Author's Note: Have you ever wondered what would happen if Maya wrote a fanfic? Well...maybe not. But here's a story about it anyway!

"This is Mystic Ami's Sacred Laptop," Maya said, pointing to the purple laptop she had on her desk.

"What's it do?" Pearl asked.

Maya giggled. "We get to use it to write a fanfic, Pearly!"

"What's a fanfic?" Pearl asked.

"It's a story about us!" Maya said. "And whatever we write becomes true!"

"I like stories!" Pearl said. "What kind of story is it?"

"There are all different kinds of fanfics," Maya said. "Adventure, drama, horror, romance..."

"Oooooo...romance! Romance! Romance!" Pearl said, bouncing up and down. "Let's write a story about you and Mister Nick falling in love!"

"Um...why don't we write a story for Mr. Edgeworth first," Maya suggested.

"Okay!" Pearl said. "So his girlfriend will"

"Smart," Maya said. "And British!"

"And a lawyer like him!" Pearl said.

"Now you're getting the hang of it!" Maya said. "So let me show you how it works!"

Maya started typing away on the laptop.

It was the county's annual all-lawyer meeting. All the lawyers in the county were there, including Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, Winston Payne, and Furio Tigre.

"The prosecutors here sure are weird..." Phoenix mumbled to himself as he looked at them.

Then he checked his watch. The meeting was about to start.

"Is that it?" Pearl asked. "That's boring."

"Well, here," Maya said, moving off the chair. "You can try writing something if you want."

"Okay!" Pearl said.

Mr. Nick picked up his phone and called Mystic Maya to tell her how much he loved her. He loved her very very very very very very very very very very very very

"Hey!" Maya said.

Then, Maya's phone rang. She answered it.

"Hello, Mystic Maya!" Phoenix said. "I'm calling to tell you how much I love you!"


Pearl was typing away on the computer.

"I love you very very very very very very very very very very very very..."

Maya grabbed Pearl's hands so she couldn't type any more.

"Hey!" Pearl said.

"...very very much!" Phoenix said. "Bye!"

"Pearl, you have to be careful!" Maya warned. "I told you, whatever you write turns true!"

"But that was fun!" Pearl said.

"Look, let me write from now on," Maya said. "I'm the grownup, not you."

"Aw..." Pearl said.

"It's okay," Maya said. "I'll let you help me out, okay? You can come up with a name for Mr. Edgeworth's girlfriend."

The Judge was about to call the meeting to order, when the door opened and in walked the most beautiful girl that Mr. Edgeworth had ever seen. She was tall with long brown hair, and she was the smartest lawyer ever. Her name was...

"Okay, Pearl," Maya said. "Come up with a name for her."

Pearl thought for a moment, then wrote down the best name she could think of.

Her name was Mystic Mia Fey.

"What?" Maya said. "My sister can't be in this story!"

"Well, it sounded like her," Pearl said. "A beautiful lawyer with long brown hair. That's Mystic Mia!"

Maya frowned. Why did everyone always say Mia was the beautiful sister?

"That's no good," Maya said. "I'm deleting it."

"I like Mystic Mia!" Pearl said. "Let her be in the story."


"You said I could help write the story!" Pearl protested.

Pearl and Maya kept arguing like that for a little while, not paying any attention to the laptop.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, Phoenix scratched his head. He was seriously confused. For some reason, he had magically appeared at a meeting he knew nothing about. Then he called Maya to tell her that he loved her very very very...much. He had no idea why—it felt almost like someone forced him to do it.

But as weird at that was, it was nothing compared to the fact that Mia had just walked through the door, with a look of total shock on her face.

"What the--?" Mia said, looking around at the room and looking at herself. "What's going on?"

Phoenix sprang out of his seat. "Mia! Is that you?"

Mia was looking at her hands, and she gave herself a large pinch. "I'm alive again..." she whispered.

"Can we get this meeting underway sometime this century?" Prosecutor Payne asked, rudely.

"Um, sure," Mia said. "Sorry."

Mia sat down next to Phoenix, and the two of them started whispering while the meeting started.

"What's going on, Phoenix?"

"I don't know. I was in my office, and I magically appeared at this meeting. What on Earth are you doing here?"

"I magically appeared here, too," Mia whispered. "And...I think I'm alive again."

"You mean, you weren't summoned?"

"No, I don't think so."

Phoenix shook his head. "I don't believe this."

"Me either," Mia said. "I mean...I'm alive again! For no reason whatsoever!"

Phoenix thought back to his phone call with Maya. "I think Pearl might have something to do with this..."

Maya looked at the laptop. "Hey!" she said. "The story got longer by itself!"

"Really?" Pearl asked.

"Great, now Phoenix and Mia are confused!" Maya said. "I told you that my sister shouldn't be in the story!"

"Sorry," Pearl said.

"It's okay," Maya said. "But from now on, I make the decisions. Now let's get this story back on track. We have to find the perfect girlfriend for Mr. Edgeworth."

She started typing.

Mia and Phoenix's conversation was cut short as the doors to the room burst open. Shining light streamed through the room, and all anyone could see was a silhouette.

It was the same dramatic entrance that the Steel Samurai used in episode 43. That was such a cool episode.

As the smoke cleared, the person standing in the doorway came better into view. She had long, beautiful blue hair, with a top knot, because top knots are cool no matter what people say. She had a fluffy red dress and a pointed chin and every man who looked at her fell instantly in love.

"I am Magdelina von Karma," the woman announced. "Hello again, Miles."

Author's Note: And that's it for this chapter! Will Maya and Pearl's story continue? Will Miles Edgeworth fall in love with the Mary Sue that Maya just created? Or will everything backfire on Maya and Pearl? Find out in the next chapter!

Hint: The answer to the last question is "yes".