Authors note- sorry the beginning chapters are so short. This story leads into the movie Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. When you finish reading my last updated chapter, I assure you will leave my page with a smile on your face… hopefully xD


A young saber tooth tiger named Dakota was exploring far from her pack. She was too inexperienced to be wondering off so far away. Her father was very strict with her. He never let her out of his sight without an escort. All Dakota wanted was her independence. To be free to go wherever she wants. She was soon to discover she got her wish. When she returned to her pack after walking a long distance, all her friends and family were wiped out by an avalanche of snow. It was impossible for anyone to survive. They all suffocated instantly. Dakota was devastated. She dug for hours trying to find someone. And when she found her father… he was dead. But she forced herself to move on. That's what her father would of wanted. She had to learn to let go.


Dakota frowned at her dreadful past. After leaving Cody, she never felt so alone. She was walking along a cliff side, wondering what to do with herself.

"Help!" someone cried. She looked down to see two opossums hanging onto a branch for dear life. Without hesitation, she leaped onto a nearby ledge. She grabbed onto both their tails with her mouth, trying to be as gentle as possible, yet they both let out a little cry of pain.

The ledge began to crumble from under her and she quickly leaped onto the top of the cliff. She blinked, shocked that she made it. It was a big jump for even a tiger to make.

And after all that suspense, she felt herself being pinned to the ground. When she opened her eyes a male saber was staring at her. He was about her age and rather strong because she could barley move.

"As much as I hate to say this, the opossums are off the menu" He said. I guess it did look like she was trying to eat them, on account she had them in her mouth.

"Diego! Get off of her! She saved us!" one of the opossums yelled

"She did?" He asked in a surprised tone. The twins nodded.

"Yeah, Diego. So do me a favor and get off" She smirked

Diego obeyed, a little embarrassed. He coughed to clear his throat "Oh… Sorry"

Dakota sat up straight and turned to the opossums "Are you guys alright?"

"Yeah were fine. I'm Crash!" he said

"And I'm Eddie!" said the other. Dakota chuckled at how much energy they had. She, on the other hand, was completely exhausted.

"I'm Dakota"

Seconds later, a female mammoth came charging between them. She picked up the two opossum with her trunk. "Stay back!" she yelled, protectively

"No, Ellie! She won't hurt us!" Eddie said "She saved us from that cliff! We were seconds away from falling!"

Another mammoth appeared as well as a sloth. Are they all traveling together? What a strange herd. Dakota even suggested to herself that she was dreaming. However, she was for sure awake.

"You saved them?" Ellie asked

Dakota hesitated to answer "Yes"

"You… didn't try to eat them?"

Dakota slightly chuckled "I don't eat opossum… "

Ellie smiled "Well, thank you for saving my brothers" Dakota raised an eye brow. "Brothers??" "It's… a long story" Ellie said, planning to tell her the full detailed story later.

"So where's your pack?" the male mammoth asked, who's name was Manfred. But everyone called him Manny for short.

"I don't have a pack… not anymore… they all died a long time ago" said Dakota with great sorrow. She could of easily been lying. She could of easily been setting up an ambush, just like Diego did a while back. But she was telling the truth.

"Hey I have an idea! You can come with us!" yelled Crash "Please Manny?"

Manny knew she would cause no trouble. She looked more lonely than threatening. He knew what it was like to be alone. Been there, done that. "Sure. That is, if she wants to come"

"I guess I could tag alone for a little bit" Dakota said

"This is going to be great!" Eddie grinned

"And It'll be nice to have another female around" Ellie added

The sloth, named Sid, went up to Dakota and started shaking her paw "Welcome to our herd!"

Everyone started walking and Sid would not leave Dakota alone. Surprisingly, he was not afraid of her and let's not forget she is, after all, a carnivore.

"So there are a few rules. Number one: you can not eat me." Sid said

She giggled and said sarcastically "I'll try to resist"

"Number two: I'm the leader of this herd, so you have to listen to me"

"That's not true" Manny said "There is no leader"

"Well, there should be a leader!" said Sid "Anyway, number three: I know you eat meat so you can only hunt away from our herd. With all due respect, we don't want to see you devour some poor defenseless animal"

Dakota smirked, not feeling any sham of being a carnivore

"You can hunt with Diego if you'd like" Sid suggested

She glanced at Diego who was being awfully quiet. What was wrong with Diego? Did he not trust her?

"You're being quiet" Manny mumbled to Diego

"Huh? Oh sorry" Diego mumbled, keeping his head down

"A little shy?" Manny asked "Maybe you should introduce yourself? She seems like a nice tiger"

"I'd rather not" Diego said shyly

Manny shrugged "Fine. Suit yourself"

Diego sighed. Violently pinning her to the ground isn't exactly a friendly welcome. He was simply just being shy…