Ashley's eyes.

Chapter 1

Nothing to Live For

When you don't have a memory of what you've already lived through, what's the point in living the rest? You walk around in a total daze. Luckily, I did have family and friends to help me regain my past. To help me fill the black void that was my memory and - at that time - my heart.

I now lived the life of a normal seventeen year-old. I wake up, wash up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to school, classes, lunch, more classes, dismissal, and I drive home.

I made new friends in high school, but only two of them were rather talkative. Their names are Ellie and Janie. It seemed as if they would never shut up!!! It got really annoying, but if you were sad and needed to be cheered up, you know who to go to.

"Ashley," Janie called from across the court, "are you okay?!" She said after I stood up from getting hit in the face with a volleyball. I was never that good at sports. Maybe that was due to the fact that I was uncoordinated, or had two left feet. Either way, I was bad.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks, that was just what I needed to wake me up!" I said in a sarcastically perky and bitter tone.

"Sorry!" Then the pain came. Not from the ball, in fact I don't know why I felt it. And then it hit me. How could I forget?! The pain of a memory trying unsuccessfully to come to mind about my past. This had been happening a lot lately. Weird, right?

Now, after the pain of the memory, came the physical pain. My nose felt like it was bleeding, my lips were numb, and I had a bit of a black eye. Not bad though, a little makeup should do the trick. "Oh boy," I muttered. I did this kind of walking limp to the bathroom. Well my nose isn't bleeding, but I think my top lip is numb. Well crap! I thought.

A week later during our social studies class, our physical education/social science teacher Mr. Kemnitz, gave us new seat arrangements. 'Oh my gosh!!! It's Robert Paliano!! One of the cutest Italian transfers. Not only is he one of the cutest boys in the junior class, but he is one of the nicest too! I would be sooo lucky if he just noticed me once in my lifetime!' Sadly, he had a girlfriend. She was super perky and pretty, but not very bright. She is varsity cheerleader, master debater, and she speaks fluent French. Lucky for me though, Robert and I both speak fluent Italian. I also know bits and pieces from other languages. Mostly yes, no, and devil. I know them in Russian, German, Spanish, English, and I know peace in Hebrew. I can also write in Chinese 1-10, 100, and 10,000.

During our social studies class Mr. Kemnitz opens a debate on why we made the constitution. This discussion was to be on an amendment we think should be added and why. The debate part was on what we think about the amendment being added to the constitution and how it would affect us. This class time went downhill fast.

Robert actually noticed me! Well, sort of. He said me in Italian 'Hello my dear'. Then in English he asked me what would happen if we refused to participate in the debate. I replied in Italian something I didn't mean to say. I had still been in shock so I wasn't paying much attention to what I said. I had said "For a kiss I'll tell you."

For about a week after that, it seemed as if I were some kind of unknown harmful species that if you talked to, you suffered some kind of disease that was incurable. He had treated me as if I was a bug and he was an anthropologist looking at an undiscovered species of arthropods. I felt so uncomfortable. His girlfriend made me even more uncomfortable. Her name is Hailey Teter. Her favorite on the squad, besides herself of course, was a girl named Molly Larson who was dating the captain of the football team.

I don't why but if the varsity cheerleader doesn't date the football captain, her favorite does. It's kind of like some unspoken cheer code. It's weird right? Or is it just weird to me? Or am I just crazy? This is how the whole 'For a kiss I'll tell you' thing happened...