Please Read: Due to a complaint I got about this fan fiction, I decide to change Rob and all the other actors names to their screen names. For example: Rob is now Edward and Kristen is Bella. I apologize, I guess I missed that rule when I was agreeing to the terms. Hopefully, you guys understand and will still be interested in reading this. Just for the record, I think that is a stupid rule, but I will go along with it. enjoy! ;)

Note: I had this idea awhile ago, but I was never motivated to write it out. This is the first story I ever started posting without actually having it finished first. I usually finish all my works before posting, afraid I'll loss motivation or not be able to think of anything else to add to it. Hopefully, I will be able to finish this. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. ;)

Ring ring. Lis moaned, turning over in her bed. Ring ring. She sighed frustrated, blindly searching for her phone in the dark. Knocking stuff off her dresser in the process. "Oh, crap." She said, as something hit the floor.

Finally she found it, bringing it to her ear. "Hello?" She answered, groggily. "Where are you, you where suppose to be here a half an hour ago?" A guy with a British accent responded.

Reaching over her bed, Lis turned her light on. Squinting her eyes as they tried to adjust to the change. "Who is this?" She asked confused, looking at the number displayed on her cell.

"Very funny Bell, it's Edward, you are supposed to be on set, remember?" The guy replied. "Ah, you have the wrong number." Lis stated. There was a sudden silence on the other end of the line. "Oh, sorry about that." He apologized. Lis shook her head. "No problem."

The line went dead. Lis sighed, putting her cell back on her dresser. She glanced at her clock, which read two-thirty. She sighed, tired, turning her light off.

Lis, unable to sleep kept trying to make sense of the call. Who works at two- thirty in the morning? And what did he mean set? How many jobs work on sets, the only ones I know are actors? Actors! An actor named Edward with a British accent. Oh my god! No, it can't be! Could it?!

Lis popped out of bed turning her light back on. Grabbing her cell, she read the area code of the number. Three, zero, five, Miami? No, that can't be right; he wouldn't be working in Miami. Sighing, she turning her light off again, laying back in bed. "You're losing your mind." She told herself, closing her eyes, falling asleep.

Lis groaned as her alarm went off. Tired, she sluggishly got out of bed, heading to the bathroom. Her hand scanned the wall for the switch. She silently cursed, as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the brightness.

Once she could see, she looked in the mirror in horror. The big bags she had under her eyes, due to lack of sleep were very noticeable. She sighed, turning the water on.

Once done Lis headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. Finding her roommate, Sarah, already there with a cup of coffee in her hands. "What happen to you?" Sarah asked, somewhat concerned. Lis shrugged, taking a seat next to her. "I couldn't sleep."

Sarah nodded, taking a sip of her coffee. "Did you read this?" Sarah asked, looking at the newest YM magazine. Lis shook her head, no. "What is it?" Sarah started reading. "The director of Twilight and New Moon is starting to doubt its cast members. Twilight was a huge success last year grossing over 50 million dollars and New Moon is promised to double that amount, however, the director is doubting there will be a third movie. At least not with the same cast. The director says that Bella has been partying almost every day, and either shows up on set hung over or doesn't show up till hours later. Even the leading man, Edward Cullen has showed a lack of enthusiasm towards doing another Twilight Movie. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you hire a young cast." Sarah finished turning to Lis.

"Oh, yeah, I feel so sorry for the multimillion dollar actors." She added, rolling her eyes. Lis lightly laughed. "It's funny; I had the weirdest call last night." Lis said, now looking at the article. "Why is that funny?" Sarah said taking another sip. "I could have sworn it was Edward Cullen."

Sarah looked at Lis concerned. " Sweetie, I think that's the lack of sleep talking." Patting her shoulder. Lis rolled her eyes. "I'm serious, last night I got this call from some guy with a British accent." Sarah sighed. "Lis, there are a lot of people with British accents, that doesn't mean anything." Lis continued. "No, but are they all named Edward?" Sarah looked suddenly interested.

"The guy who called said his name was Edward and not only that, whoever he was calling; he said they were needed on set." Sarah scratched her head in thought. Lis shrugged. "There's only one thing that doesn't add up, the area code was Miami, why would he be down here? They didn't film Twilight down here."

Sarah thought quietly, than smirked. "Actually, it could very well be Edward Cullen." Lis waited for an explanation. Sarah continued. "You remember Eclipse?" Lis rolled her eyes. "Yeah." Sarah left the room, only to return a moment later with the book in her hand. She searched till she found what she was looking for. "Well, in Eclipse, there is a scene where Edward takes Bella to Florida to visit her mom." Lis gasped. "Your right, I totally forgot that."

Sarah shrugged, closing the book. "Either that or someone is playing a prank on you; I wouldn't be surprised considering everyone is all hyped up now that New Moon is almost here." Lis chuckled. "Yeah, knowing my luck." Sarah laughed. "Oh man, could you imagine if someone famous actually did call?"

Lis shook her head, getting up."Where are you going?" Sarah asked curious. Lis groaned. "Work, I have to be there all day today, on no sleep might I add, thanks to a stupid prank caller." Sarah snickered. "Good luck with that!" Lis waved heading out the door.