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You and me and the measure of a man in six words--for the hemingway six challenge--the hurt never stops, does it?
a / n ;; This was fun like you wouldn't believe. Written for the Hemingway Six challenge over on the HPFC forum-- write a story in six words, inspired by Hemingway's famous For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

and endings are only ever as happy as you make them.

o1. Lavender Brown
She can't look at herself anymore.

o2. Poppy Pomfrey
She knows some wounds won't heal.

o3. Dobby
"Harry Potter"-- eyes open. Eyes close.

o4. Lily Evans Potter
Her last thought--Harry was crying.

o5. Victoire Weasley
There's always tears on her birthday.

o6. Andromeda Tonks
She's tired of burying her family.

o7. Teddy Lupin
He doesn't remember them at al.

o8. Sirius Black
Living was hard. Dying was easy.

o9. Dennis Creevey
There's a camera by his bedside.

1o. Luna Lovegood
Her head isn't in clouds anymore.

11. Harry Potter
He's awfully tired of running away.

12. Harry Potter
He's awfully tired of fighting, too.

13. Remus Lupin
What would become of his family?

14. Verity
Her boss's chair is empty now.

15. Merope Gaunt
"Tom," she whispers, "Tom Marvolo Riddle."

16. Mrs. Cole
The child is a peculiar one.

17. James Potter I
All heroes are dead and buried.

18. Ginny Weasley
She hates being strong for him.

19. Angelina Johnson
He isn't Fred-- she almost forgot.

2o. Percy Weasley
He was a long time coming.

21. Rubeus Hagrid
Big hearts are hardest to heal.

22. Molly Weasley
She still sets out nine dinnerplates

23. Neville Longbottom
Even he couldn't forget some things.

24. Augusta Longbottom
She was proud of her son.

25. Arabella Figg
She's fighting a war without ammunition.

26. Kingsley Shacklebolt
It's hard--governing a broken people.

27. Cedric Diggory
His death was hardly an accident.

28. Dean Thomas
For years afterwards he draws red.

29. Cho Chang
The hurt never stops, does it?

3o. Albus Dumbledore
The last enemy defeated is death.