No one knows how it happened or how these two worlds came to exist or how they came to be connected but it is now something people have put into myth. There are many tales of how the Sylvan's offended the gods and were banished to what is now called Cyera, or how the Sylvan's wanted to be separate from the human's so they created a world away from them to live in. Many people, me included, have spent their life-times seeking for the truth but it has not been found.

One thing that puzzles those who believe in these myths are the gateways, the portals that connect the two worlds. Another puzzling concept is the connection between these worlds. What happens in one world will happen in the other. For example in a forest were to catch on fire and burn down in one world, the forest in the exact same place in the other would slowly wither and die. You can imagine how this has frustrated farmers for centuries. It also has forced a delicate treaty between the worlds of Cercel and Tercel. A war fought would damage both worlds greatly.

But I am rambling now, and I didn't finish my explanation of the portals. These gateways only open on nights when the moon is full. They will open when the moon starts to rise and will close when the dawn banishes it from sight. There are two types of gateways. Those that are fixed and those that are not. The fixed portals are rare and there are only four of them that we know of. What makes them so sought after is you always know where they will appear and they will always take you to the same place.

The other kind of portals are chancy. They move around, changing places, if you and a companion walk through one of these portals, side by side, you could end up miles away from each other. You never know where you might end up. I have heard that some mages with considerable power have been able to make one of these unreliable portals open where they wanted it too, but I have never been able to confirm that.

The Sylvan race and the human race are very similar to each other…

Ali threw the book down on the table and threw a disgusted look over at the man sitting across the table from her. He looked up at her, his brown eyes smirking, "Are you done with that chapter already, Princess?" he asked.

"I have already read this book, Encyclopedia! Mister what's-his-face author just rambles on and on about things I already know." She said expressively.

"I hope you call me by my real name and not Encyclopedia when King Jeneth gets here. This meeting only comes once a year and is very important to keeping peace between us and Cercel."

"Yeah, Yeah. I know how important it is, all you have had me reading for the last three weeks are boring history books about the relations between our two worlds, Espen." Ali said while rolling her eyes.

For a long moment he glared at her before shaking his head in an attempt to get his hair out of his eyes.

Smiling Ali sweetly stated, "You know, you really should get a haircut. Doesn't your hair bother you when it is in your face like that?"

Spen grimaced, "You know why I like it long, Princess."

She grinned evilly, "You think that your face and its delicate features would give away more than your pointed ears that you have Sylvan blood in you."

He just ignored her. She laughed and said, "Sorry, I know that it is a touchy subject with you but there are a whole lot of people that have Sylvan features in Tercel. You don't have to hide it."

He raised an eyebrow at her and just shook his head before going back and reading his book.

Ali ignored her book and went over to the window. She looked out and saw the guards practicing with their swords in the courtyard in the fading sunlight. Her fingers itched, she was missing practice for this meeting. She didn't understand why she had been requested to be there, she was a middle child. Her older brother was the heir and he wasn't even going to this meeting.

She turned around and looked at her tutor, immersed in his book. She walked up to him and lightly slapped him on the back of his head, "Come on, Encyclopedia. A nice boring meeting awaits us." then kept walking before he had the chance to react.

Ali stood besides her Father, King Par with the Sylvan ambassador Trus on the other side. Encyclopedia was standing over with the other mages. She always laughed when she saw him with them because he was in his early twenties and all of them were at least forty or over. He was a prodigy kid, he could remember everything he ever read, saw, or heard. She couldn't remember exactly when her father had decreed him to become her tutor but she found it so annoying because he knew everything. The Castle Portal gave a flash and she turned her attention over to it to see King Jeneth and three of his councilors walk through it.

Her father walked forward and began the cordial welcoming speech. Ali phased out for a moment until she heard, "And here is my middle daughter, Princess Alihandra." She made the proper smile and curtsy, and was relieved when her father moved on.

After the introductions were done, her father started to usher them into the large council room to start the meeting. Ali hung back waiting to be at the end of the group before she went in. She saw a flash from a portal opening behind her. Confused because it wasn't the Castle portal she started to turn around when she felt a hand grab her arm and start to pull her backwards.

"Get off of me!" She yelled.

She heard Spen call, "Princess, Are you alright?"

"Spen! Someone is…" was all she got out before a hand clapped over her mouth and she was pulled into the bright light of the portal.

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