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"Got everything?" Sarah asked standing by the door. "Yeah, let's go." We headed downstairs to the car with our suitcases, surprised to see the whole cast minus Bella there waiting for us outside. "You didn't think you were honestly leaving without saying goodbye to us did you? Emmett said.

I lightly snickered heading over. "Of course not." I said hugging everyone goodbye. Everyone was very warm and friendly; however, Edward was acting standoffish standing in the back of the crowd showing no emotion on his face.

I figured it was due to the face he broke up with Bella or so I heard. I guess I just figured he would be somewhat sad to see me go. Maybe I was wrong though maybe my presence didn't affect Edward as much as he affected me.

I walked over to him determined to get a goodbye. "Goodbye Edward." I went to hug him but he turned away before I could, giving me a hard goodbye without eye contact. I saw a couple of people shrug just as surprised by Edward's sudden attitude.

I let it go, getting into the car with Sarah. We gave a couple more goodbyes and hand waves before taking off.

As we started to drive away I started to think back at my relationship with Edward. This could have very well been the last time I get to see him, hear from him. I hoped not but the only reason we met in the first place was because Edward needed a favor, now that's over. What else is left?

When we got back to our apartment it was pitch black outside. We headed inside the dark shelter turning the lights on. It was weird; in that brief time away our apartment looked smaller and seemed quieter, boring. I sighed setting my things down.

After everything was unpacked in its rightful place, I headed to bed.

I tossed and turned halfway through the night before falling asleep. I was sleeping soundly when suddenly the phone rang. I thought I was hearing things till I looked over to see my phone lighting up and vibrating. I sighed looking at the clock. It was three in the morning. I picked up my phone not even bothering to look at the name, already knowing who it was.

"You're late; it's three in the morning." I teased. "I'm sorry." Edward replied. "For what?" I asked, just glad he decided to call at all. "I know I've been rude to you, you don't deserve that."

"I'm sorry too, I heard about you and Bella." "Yeah." He said awkwardly. "So are we cool?" I asked unsure. Edward lightly snickered. "You're kidding right? Who else can I bug at three in the morning?" I joined in laughter as well. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

Who would be at the door at three in the morning?

"Hold on, someone's at the door." I explained. Edward waited patiently on the phone as I answered the door. My jaw dropped at the sight in front of me. Edward was standing there with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Hi?" I answered utterly confused. Edward's face suddenly turned serious. "I didn't really get to say goodbye to you." "So now you come to say goodbye in person?" I asked completely confused by his actions.

"No, I just wanted to give you this. Before I could question him, Edward brought his lips to mine. When he pulled back a sly grin graze his features. "Oh, that's slick. I praised. "Thanks, I came up with it myself." He said congratulating himself.

I rolled my eyes at his ego boost. "Lis will you be my girlfriend?" "Define girlfriend." Edward lightly snickered. "Well, were friends who hang out and occasionally kiss."

"Sounds good to me." He chuckled as I leaned forward kissing him back. "To think, all this came from one wrong number." Maybe it was fate." Edward challenged. "Maybe."

The end!

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