Robert's eyes.

Chapter 1

New Classes

I had only been in school for one week when Hailey Teter asked if I wanted to hang out after school. "Sure," I replied even though I had seen a girl minutes before whom I thought to be much more attractive and loveable. I would rather hang out with her.

So Hailey and I ended up going to the Drive In on Friday night. It was us and Molly Larson and the captain of the football team. Hank Ryans was the most repulsive man I've ever seen. He dressed with his boxers hanging out of his pants, a loose shirt that if the wind blew in a certain way, you could see them and he had shoes that didn't fit his feet. He wore a size 10. He was wearing a pair of size 12 shoes that he didn't even tie. What a strange culture these Americans have. Back home in Italy, we would never dress so vulgar. It should be against the law.

After the movie, I asked Hailey about Ashley. She had stated and I quote, "Her?! She's a dorky nerd who needs not only to get a face transplant from someone prettier but also needs to get a new wardrobe! I mean come on, look at her! What is this? The fourth grade?!" At that moment I knew I could never love this savage beast excuse for a lady in my entire life. But at the same time, I also knew that if in my new school, I didn't want to become target number one on the school enemy list, I better stick with her.

One day during social studies after we had gotten new seats, a debate was opened. It was really boring from the start so I didn't get to hear all of what Mr. Kemnitz had said we were to do. Oh well, at least I can sit here and stare at her.

I had gotten placed in the best spot in the world! I got to sit next to Ashley Douglas. She even knew how to speak Italian! So I could talk to her in front of Hailey and she wouldn't even know! Lucky for me, Hailey spoke French, not Italian. At first she thought I was French so she took that class.

"Buongiorno, il mio caro," I said as seductively as I could.


Am I dreaming?!?! She actually talked to me! Thank you divine being that is favoring me today! "So what happens if we refuse to answer or take part in the debate?"

"For a kiss, I'll tell you." I don't know what to think. I don't know what to say. What I did know is that I desperately wanted to take her up on her offer and kiss her then and there.

It was a week later when I finally got the nerve to talk to

her. She was standing by her locker. Perfect! I can talk to her

alone there. I thought.

I was just about to talk to her when some guy with huge

muscles stepped out of the crowd of people walking by and

started talking to her. So instead of talking to her, I hid where

she couldn't see me and listened to their "little chat."

"So do you want to go? You know, with me?" Had he just asked her out?!

Did I already miss my chance?!

"Erik, I'd love to-"

"Ashley!" I interrupted their conversation, I know that's

stupid. I just couldn't bear to see her happy with another guy.

Especially one who wouldn't think twice about hurting her if

she messed something up for him.

"but I can't. I'm really sorry. Maybe some other time."

She turned to look at me. I was such an idiot! The next thing I

know is I say "I've decided to take you up on your offer." And then I

kissed her. I made sure to do this before she had a chance to object.

Her lips tasted like cherries. She must have recently put on lip gloss.