her jaw line and finally stopped to hover mere centimeters from her lips. I closed my eyes and sighed as I tried to weigh the consequences of my next move.

Suddenly her lips were pressed to mine as she closed the gap between us. I was too stunned to move as the electric shock of her touch ran through me. The feel of her tongue along the seam of my lips pulled me from my trance as I willing opened them to grant her access. Her tongue met mine and I instantly remembered why I loved her intoxicating taste. She brought her hands up to my hair, pulling me in closer to deepen the kiss.

I pushed my body into hers slamming her against the shower wall. My soaked shirt made an untimely awkward slapping sound as it hit her bare skin. I felt her laughing against my lips and I pulled away to rest my forehead against hers. I gazed into her eyes and saw the sparkle I had missed.

"I'm so sorry Bella." I whispered.

"I know." She replied softly, "I am too."

Her eyes trained downwards as her small hands began to fiddle with the button at my collar. I became acutely aware of our varying levels of undress; here I was completely clothed and soaking wet and she was…Oh my God…

I had been so caught up in the moment that I had not thought to look at anything but her face. Her naked body was glistening with sheets of water and her skin was flushed brightly with the heat. The water beaded on her flesh and rolled sensuously down her curves.

Apparently she had made progress with my shirt because I felt her peel the slick fabric from my arms and fling it over the shower door. It landed with an unsettling squelching sound somewhere on the bathroom floor.

Her hands immediately began running over my chest spreading the hot water across my skin. She leaned up and began places wet open-mouthed kissed along my collarbone. My breath hitched as her fingers traced along the waist band of my jeans. I could feel her fumbling with the slippery buckle of my belt. I reached down to help her, but she swatted my hand away.

Instead, she stared licking a trail down my chest and lowering slowly to her knees. I could not take my eyes off her. She was eye level with the mutinous belt now, staring at it with intense determination. She made quick work of it and proceed to undo the button and zipper of my fly as well. She looked up at me triumphantly as she began to pull the jeans down.

Of course, they would not go without a fight. The heavy material clung stubbornly to my skin. I was painfully aware of their constriction on my steadily growing erection. She began to pull in earnest taking my boxers down with them. My cock sprang free and I hissed at the feeling of the hot water on my sensitive flesh. I looked down to see her eyeing it lustfully. When she licked her lips, I lost all patience. I grabbed the jeans that were stuck firmly around my thighs and tore them from my body. They joined my discarded shirt somewhere with a resounding squish.

She laughed at my haste as my chest heaved heavily. I almost passed out from pleasure when I felt her hands envelope my shaft. She ran her fingers up and down as she gently kissed the tip. When she finally took me in her mouth my head fell back against the shower wall. Despite the pleasure of the shower water and steam, her mouth was somehow hotter and wetter.

Her tongue swirled around the head as she bobbed up and down. Her hands moved in sync with what she could not fit, occasionally moving down to gently cup my balls. The muscles in my thighs began to quake as I neared my impending release. Desperate to prolong the inevitable, pushed her shoulders gently away from me.

"Bella," I panted, "Baby, you need to stop…I'm too close…"

She moaned her approval and continued her sweet torture. I cried out as I exploded into her mouth feeling her suck me even harder through my orgasm.

She pulled away from me with a satisfied smile placing one last kiss on my tip. I pulled her up to me and kissed her passionately, moaning as I tasted myself on her tongue. My hands ran up the sides of her body and palmed her soft breasts. Her nipples hardened and pebbled beneath my touch. She moaned softy into my mouth as I increased the pressure. I kissed my way down her neck and chest to take one of the peaking nubs into my mouth. She dug her fingers into my hair and pulled me in closer. After paying equal attention to the other, I began to move down.

Goosebumps peppered her skin as I licked down her flat stomach. I nibbled each hipbone as my hands caressed her thighs. I pulled them apart and was greeted by her glistening core. Cascades of water ran down her body only adding to the inviting moisture.

I inhaled deeply remembering how much I loved the scent of her arousal. Her scent was only rivaled in my memory by her taste. I moved closer and licked a path across her slit. She screamed out above me, the sound muffled by the pounding water. I lifted her thigh and placed it over my shoulder allowing me deeper access.

I went to work sucking and gently biting on her clit while my fingers thrust steadily into her. I curled them forward hitting the spot I knew she loved, and was rewarded by another cry of pleasure. Her fingers were back in my hair pulling me close as her hips bucked forward grinding herself on my tongue.

"Come on, baby." I whispered into her core, "Cum for me."

"Please…" She whimpered above me. "I'm so close…I need…"

I bit her clit roughly and she screamed as her orgasm pulsed through her body. I continued to thrust my fingers as she rode it out, slowing them as her shaking subsided.

I kissed each trembling thigh as I stood up wrapping my arms around her. Her head was against the wall and her eyes were shut. I kissed each eyelid before they fluttered open. She brought her hand up and pushed some stray hairs off my face. I leaned into her soft palm and kissed her wrist. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a sensual kiss.

I could feel my arousal growing again as it began to press into her thigh. She smiled mischievously as she wrapped her legs around my waist and hoisted herself up. She was hovering above my erection teasing the tip with her wet lips.

I simply couldn't take the torture anymore and slammed her against the wall as I thrust fully into her. She cried out as I pumped myself steadily into her heat. Her back slapped against the wall with each powerful thrust. She clung desperately to my body as I continued to plow into hers. Our grunts and moans blended with the rush of water cascading around us.

I felt her muscles begin to quake around me as her nails began to dig into my shoulder. I brought a hand down between us and drew rough circles around her clit. Her hips bucked wildly against mine as her screams reached and all time high. I felt her muscles clamp around me as her orgasm swept though her. I continued to push into her as her walls pulled me along with her. I called out her name as I released myself deep inside her.

Her body slumped limply against mine as I tried to control my breathing. I slowly pulled myself out of her, instantly sorry for the loss. I lowered her legs from my waist and set her feet on the shower floor. I reached behind me and turned off the water.

The sudden silence brought a sudden realization of what we had done. She began to shiver and I reached out of the shower to grab a towel. I wrapped it snugly around her shoulders and stepped back.

She gazed up at me as she opened her arms inviting me in. I could not help the smile spread across my face as I moved in to hold her. She wrapped her arms around me enveloping us both in the soft warmth of the towel.

We stayed like that for a while, her cheek resting on my chest and my head nestled in her hair. I scooped her up in my arms bridal style as I peered out into the landing. The house was much quieter now, and there was no one to be seen. I carried her slowly back down the hall to Alice's room.

"You're always very helpful when it comes to carrying things…" She mused.

I chuckled as I reached for the door.

"Wait." She whispered, "Can I stay with you tonight?"

I grinned down at her as I turned and headed swiftly to my room, "Anytime...."

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